Sunday, March 13, 2011


News Links Temporarily Suspended

Dear News Links readers,

Due to the large number of power plants off line here in Japan, there is a critical power shortage. As such, the electric utility serving my area is implementing a rolling blackout regime starting on the morning of March 14, Japan time. There will be two power cuts of three hours each, totaling six hours. As such, the time I can use the computer and the internet will be severely constrained. I therefore have no choice but to suspend the news links during this blackout period, which the utility and government say will continue at least a week.

Response to the news links has been tremendous, with far more page views a day than I ever imagined. This is very gratifying, and I vow to resume your Daily Dose of Doom as soon as circumstances permit. Please stop by every few days to see if I'm back.

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