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News Links, April 11, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Price of Portugal's Bailout Rises; Europe's Debt Trap; EU, IMF Measures Show No Sign of Working; Who is Bailing out Who? (Mish)
Exclusive: Bill Gross Is Now Short US Debt, Hikes Cash To $73 Billion, An All Time Record
Iceland rejects plan to pay back debt owed following Icesave bank crash
UK and Netherlands to sue Iceland over lost deposits
EU's Rehn excludes Greek debt restructuring
Euro Ministers Hope Spain Is Debt Crisis' Line In Sand
Bulgaria's population shrinking at alarming rate
The Downside of Brazil's Boom: Rising Inflation and a Surging Real
If you see a Gold correction, grab the opportunity (Commodity Online)
France issues 1,000-euro gold coin
"A new 1,000-euro gold coin being minted in France is already trading at more than its face value a month before its issue date."
Egyptian Inflation Accelerates With Jump in Food Prices That Sparked Riots
As worry list grows, G20 gets wonky
Rearranging the deck chairs. -- RF
Wall St Wk Ahead: Will corp earnings justify gains?
Ominous dark clouds are gathering. -- RF
Japan looms over earnings season
"First-quarter earnings reports are set to roll in next week under a cloud, with investors anxious to measure the impact on corporate results of Japan's worst disaster in decades."
But the next quarter should be much more indicative of the true impacts. -- RF
Catastrophes to wipe out reinsurer profits
"The March 11 Japan earthquake and other recent catastrophes will likely wipe out a quarter's worth of profit for reinsurers as questions swirl about how many business-interruption claims the industry may have to pay."
5 Reasons to Fear Auto Stocks

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Somali pirates raise ransom stakes
"Somalia's pirates are turning violent in the face of pressure from foreign navies - and proving as successful as ever."
Syria threatens crackdown on protests
Syrian tanks deployed to deter more unrest
Libya talks: African Union team in Tripoli to meet Gaddafi
SAfrica leader says Gadhafi accepts Libya cease-fire; delegation to talk to rebels next
Libya: Nato launches fresh attack in boost for rebels
Regime Change Libya: Privatization of their Central Bank and the Theft of their Nationalized Oil Profits
Yemen: Gulf states hold meeting for President Saleh's removal
Saudi unemployed graduates protest to demand jobs
Anti-Western messages grow among Afghanistan's imams
Big protest in Baghdad to demand U.S. leave Iraq
"A day after Defense Secretary Robert Gates suggested that American troops could remain here for years, tens of thousands of protesters allied with Muqtada al-Sadr, the radical anti-American Shiite cleric, flooded the streets demanding an end to the American military presence."
Israeli Embassy in Cairo Under Siege
French police arrest 59 after veil ban protests

## Energy/resources ##
Statoil: How Financially Strapped Governments Might Drive Up Oil Prices
Electricity shortfall crosses 2300 MW (Pakistan)
In Tennessee, Heat Waves Diminish Nuclear Power Output
Oil companies tread on slippery shale fields
Lula Urges Mexico, Brazil to Form Strategic Oil Partnership
Eskom Sees Risk of Power Shortages on Lack of Maintenance
"Eskom Holdings Ltd., the utility that supplies about 95 percent of South Africa's power, forecast an increased risk of electricity shortages this quarter as "tight" supply prevents it from carrying out sufficient plant maintenance."
Another chapter in the saga of South Africa's ongoing power crisis. -- RF

## Got food? ##
Growing expense: Weather and fuel costs are driving up food prices
Soybean Purchases by China Soar 51% in March From Lowest in Over Two Years
Prices push farmers toward natural fertilizers
Egypt inflation rises to 11.5 pct in March on food

## Environment/health ##
Texas burns with high risk for more fires

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Vast Skills, Labour Shortages Looming for Tech Sector (Canada)

## Japan ##
Tsunami That Struck Fukushima Nuclear Plant Was 15 Meters High, Tepco Says
Tepco Behind Schedule at Fukushima Plant
17,500 gather for Tokyo rallies against nuclear plants
Firms face power uncertainty / Output schedules for summer complicated by increased demand
Carmakers' group proposes running factories in rotation by industry
Japan's post-disaster economy faces electric shock
Japan quake: Changed world for industry, one month on
"'I expect electricity shortages to last for three to five years,' said the country's economics minister, Kaoru Yosano."
Japan will never regain its former power production capacity. -- RF
Safes, cash wash up on Japan shores after tsunami
Another indication that the Japanese like to have a strong cash position. -- RF
Govt To Make Exclusion Area Around Nuke Plant Off-Limits
March office vacancy rate hits record high in Tokyo
Cement makers battling to restore factory operations
Fukushima gov. slams TEPCO, govt for 'betrayal'

## China ##
China posts 1st quarterly trade deficit since 2004
"China reported its first quarterly trade deficit since 2004 on Sunday as surging prices for commodities pushed up its import bill."
Car Sales in China Slow More Than Manufacturers Forecast as Incentives End
China factories face shortages due to Japan quake
"Electronics and auto makers in China are facing a severe shortage of components after Japan's twin disasters disrupted production, but the full impact will not be felt for weeks, analysts say."

## UK ##
Twelve million pensioners to lose out when credits are scrapped

## US ##
Consumer Corner: New homes shrinking as buyers try to make their dollars stretch
Census: Many Las Vegas areas are nearly deserted
Downsizing Detroit could mean cuts to utilities and trash, removing roads
"Mayor Dave Bing's staff is weighing eliminating city roads, shutting down water lines and reducing garbage pickup in some neighborhoods as part of his Detroit Works Project to reshape the city."
Danger underground: Aging natural gas lines a concern
Paychecks Can't Keep Up With Rising Prices
Yellen Says Economy Doesn't Yet Warrant Exit From Stimulus
Social Security not headed for bankruptcy
Yes, it is, just like all other pension systems. -- RF
Price of gas continues to rise, now up to $3.76
Spreading wildfires in Texas destroy homes
Chinese purchases of US real estate poised to rise
Investor Concern: Stocks May Have Priced in Earnings

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