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News Links, April 17, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Euro Drops Most Since November on Concern Region's Debt Crisis Worsening
China Tightening to Continue 'Some Time,' PBOC's Zhou Says
Tighter Monetary Policy Likely as Europe Fights Price Pressure, Weber Says
Japan, Oil and the Fragility of Globalization
IMF pledges new efforts against economic threats
Global bull market may soon face biggest test
Daily Austerity Watch: More Troubles For Greece

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Bolivia protests challenge Evo Morales
Violence spikes in Greek rebel town
Bahrain braced for new wave of repression
Protests in Syria Curtailed by Force
Iraq Eyes 'Free Speech Zones' in Baghdad
NATO runs short on some munitions in Libya
"Less than a month into the Libyan conflict, NATO is running short of precision bombs, highlighting the limitations of Britain, France and other European countries in sustaining even a relatively small military action over an extended period of time, according to senior NATO and U.S. officials."
Nato must send in troops to save Misrata, say rebels
While the Saudi elite looks nervously abroad, a revolution is happening
The New Cold War (WSJ)
"There has long been bad blood between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but popular protests across the Middle East now threaten to turn the rivalry into a tense and dangerous regional divide."
Burkina Faso traders riot over lootings
Star of Egyptian revolt blasts world's elites as "partners in crime"

## Energy/resources ##
Saudi Arabia did not make up for Libyan Oil
Mining the Scarcity Boom (WSJ)
"Yet while demand for raw materials is growing steadily, supplies of crops, water, energy and industrial metals aren't keeping up. The world now has enough corn to last only 54 days, the lowest since 1973 and well below the average of 120 days."
Water pricing 'should match dam levels' (Australia)
The Ben Franklin solution for the coming age of scarcity
"The basic human struggle for freedom, food, and energy will intensify on a global scale over the next few years. Doing more with less must become our mantra."
Balochistan hit by 725MW power shortfall (Pakistan)
Answering the world's growing water problem
"The era of big-ticket infrastructure projects to meet water needs is largely of the past, Mr. Keys says, because rich countries no longer have the budgets to bankroll such projects – and also because such projects too often require expensive maintenance."
Where solar power can't fly, artificial photosynthesis might
And might not. -- RF
Merkel Faces Nuclear Exit Bill as States Step Up Pressure
Oil May Rise on Mideast Unrest, Saudi Arabian Output Cuts, Survey Shows

## Got food? ##
How much savings can a vegetable garden sprout?
It's not a matter of how much money you'll save on food, but whether you'll be eating or not. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Big Pharma backs deal to boost flu pandemic readiness
Staph in meat: Are US cattle and poultry over-drugged?
The real cost of coal: even higher than we think

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Report Details Massive Data Theft by China
As feared: cybercriminals prey on Epsilon data breach victims
UAE To Curb BlackBerry Use For Individuals

## Japan ##
Nuclear crisis could last 2 to 3 more months, expert says
Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan nuclear plant
Video: Nuclear crisis creates ghost town
"Nuclear power: energy for a bright future," reads the sign arching over the street. So ironic, so sad. -- RF
Japan's new auto sales in April expected to suffer record fall
One month on, debris fields barely dented
Toshiba head remains upbeat on growth of nuclear power
Guardian of the faith. -- RF
Government considering plan to dismantle TEPCO
"A secret plan to dismantle Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, is circulating within the government."
Japan power shortages to weigh on growth

## China ##
China central bank chief: Tightening to continue with yuan

## UK ##
Best before labels reach their sell-by date in food waste crackdown

## US ##
Mortgage Problems Still a Big Drag on Bank Earnings
Texas University Endowment Storing About $1 Billion in Gold Bars
Superior Bank of Alabama Becomes First Billion Dollar Bank Failure of 2011
Johnson & Johnson recall: No. 22 in just 19 months
Dealers expect shortage of Japanese autos
Thousands of shuttle workers losing jobs
'Fracking' for natural gas also splits towns and families
Fracking Process Led Oil And Gas Companies To Inject Chemicals Into Wells, Investigation Finds
New York City's deadly game of nuclear roulette
Gov. Scott Walker reportedly planning financial martial law in Wisconsin (Forbes)
Fastest growing U.S. metro area hit hard by recession
Consumer Prices in U.S. Climb on Food, Fuel Costs as Other Expenses Cool
Students: You Are Exploited Debt-Serfs
Losing 84 Cents on Dollar Reveals Runaway U.S. Public Pension Shortfalls
Gas at $4 in nation's capital, 5 states; NY next

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