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News Links, April 2, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Chinese Banks' Illusory Earnings
Brazil fails to save dollar; likely to give up trying
Irish Banks Fail Stress Tests
Bank Risk Breaking Back of Irish Government: Roubini
Ireland Bows to Trichet on Bondholders as Bank Rescue Reaches $142 Billion
Portugal: A Bailout Is Just the Start
Portugal Is On The Verge Of Tapping Out
WalMart Says "Serious Inflation" Cometh
Is Belarus on the Brink of Financial Collapse?
Caja Unraveling Adds to Worries Over Hidden Risks at Spain's Savings Banks
Zapatero says Spain safe from bailout
"Socialist prime minister defends deficit reduction programme as unemployment rate remains at 20%"
Airline passengers getting squeezed by rising fares

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Gaddafi regime starts talks with the west to end conflict
Libyan Rebels Want to Trade Oil for Guns
Libyan government rejects rebels' ceasefire conditions
Gunfire in Tripoli near Gaddafi's compound
EU approves possible military operation for Libya
Why Did the Fed Bail Out the Bank of Libya?
Nato truck guards killed in Pakistan
Seven killed in worst-ever attack on UN workers in Afghanistan
Concurrent Syria, Yemen, Jordan protests
Syrians march in tens of thousands against president
The Syrian Time Bomb (Foreign Policy)
"Forget Libya. Washington should pay closer attention to the violent protests imperiling the Assad regime in Damascus. If there's one country where unrest could truly set the Middle East alight, it's Syria."
NATO Rules Out Arming Rebels
Bahrain's calculated campaign of intimidation

## Energy/resources ##
China's Crude Oil Demand to Rise 14% by 2015, PetroChina Says
Venezuela To Buy Electricity From Colombia As Stopgap For Shortage
Not even empire built on oil immune to energy shortage (Saudi Arabia)
Swaziland can't pay electric bill: report
"The debt could result in the state electricity company pulling the plug on several ministries."
The power grid is getting smarter, but is it tougher?
Protest against acute power shortage continues in Bihar (India)
"The protest against acute power shortages continued in Bihar Sunday for the third consecutive day with angry people blocking roads, ransacking electricity board offices and burning rubber tyres, police said."
Crude oil prices close at 30-month high
Nuclear industry's other big hurdle: finance

## Got food? ##
Ag Commodities And The Coming Inflation
Goldman Raises Corn Price Forecast By 30% Just As Corn Surges To Highest Since 2008 Food Crisis

## Environment/health ##
Saving Bats Could Prevent Huge U.S. Farming Losses
Eight ways Monsanto is destroying our health (Yahoo News)
Lost, Then Found: Shipping Containers On Seafloor

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Johannesburg utilities in dire straits
MUST READ. General systemic failure. If this isn't collapse, I don't know what is. Once the utilities go, modern industrial-age cities are finished. -- RF
Snafus forced Twitter data center move: sources
"A new, custom-built facility in Utah meant to house computers that power the popular messaging service by the end of 2010 has been plagued with everything from leaky roofs to insufficient power capacity."

## Japan ##
Japan nuclear evacuation 'will be long-term'
'Jumpers' offered big money to brave nuke work
Disposable humans. One is reminded of the "liquidators" of Chernobyl fame. -- RF
Latest Satellite Imagery From Fukushima Tells Sobering Tale (Chris Martenson)
Japan nuclear update: Where will they put the radioactive water?
N-plant has long road ahead / Experts: Decommissioning Fukushima reactors to take decades
United, Continental cutting capacity to Japan
Sour economy, multiple crises test Japan's young
Young Japanese, like the young people in other countries around the world, have been betrayed by promises that can't be kept: good-paying jobs, affluent lifestyles, and retirement with a pension. But now collapse is taking all that away. -- RF
Toyota Leads Record Drop in Japan Auto Sales After Quake
Gov't eyes holding back on public works to secure quake-relief funds
'Disaster bonds,' tax eyed for quake funds
Keidanren: Be prepared / Business group pushes plans for summer power shortage
"In anticipation of massive power shortages this summer, the Japan Business Federation said it will prod companies and industry groups to come up with energy-saving plans this month. But it is uncertain how effective such plans will be as the electricity shortfall could be as great as 15 million kilowatts [15,000 MW]."

## China ##
Chinese Police Quash Protest Over Land Rights
Rising fuel prices cut into power producers' profits

## UK ##
Child payment cuts to hit a million homes
Sites hit in massive web attack
Forces serving in Libya to be told: you face the sack

## US ##
Labor Force Participation Rate Remains At 25 Year Low 64.2%
25 Hedge Managers Earn as Much as 441,400 Americans
Airlines: As ticket prices have risen, so have bag fees
Foreign Banks Used The Fed's Emergency Discount Window A Ton More Than The U.S Banks
Small Cars Drive U.S. Auto Sales Higher In March
More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined (WSJ)
Health care jobs further bloat massive government payroll
Americans Just Took a Pay Cut As Inflation Outpaces Wages
Congress' Budget Promises Are Skunked Up: Bill Gross
Vacant California

And finally... 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Economic Collapse
A few good ideas and some humor (cool video, too)
Man calls 911 when strippers don't show
Obese Ohio Man Who Hadn't Moved From Recliner In Two Years Is Cut Out Of Home, Dies (April Fool?)
Greatest April fool stories - from spaghetti trees to Alabama changing Pi
10 stories that could be April Fools pranks but aren't
Ben Bernanke Tells It Like It Is (April Fool, of course)

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