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News Links, April 20, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
The Breakdown Draws Near (Chris Martenson)
"In order for the financial system to operate, it needs continual debt expansion and servicing. Both are important. If either is missing, then catastrophe can strike at any time. And by 'catastrophe' I mean big institutions and countries transiting from a state of insolvency into outright bankruptcy."
Japan Cabinet Ministers Express Confidence In U.S. Debt After S&P Lowers Outlook
A touching expression of blind faith in a friend... but it will not help anything. -- RF
Greece Default Drive Risks Reviving Contagion as Bonds Plunge
Canadian cost of living jumps in March
Toyota Extends N. American Production Cuts
Amaranth Kill Shot: Collateral Damage In A 78 Trillion Dollar Derivatives Book Compliments Of JPM
Gold Tops $1,500 on Outlook for Escalating U.S. Debt, Dollar

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
UK military deployed to Libya as EU mulls sending 1,000 humanitarian troops
"The UK today announced it is sending 'experienced British military officers' to support and advise Libya's rebels. The Libyan government says it will fight any foreign troops on its soil."
Syria: security forces open fire on 20,000 strong sit-in
Syria to lift emergency rule after 48 years – but violence continues
Belarus economy appears to unravel in wake of terror attack, crackdown
"A terrorist attack in Belarus last week and dire warnings aimed at the opposition by President Lukashenko prompted many Belarussians to exchange currency and stockpile supplies."
China stealth fighter "appears" to have made second flight
Taiwan to boost forces in disputed Spratly Islands
The price of Mexico's 'drugs war'
Ninety wounded in northern Iraq protests
Taliban planning summer 'spectaculars' in Afghanistan, warn army
India nuclear plant protests stepped up
"Crowds ransacked a hospital and set buses alight in a second day of violent protests against a planned nuclear power plant in western India."
Saudis 'offer to widen huge U.S. arms buy'
"As Saudi Arabia's confrontation with Iran swells amid claims Tehran is exploiting political turmoil in the Arab world, Riyadh reportedly has offered to expand its $60 billion arms deal with Washington to keep it on the kingdom's side."
Uganda threatens to block social media over protests
"Uganda will order social media sites Twitter and Facebook blocked locally if further protests over high food and fuel prices take place because they are being used to fan unrest, a senior official said Tuesday."
Bahrain arrests more doctors, opposition says

## Energy/resources ##
Libya Oil in Legal Limbo, Virtually Untouchable
Analysis: Oil companies go solar to tap hard-to-get supplies
Will the decline in world oil supply be fast or slow?
Sinopec Halts Fuel Exports to Ensure Domestic Supply Amid Refining Losses
Electricity prices going up 3.8% (Canada)
Industries, power plants drive demand for natural gas in Mideast

## Got food? ##
Wheat Advances for a Third Day on Deteriorating Crop Conditions in U.S.
Rising food prices: It's no small potatoes (Canada)
No rain, no grass, no U.S. cattle herd rebuilding
Chickens in the Energy Descent
Dog-Poop Project in France Seeks to Turn Feces Into Fertilizer
Say what you like. It's the wave of the future. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Under shadow of Japan, $1 billion sought for Chernobyl
Twenty-five years from now Fukushima will likely still need money. But there won't be any. -- RF
Bluefin Tuna, Sea Bass Among Fish Facing Mediterranean Extinction Threat
Laos Defers Decision on Dam Project

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Feds to Supreme Court: Allow Warrantless GPS Monitoring

## Japan ##
Japan "eyes sales tax rise" to pay for post-quake rebuild
High levels of radiation at 2 reactors
Nuclear plant operators did not plan for long-term loss of power supply
Nuclear crisis shuts out utilities from bond market
Gov't may hike power charges to help cover damages payments
As with allowing gasoline prices to rise, this would be de facto rationing. -- RF
Bicycle sales triple as 3/11 haunts Tokyoites
Japan's Exports Fall a More-Than-Expected 2.2% After Quake

## China ##
China inflation to rise despite tightening
Will China's Economy Overheat?
Despite measures, inflation could shoot past target

## UK ##
36,000 face losing place at university because of £9,000 fees

## US ##
10 Doomsday trends America can't survive: We are past the point of no return, thanks to Super Rich (Paul Farrell)
CEOs earn 343 times more than typical workers
McDonald's hiring 50,000 workers today
Financial System Riskier, Next Bailout Will Be Costlier, S&P Says
Hydrofracking Pushed By Agents Instructed To Mislead Landowners: Report
Is De Kalb County The Tipping Point Of Muni Debt?
Gas prices nearing the point where Americans cut back
Bernanke May Sustain Stimulus to Avoid 'Cold Turkey' End to Aid
Copper thieves strip locomotives in Kansas City
Book bind: Public libraries feel strain of budget cuts
GM Raises Prices $123 Per Vehicle on Higher Commodity Costs
The Worst Roads in the U.S.
Americans Shun Cheapest Homes in 40 Years as Ownership Fades
Higher airfare cools off travel demand
Pentagon: Price of big-ticket weapons programs grew $64 billion in 2010
Rejecting Their Credit Cards: More People Choosing the Cash-Only Lifestyle

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