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News Links, April 23, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
London trader faces Interpol over Greek debt email
"The Greek authorities have asked Interpol to question a London trader over an email he sent which talked of the high chance of a Greek default."
Greek restructuring options offer ugly choices
China signals ready to invest more in euro zone
Europe at the precipice (CNN Fortune)
Toyota production cuts to last until end of the year
Gold soars to record in sixth straight session
Why gold could hit $5,000
ISuppli Cuts IPad Forecast After Production Shortfall
A Contrarian View On Commodity "Speculation"

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Pirates selling shares as piracy hits all-time high
"As ransom-payouts increase exponentially, more sophisticated piracy syndicates are even selling shares in planned attacks to villagers in order to finance their operations, according to the head of the U.S. Navy."
The Arms Race Against the Pirates
Why Is The U.N. In The War-Making Business? (Forbes)
Mullen: Iraq must decide over US troop stay request
Need for Longer U.S. Military Role in Iraq Is Being Discussed, Carney Says
Troops From Thailand, Cambodia In Border Clash
Pakistan stops US using air base to fly drones
Protests break out in Omani city
Syrian Forces Fire Teargas as Damascus Protesters Test Emergency-Rule End

## Energy/resources ##
Saudi Arabia Sees Need to Pump More Oil
"Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia needs to pump at least 9 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude for the next few years and is considering boosting capacity to meet rising demand, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW) said in a report citing Saudi sources this week."
Saudi Arabia plans to produce 8.7 million barrels a day till 2015
Iraq discussing plan to share crude oil reserves with Iran, Kuwait
Transneft Says China Oil Payment Shortfall $20 Million a Month
NEA forecasts 10-12pct rise of China social electricity use in 2011
NDRC: China to face tight power supply in 2011
Businesses scared of power shortage (Vietnam)
They plan to import power from China, which is facing a shortage itself. -- RF
Longer power outages (India)
"The decision comes in the face of an increasing power deficit in the State, combined with rising deficits in other States. This has created a situation where Tamil Nadu cannot purchase power from these States."
Rubber Futures in Tokyo Advance as China, India Demand May Exceed Supplies
Donald Trump's Naive Views on Energy: "Just Take the Oil We Need"
Biofuel Real Estate – Where Should the Algae be Grown?
Where will the money come from to build the vast infrastructure? Don't count on this. -- RF
Total to Boost Russia Output 30-Fold by 2020 on Projects to Develop Arctic
Nuclear dilemma: adequate insurance too expensive
"From the U.S. to Japan, it's illegal to drive a car without sufficient insurance, yet governments have chosen to run the world's 443 nuclear power plants with hardly any insurance coverage whatsoever.
"Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster, which will leave taxpayers there with a massive bill, highlights one of the industry's key weaknesses — that nuclear power is a viable source for cheap energy only if plants go uninsured. The plant's operator, Tepco, had no disaster insurance."
Thermal Coal's 30% Gain to Outpace Oil, Gas on Japan Quake: Energy Markets

## Got food? ##
'Know Your Farmer' links farmers to eaters (US)
Prices of agro and aqua products soar in Mekong Delta
MENA region worst hit by wheat rust disease
Rice Exports From Thailand May Increase More Than Expected, Official Says

## Environment/health ##
Earth Day: 10 ways to go green in the garden

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Mobile technology is turning us all into feudal serfs
"Mobile technology is essentially dematerializing all forms of capital into cloud-based commodities. It sounds so futuristic, but the reality is feudal: Our money, our friends, our whereabouts, even our thoughts and desires, are being siphoned into corporate servers, turning us into digital serfs."
Why Amazon's cloud Titanic went down

## Japan ##
Japan government announces ¥4 trillion disaster relief budget
Chip Makers Suffer Pre-Quake Outage in Japan
TEPCO won't be allowed to resume reactor operations: Fukushima gov
Taxpayers, other power firms to help pay TEPCO's compensation bill
Toyota production likely to drop below 7 million units for 2011
Exports plummet, economists expect further declines
BOJ Head Concedes Contraction Is Possible
"Bank of Japan Gov. Masaaki Shirakawa painted a gloomy picture of the nation's quake-stricken economy, acknowledging the possibility of a contraction in the first half of the year, and vowed to take action should conditions deteriorate further."
Land of rising food anxieties

## China ##
Chinese lorry drivers continue strike
Chinese Truck Drivers Block Port Over Gas Prices
First Person Account From Inside The China Protests
China's inflating social unrest
Toyota to cut 50-70% production in China
China's Energy Agency Raises Power Use Forecast on Economy

## US ##
Big Pharma set to take over medical marijuana market
Reading, writing, rage: Are teachers going too far?
Another element of the ugly national mood. -- RF
Intentional mortgage defaults grow to 35 percent

And finally... Termites eat millions of Indian rupees in bank

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