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News Links, April 24, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Dollar's Decline Speeds Up, With Risks for U.S. (WSJ)
Axel Merk: Why Is Anyone Still Waiting to Sell the Dollar? (Chris Martenson)
US gets debt wake-up call but vital reforms unlikely (Irish Times)
Greek debt restructuring virtually assured: TD report
Shocking statistics on unemployment (Saudi Arabia)
DP World official remains cautious on shipping industry

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
As Arab Spring Turns Violent, Democracy Advocates Face Big Challenges
Nato airstrike hits Gaddafi compound
Euro-American Land Invasion of Libya Imminent
Syria buries scores of dead; more protests due
Syria uprising: 'We will continue until the fall of the regime'
Yemen leader Saleh agrees to step down under Gulf plan
Iraq must decide in "weeks" on U.S. troops: Mullen
Iraqi cleric's followers demand U.S. troops leave
"Hundreds of followers of anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took to the streets of Baghdad on Saturday, trampling U.S. flags and vowing to escalate military resistance if U.S. troops fail to leave Iraq this year."
France considers temporary border control option
Russia's heartland in crisis as desperation and vodka take toll
Russia's hollow force
Five women brutally murdered in Mexico beach resort
Saudi Arabia revives plans for municipal vote

## Energy/resources ##
Iran, China to form joint oil, gas committee
The end of cheap energy is here: IEA
"IEA analysts said the world needs another 50 million barrels of oil from new fields by 2035 in order to meet expected demand. Crude oil production from existing fields, meanwhile, is expected to decline from the 68-million-barrel-per-day mark in 2009 to just 16 million bpd by 2035."
Germany Explores Using Train Lines as a Power Grid
Coal prices in China rise on reduced transportation

## Got food? ##
Egg Producers Feel the Pinch as Demand, Prices Fall, Costs Rise
"If they are not making money now, I don't see how they are going to make money for the next three or four months."
McDonald's forecasts higher food prices
Eight keys to growing great vegetables

## Environment/health ##
Mekong River dam shelved
43 forest fires in Siberia
Britain on course for hottest Easter since records began

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Amazon's Trouble Raises Cloud Computing Doubts
PlayStation Network enters third day of outage
Computer guru sees chip expansion slowing
"The most advanced processors now have transistors only 100 to 150 atoms across. Designing such a microchip takes hundreds of man-years of work and soon may not be financially worthwhile."
How police have obtained iPhone, iPad tracking logs

## Japan ##
Reactor Team Let Pressure Soar
Temperature inside No. 4 reactor pool remains high at 91 C
Workers locked in battle at nuclear plant; exposure to radiation rising
Japanese government considers underground wall to contain Fukushima radiation
Japan Airlines Holiday Bookings Fall as Capacity Cut
Summer energy crunch
Power-saving target may be 15% for all
Tokyo Disney Resort under pressure to cut down on power consumption
"Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, which together reportedly consume 10 times more power than the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium, are struggling under pressure to reduce their power consumption and generate power on their own."
Lots to do before evacuation / 6,000 people, 10,000 cows, town offices, other facilities must leave
No-entry zone sealed, residents fear they will never return home
"The 83-year-old man spoke with tears in his eyes. 'It's all over. It is better to just die.'"
BoJ Nishimura: Supply-side Constraints To Ease After Autumn

## China ##
China expects sharp rise in energy demand
Macao to subsidize residents against rising inflation
China Economy: Two Updates Concerning Inflation
Thousands march in Hong Kong to demand release of China's Ai
Shanghai Cuts Fees for Truckers Following Strike, Xinhua Says

## UK ##
Teachers support strike ballot on pensions
Crowd trashes new supermarket in Bristol
Fuel protest go-slow 'to bring motorways to standstill'
"A huge 'go-slow' protest over the cost of fuel is set to bring motorway traffic to a halt across Greater Manchester. Up to 1,000 vehicles will be involved in the protest on Sunday, May 8, say organisers."
Major street lamp turn off plan for Northamptonshire

## US ##
America's ever-expanding welfare empire (Forbes)
More college graduates are delinquent on repaying student loans
Storm clouds for shipbuilding
Medicare, Medicaid payments skyrocket in Sacramento
Jet fuel puts squeeze on airlines
US government's fiscal plight, the numbers say it all
Jumbo Mortgage Loan Squeeze: Will it Affect Home Prices?
Blackout in San Francisco's financial district
Young people without diplomas at end of employment line

And finally...
For busy people: Tennessee church in bank building offers drive-thru Good Friday service

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