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News Links, April 25, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Australia Shouldn't Expect 'Rivers of Gold' From Resources Boom, Swan Says
"Australia needs to cut spending because there won't be any repeat of the windfall tax revenue generated between 2004 and 2007 by the mining industry's previous expansion, Treasurer Wayne Swan said."
Portugal 2010 Deficit Revised Wider to 9.1% of GDP After Highways Included
Vietnam Inflation Accelerates to Fastest Pace Since 2008, Government Says
China Proposes To Cut Two Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings
America appears to be sleepwalking towards disaster – does no one care?
Nicole Foss- Preparing for the next Tsunami (Financial Sense)
"The peaking of oil prices and the coming Depression. Resource Wars to follow."
Hong Kong assets have 'peaked': analyst
"Hong Kong stocks and property prices — among the first to recover from the financial crisis — could be among the worst performers as global tightening gathers pace, according to analysts who cautioned of big changes."
Gold Likely to Hit $1600 Per Ounce Soon
The Crash Course: The Book

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Syria protests: 'New deaths' as dissidents are seized
Yemen's President Agrees To Step Down, But Thousands Continue To Protest
Thousands of protesters demand "A New Morocco"
Saudi women press for right to vote
Iraqis rally against extending U.S. troops presence
Iraq PM Pledges Not to Ask for U.S. Troop Extension
Pakistanis rally against drone strikes, block NATO supply route
"The main supply route for NATO troops in Afghanistan was temporarily closed on Sunday after thousands of people blocked a key highway in Pakistan to protest against U.S. drone strikes, officials said."
Japan Seeks Stronger Military Ties with U.S.: Report
NATO Denies Reported Bomb Shortage in Libya
Arab Spring Stalls as U.S. Defers to Saudi 'Counter-Revolution'

## Energy/resources ##
Oil Trades Near Two-Week High After Saudi Arabia Denies Capacity Increase
Bihar town erupts into protests over power shortage (India)
"The protesters… blockaded roads, burnt tyres and even attacked government vehicles and offices, a police officer said."
Countrywide energy shortage as PEPCO increases loadshedding (Pakistan)
"The energy shortfall in the country is on the rise with the onset of summer as Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) increased loadshedding in cities to 14 hours a day while villages face up to 20 hours of power outages per day."
Libyan rebel oil production down for 4 more weeks
Oil majors look to Barents Sea for the future
Thermal coal poised to beat oil, gas after quake
"Thermal coal may outpace oil and gas this year, rising more than 30 per cent to a record, as demand from China and India accelerates and Japan boosts imports to make up for nuclear power lost after the March earthquake."

## Got food? ##
UAE in talks to invest in Australian farmland
This will be the Arab world's next battle
"Population growth and water supply are on a collision course. Hunger is set to become the main issue"
'Rice price may peak at $550 a ton Q3, 2011'

## Environment/health ##
Chernobyl nuke cleanup to be costly for decades
Radiation Expert: "Sr-90 and Uranium and Particulates Will Be Building Up in the USA and Europe ... For Now I Think It Prudent To Stop Drinking Milk"
South African Govt Places Moratorium on Fracking

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Your Android Phone is Tracking You
Vodafone customer fury with network failure (Australia)
U.S. Funds Help Democracy Activists Evade Internet Crackdowns

## Japan ##
Steelmakers to move production to west Japan to avoid power shortage
Fukushima Residents Seek Answers Amid Mixed Signals From Media, TEPCO and Government. Report from the Radiation Exclusion Zone
"Mistrust of the media has surged among the people of Fukushima Prefecture. In part this is due to reports filed by mainstream journalists who are unwilling to visit the area near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. But above all it is the result of contradictory reports released by the media, TEPCO and the government."
Japan GPIF to withdraw $78 bln from assets-Nikkei
"Japan's public pension fund is planning to withdraw about 6.4 trillion yen ($78 billion) from its assets in this financial year to cover a shortfall in pension payouts, the Nikkei business daily reported on Sunday."
3 bank groups to book impairment loss of Y160 bil on TEPCO shares
Radioactivity level in contaminated seawater approaches record high
Hot debris hampers reactor repairs

## China ##
Shanghai Lowers Trucker Fees
"Concessions by Shanghai authorities failed to end wildcat work stoppages by truck drivers who have disrupted the city's container ports, the world's busiest, in protests over rising fees. The industrial action has brought to a head tensions over rising inflation that have been simmering across the country."

## UK ##
Vauxhall boss warns over UK car-making future
"The future of car making in the UK could be in danger if the industry fails to develop a British-based supply chain, the boss of Vauxhall has said."
Globalization goes into reverse. -- RF
SAS at risk of recruitment crisis as Army is stretched to the limit

## US ##
Sales of new homes glacially slow
"Fewer new single-family houses are being sold in the United States than at any point since 1963, statistics show."
Growth Probably Slowed as Fuel Costs Rose: U.S. Economy Preview
'Limited' first-quarter U.S. growth to be revealed
Japan's nuclear disaster offers California lessons
Galveston declares water shortage emergency due to leak
Resistance to Gas Drilling Rises on Unlikely Soil
Shortage of Sand for Oil Drilling in Permian Basin 4/23/11
New York's rat population out of control (BBC video)
Free Rain Barrels for New Yorkers
"New York City is giving away 55-gallon rain barrels to homeowners to help conserve water and reduce pressure on the city's sewer system, which is often overwhelmed during heavy storms."
9/11 heroes to be subjected to FBI review for terrorist connections
Obama's electric car drive dogged by foreign battery drain
Gas prices hit smaller companies

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