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News Links, April 30, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Vietnam Raises Key Rates
South Korea Industrial Output Weaker Than Expected in March
Samsung Electronics Q1 profit falls 30%
Spanish Unemployment Surges to 21.3%; Inflation 3.5%
Spain's Economy Disintegrates
Russia Unexpectedly Raises Benchmark Interest Rate Quarter Point to 8.25%
China's yuan rises past 6.50 against the US dollar
Euro-Zone Inflation Hits 30-Month High
Gold soars to $1,556 an ounce
Gold-Buying Central Bankers May Extend Record Rally
"Central banks that were net sellers of gold a decade ago are buying the precious metal to reduce their reliance on the dollar as a reserve currency, signaling demand that may extend a record rally in prices."
Import drought hits Belarus
"Belarus is facing a severe shortage of imported goods due to the acceleration of its currency devaluation."
Adjusted For Inflation, Dollar Hits Fiat-Era Low
Quake costs cast shadow over Japan's bond rating
Analysis: Cheap dollar fuels one-way bets in everything else

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Central Asian Governments Preparing for their Own "Arab Spring"
Power shortages and crumbling Soviet-era infrastructure are aggravating the problem. -- RF
Massive rally in Yemen urges Saleh to go
Syria: 'Day of rage' planned in face of crackdown
Syrians continue to protest as unrest spreads to Damascus
Muslim Brotherhood backs Syria protests
Thai-Cambodian border clashes continue
Uganda unrest gathers pace despite bloody government crackdown
Grim outlook for S. America war on drugs as submersibles multiply
Libyan War Creates Far-Reaching Refugee Crisis
Japan: Airspace border tensions soar / ASDF scrambled 386 times to ward off foreign aircraft in FY10

## Energy/resources ##
Power shortage expected to reach 8,000 MW (Pakistan)
European Electricity Prices May Rise 50% in Two Years, Hospodarske Reports
"The shutdown of Japanese and German nuclear power stations will also increase usage of gas power plants, which will result in an increase of natural gas prices."
Oman's oil price rises to highest since Sept 2008
Oil companies are making more money and less fuel
Russia to hike petrol export duty to 44% from May

## Got food? ##
N.Korea to run out of food in June: aid group
UN: Libya faces major food shortage within two months
Food Inflation Quickens to Three-Week High, Increasing Pressure on Rates (India)
Coffee May Rise 40% on Frost After Kraft, Smucker Raised Prices

## Japan ##
Industrial zone still rebuilding
"Despite progress in repairing industrial infrastructure damaged in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the Kashima coastal industrial zone in Ibaraki Prefecture has a long way to go before it will be completely back to normal."
One Big Obstacle To Japan's Recovery? Trash
Oil is four times as expensive as it was when rebuilding after the Kobe earthquake. Much of the money going to reconstruction will have to be spent on fuel for heavy machinery and trucks, leaving less for everything else. -- RF
TEPCO Releases Video Of Spent Fuel Rod Pool At Reactor 4
Tepco Slows Water Injection at Reactor to Curb Risk of Explosion
Japan Post to cut employees' annual bonus by Y500,000 on average
Norinchukin Bank sets up Y1 tril quake aid package
"Norinchukin Bank has finalized an aid package totaling 1 trillion yen for farmers, fishermen and forestry workers in regions hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and the ensuing nuclear disaster."
Sounds great. But how many of the loans will be repaid? -- RF
Severe job shortages in Miyagi after tsunami disaster
Joblessness adding to woes / Companies dismissing workers, but most have nowhere to turn
Japanese manufacturers fear loss of Chinese workers

## China ##
Zhejiang Province faces power shortage
"Some factories have been forced to halt production on certain days of the week. Although summer, the peak season for energy use, has not arrived, Zhejiang is facing its worst power shortage since 2004."
Struggling to cool inflation, Beijing turns to last-ditch tool of allowing stronger yuan
Daimler profits roar up on China's passion for Mercedes
"Daimler follows trend for growing confidence in car industry and doubles first-quarter profits as Chinese sales rise 82%."
Will China's peak herald the "peak human"?
Is People's Bank of China secretly buying silver?

## UK ##
Police and protesters hurt in new Tesco protest
"Police officers and protesters were injured today after further demonstrations against a Tesco store in a city centre turned violent."
Activists claim purge of Facebook pages

## US ##
Death of the summer road trip
The States Where People Can't Afford Gas
Ten States Where Pensions Are Running Out Of Money
Caterpillar Earnings: A Huge Warning Sign?
Scrap-Metal Recycling Turns to Gold
FDA Acts to Stop Interstate Raw Milk Seller
In the future, people will be drinking raw milk, if they have any milk to drink at all. -- RF
Dollar extends slide on views of low US rates
Cracks in the Pyramid Are Beginning to Show
"The divide between America's 'haves' and 'have-nots' is threatening to become a yawning gulf -- with great danger to society on the whole."
Nation of renters and hoarders
Five bank failures bring year's total to 39
Storm insurance losses estimated at $2 billion to $5 billion
Electric Car Boom Could Deliver a Surge in Grid Power
"Here's the bad news about electric vehicles: They're going to be hell on the grid. The Utilities Telecom Council trade group reports that electric vehicles will require a 16-fold increase in power usage in the next decade, putting pressure on utilities to find out how to handle car charging as quickly as possible."

And finally... Superman considers giving up US citizenship

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