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News Links, April 8, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Portugal bail-out set to be discussed by EU
Hidden state debts may push Portugal bailout to €90bn
Analysts: Eurozone rate hike to hurt Spain
Spain rules out becoming bailout victim after Portugal succumbs
Brazil Doubles Tax on Consumer Credit to 3% to Slow Inflation, Damp Demand
European Central Bank raises rates to counter inflation
European Debt Crisis Morphs Into New Phase: Mohamed El-Erian
Gold moves higher, hits another record
Dubai Hires Banks for $800 Million Salik Monetization Plan
Nissan's Sunderland plant to shut for three days as Japan quake hits supplies
Ecobank opens 'China desk' to manage Africa loans
"Pan-African bank, Ecobank Transnational Inc, will open a China desk next week aimed at easing the flow of Chinese loans for African infrastructure projects, a bank official said."
Mining hides flatlining economy (Australia)
British Airways scraps Egypt route as unrest hits profits
Shipping lines raise emergency security fees over pirate raids
DHL sees 11% drop in Middle East volumes on political unrest

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
General: US may consider sending troops into Libya
Libya to unleash wave of migrants on Europe in retaliation for coalition strikes
Libya stalemate appears to be emerging: U.S. general
Afghanistan: Taliban gunmen attack Kandahar police base
Italy Prepares Iraqi Police To Protect Country's Oil
Bodies found as Mexicans march against drug violence
US and Saudi Arabia discuss Iran 'meddling'
"Gulf countries accuse Iran of interference in the affairs of Bahrain and Kuwait in a campaign to destabilise the region."
Yemen's neighbors step up role in pushing for Saleh's exit
Safe Haven Dubai Gains as Middle East Turmoil Disrupts Lives
Saudi Arabia Pushes Ahead With Mortgage Law Amid Public Unrest
Amid unrest, Bahrain companies fire hundreds of Shiites
Terrorist attacks hit global supply chain 'every four days'
Somali Pirates Hold At Least 56 Vessels, 886 Hostages
Rise of smaller militant cells forces Indonesia to rethink terror strategy
In Abidjan streets -- looting, scramble for water

## Energy/resources ##
Massive blackout in Johannesburg; second power failure in a week
Power failure in central London
Power outages close 3 Detroit schools
Blackout hits Venezuelan oil states, Caracas
Putting on the Brakes: Mankind Nears the End of the Age of Speed
That's what happens after peak energy. -- RF
America's energy use, in one nifty chart
Oil steady near $109 per barrel
Oil to Soar Above $130 Later in 2011: Poll
Brent Crude Soars Over $125, But Congress's Only Plan Involves Suing OPEC
US Senate panel to vote Thurs on bill to sue OPEC
This has got to be one of the dumbest things to come out of Washington since "freedom fries." Wake me up when this futile drama is over. -- RF
As US Energy Secretary Expresses "Great Concern" Due To High Oil Price, OPEC Oil Shipments Decline
Iran's Oil Exports to China Increased in 2011
India scours Australia for coal

## Got food? ##
World Food Prices Seen Rebounding to Record After Grain Costs Surge Again
Despite March Drop From All Time High, Near Record Food Prices Predict Jump In Headline Inflation
Wheat Advances as Dry Weather in U.S. Great Plains May Reduce Production
Inspections reveal 'sea lice breaches' in salmon farms
Delta diesel scarcity hits rice harvest, fishing (Vietnam)
Rising fuel prices reduces shrimp production (Nicaragua)

## Environment/health ##
Europe 'losing' superbugs battle
WHO: Antibiotic overuse gives rise to 'super superbugs'
Experts see busy Atlantic storm season
Russia vows to build base on the Moon
Won't happen. -- RF

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Terror Tweeting, Brought To You By Homeland Security

## Japan ##
Video: Closing Ranks: The NRC, the Nuclear Industry, and TEPCo. Are Limiting the Flow of Information
Japan May Enlarge Evacuation Zone
Hitachi president says it will take at least a year to cool down Fukushima nuke plant
Japan's Fukushima plant evacuated after new earthquake
BOJ Offers Quake-Aid Loans, Cuts Japan Economy Assessment
Japan's 1st reconstruction budget may top 4 trillion yen
Be objective, not sensationalist, foreign media told
Ibaraki fishermen stay tied to docks
Japan Farm Production Set to Drop After Quake, Rabobank Says
"Production will fall as much as 9 percent for beef and will decline 13 percent for pork, the bank said in a report today. Rice and poultry output each may slide as much as 11 percent, and production will drop for seafood, fruit, vegetables, milk and wheat, the report showed."
70% Of College Seniors Wary Of Post-Quake Job Hunting
Beer shortage in Tokyo region

## China ##
China inflation may hit 6%, no end to tightening: Paper
In Beijing, Even Luxury Billboards Are Censored
Chinese navy gets aircraft carrier
PetroChina to Boost April Oil Processing by 15%, China News Says

## UK ##
Economic gloom 'fuelling rise in depression'
Consumer Council's call as heating oil prices soar
"It is estimated that with rising fuel prices, the recent cold winters and the current economic climate, fuel poverty levels have risen above 50%."
Libya forces David Cameron to rethink defence cuts

## US ##
Americans Eat So Much They'd Have To Run An Hour Each Day To Burn It Off
We're going to see some serious (involuntary) dieting soon. -- RF
Auto shortage foreseen
School rat infestation frightens students
CoreLogic: House Prices declined 2.7% in February, Prices now 4.1% below 2009 Lows
Vibrant to Vacant: Mall Vacancies Highest in 11 Years; Online Retail Sales Hit 12%
Florida's 'shadow' real-estate inventory ranks No. 1 in U.S.
Wells Fargo Cuts 1,900 Mortgage Jobs as Home Lending Slows
Los Angeles May Freeze Retiree Health-Care to Save $525 Million
Cass freight index shows costs outpacing tonnage
"A widely followed monthly index of U.S. shipping activity hit levels in March that reinforced what shippers and carriers are discovering: that tightening capacity and soaring diesel fuel prices are driving up shipping costs at a much faster rate than volumes."
The ugly math of Medicare

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