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News Links, April 9, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Toxic Dollar: Why Nobody Seems to Want US Currency
"In 10 months, the Dollar Index has lost 14% because the world keeps accumulating dollars it doesn't want and sells them. Asian central banks are key."
AAA Ratings or Not, US Bonds Are Toast
Gold surges to record on euro, silver at $40
Gold Is Still Cheap Despite Record Surge: Marc Faber
When gold becomes money again
Portugal Must Agree "Harder" Reforms to Get Aid
European Bank Stress Tests to Hit German Banks Hard (NYT)
Crown Prince says Bahrain economy losses 'painful'
Vietnam Electricity To Cut 2011 Planned Investment By 19% -Report (an anti-inflation measure)
Paul Tustain: Gold Is Sending A Signal That The Monetary System Is In Grave Danger
Sony: Suspending Ops At Optical Parts Plant In Northern Japan On Power Outage
Stocks Go Limp As Commodities Rage
"Inflation fears roil stocks. Pick just about any commodity and it's likely to be near a record high."
Asian Central Banks Intervene as Currencies Rise
IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn Calls for New Global Approaches to Post-Crisis World
Dubai may get new financial aid from Abu Dhabi: Barclays
Say what? We've been told repeatedly that Dubai's financial problems are over. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
NATO Fears War without End in Libya
China, Russia 'have lost' oil race in Libya: ex-minister
"A former top minister in Moamer Kadhafi's regime who has fled to Europe in a fishing trawler told AFP in an interview that he believes China and Russia have 'lost' the race for oil in Libya."
Mexican cartels corrupting more US border officials?
Slavery at sea exposed (New Zealand)
Blasts hit Iran gas pipes
On Facebook and Twitter, spreading revolution in Syria
Syrian city of Deraa hit by deadly clashes
Burqa-Clad Women Face French Fines as Sarkozy Ban Takes Effect
Israeli arms companies target Third World
Strikes And Tax Boycott Likely In Haulage Industry As Truckers Threaten Militancy (Ireland)
Protesters pack Cairo square, pile pressure on army
Cocaine lab found in Honduras signals big shift in drug business
US has 'evidence' of Iran link to political unrest, says Gates

## Energy/resources ##
Global oil market enters scarcity era, capital flows surge: IMF
The UK Could Turn Spent Nuclear Fuel Stockpiles Into A Huge Economic Opportunity
This is so old-paradigm I can't believe it. Nuke waste is clearly the biggest liability on the planet. And once the blackouts get worse, even these people will begin to see it. -- RF
US Oil Settles Near $113, Highest Since Sept. 2008
Algorithms, Not Demand, Driving Oil Prices Sky High?
It's those evil speculators again. -- RF
The World Is In An Escalating Race For Rare Earth Metals
As oil supply dwindles, Saudis turn to renewable energy
Tajikistan extends power rationing season, household get 2 hrs electricity per day
When This Happens, Most Nuclear Power Plants in the World Could Melt Down
Canada's Oil Sands on the Verge of a Boom, Again
Brazilian demand for U.S. ethanol expected to increase
India may approach Japan for Iran oil payments

## Blackouts ##
Venezuela to Ration Power After Worst Blackout Since 2009
Japan struggles to save power before a blackout summer
Blackouts hit a million homes in Japan after latest quake
Power restored to parts of Johannesburg after massive blackout
Massive power shortage leads to increased load shedding (Pakistan)

## Got food? ##
Corn Stockpiles Dropping in U.S. as Meat, Ethanol Demand Widens
US corn reserves expected to fall to 15-year low
A Global Food Crisis In 2011
Are Corn Prices Indicating that $140 Brent Crude is on the Way?
"I think crude drives corn. It takes a bunch of energy to grow corn (diesel and fertilizer). There is also the ethanol connection. The higher the price of gas, the greater the price for ethanol, the greater the price for corn."

## Environment/health ##
Little action apparent on toxic tailings six months after Hungary red mud disaster
Teens deprived of laptops and smart phones suffer cold turkey
Tsunami debris heading for West Coast causes chaos in the Pacific
"Cars, tractors, boats and entire houses have been seen floating towards Canada and the U.S. after the March 11 earthquake."

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Asia-Pacific IPv4 addresses exhausted, IPv6 urgent
Japan Energy Shortage Could Affect Data Center Uptime in Summer
Massive Russian hacker attack threatens freewheeling
Cisco: The future is all about technology
He'll be surprised to find that the future is about low tech, not high tech. -- RF
US trains activists to evade security forces
"The United States is training thousands of cell phone and Internet pro-democracy campaigners worldwide to evade security forces in what it calls a "cat-and-mouse game" with authoritarian governments."
Your Smartphone Knows Where You Are — And It's Telling Companies

## Japan ##
Quake to cut 81,500 jobs in coastal areas of 3 quake-hit prefectures
Japan says economy in "severe" condition
You don't say! But the kicker is that since collapse has already begun, there's no going back. -- RF
Life insurer payouts of ¥50 billion
Japan's vehicle output likely to be halved through summer
Power cuts halt north Japan plants following aftershock
"The stoppages are the latest blow to hopes of a rapid resolution to the supply-chain woes that have hobbled the manufacturing industry since the devastating magnitude 9 earthquake on March 11."
Japan's Onagawa Nuclear Plant Loses Power in Latest Quake
Gov't wants to curb household power use in summer by 15-20%
Curbs on summer power use in offing
Japan nuclear crisis: Tepco managers receive death threats
Plan submitted for dismantling reactors
Ten years! Will these companies still be in existence then? -- RF
Highway To The Fukushima Zone: First Person Trek Through A Radioactive Wasteland (video)
The caption at the top of the video screen reads: "The nuclear power plant evacuation zone is a lawless area ruled by packs of dogs and herds of cattle." -- RF

## China ##
With song and dance, work begins on Shanghai Disneyland
China Developers Could Resist Cheap Housing Push
China seeks alternatives to 9 million burials a year
China takes steps to combat imported inflation

## UK ##
Out-of-town shopping malls suffer as fuel price deters shoppers

## US ##
Small oil drillers say new rules threaten wildcatters' survival
Rising fuel costs drive local tour prices upstream and uphill (Chicago)
U.S. airlines attempt to raise fares for 10th time to counter fuel costs
American Airlines CEO: 'We're facing a fuel crisis'
'Unusual event' declared at Wash. nuclear plant
Progress Fla. nuclear restart delayed indefinitely
Officials may seek Calif. nuclear relicensing delay
Poll: Few Confident US Ready for Nuclear Emergency
Investors Start to Worry About End of Cheap Money
Mall Vacancies At Highest In 11 Years; Strip Malls Vacancy Rate Highest Since 1990
Best-paying college major: engineering
Which is because — as seen in numerous news items — there is a global shortage of engineers. -- RF

And finally...
Thief uses stolen card to send 'thank you'
Bad Vibrations: Russian Bomb Squad Called to Disarm Sex Toy

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