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News Links, May 15, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Rising Self-Interest Frays EU Spirit
Report: Parts, labor shortages to impact iPads, iPhones
"A shortage of both components and labor at one of Foxconn Electronics' major factories, along with a growing, industry-wide component drought due to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, could have a marked impact on the production of Apple's iPad 2 and iPhone 4, a new report claims."
Euro area has higher "misery index" than US
One in four Greeks now want to get out of the euro: Greece dispatch
Merkel Risks Revolt Over Greece as FDP Ally Divisions Surface
Saudi Arabia's inflation edges up to 4.8% in April

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Egypt rulers vow crackdown on "deviant groups"
Oman arrests protesters in new clampdown
Somali piracy costs $8.3bn a year, report says
Call for Changes to SOLAS to Suppress Piracy at Sea
"As pirates endanger the lives of persons aboard ships, SOLAS should be amended under the tacit acceptance procedure of the Convention to give limited transactional immunity to the shipowner and master placing armed guards aboard their vessels to protect the lives of those aboard."
Post-Osama, Pakistan threatens to cut NATO's supply line
Pakistan Air Force Chief: Forces Ready to Shoot Down US Drones
Pakistan demands no repeat of bin Laden raid
"Pakistan's parliament Saturday demanded an end to US drone strikes on its territory and called for an independent probe into the raid by US troops that killed Osama bin Laden to ensure there is no repeat."
'Dividing Forces are Mounting in Europe'
"European Union officials are outraged about Denmark's decision to restore border controls in violation of EU treaties. But a trend is emerging. German commentators worry that right-wing populism threatens to tear the EU apart."
Iranian president sacks three ministers in power struggle
Gunmen fire on protesters in Yemen, wounding 35
"Gunmen in plain clothes opened fire repeatedly on protesters in Yemen's southern city of Taiz on Saturday, wounding 35 people, a doctor said, and a Gulf envoy arrived to try to revive a plan to end the crisis."
Saudi Arabia eyes $330m deal for security forces
"Saudi Arabia is looking to buy night vision goggles and thermal vision equipment in a deal valued at about $330m, the US Defence Department agency responsible for foreign sales has said."
Saudi-led forces set to remain in Bahrain
Medvedev to EU, U.S.: Don't Sideline Russia on Missile Defense

## Energy/resources ##
ExxonMobil CEO says oil price should be $60 to $70 a barrel
We should have realized already that oil is worth much more. -- RF
Massive Demand for Electric Bikes in China Impacting Lead and Lithium Prices
Norway's Gas Output Declines 13% in April, Oil Drops 5.3%

## Got food? ##
Worst planting season in 53 years could cost millions (US)
City may get 'vertical farm'
You can count on this if you like. I'm not. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
A dire warning from a broken pipe (Canada)
Antibiotics in Livestock Feed Raises Concerns
Noise Pollution Hard On Heart As Well As Ears
Nuclear Waste Needs Permanent Disposal, U.S. Panel Says

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
YouTube, Twitter, Facebook on frontline of Yemen uprising
'Extensive' porn stash: Three ways US has tried to sully bin Laden's image
A few interesting observations give us a glimpse into demonization campaigns. The old pattern just keeps getting repeated. -- RF
Global drug shortage hits Toronto
"The drug shortage has been a recurring issue around the world for years. In the last year alone, Canada has struggled with a shortage of many classes of drugs and currently some chemotherapy injectables are in scarce supply."
Growing prescription drug shortages alarm doctors, pharmacists, patients (US)
Still more indications of the breakdown of the pharmaceutical supply system. -- RF
Leahy's Protect IP bill even worse than COICA

## Japan ##
The Complete Overview Of The Setting Economy Of The Land Of The Setting Sun
Must-see slide presentation. Pretty grim. -- RF
Radiation 'Bias' Threatens Fukushima Manufacturers Recovery
TEPCO concealed radiation data before explosion at No. 3 reactor
Accurate data destroys optimistic TEPCO assessment, hampers cooling plan
Contaminated nuke plant workers going back on job as safety regs go by wayside
TEPCO to make more cuts to board member pay: Industry minister
Hamaoka nuclear plant successfully closed
Tokyo Electric Increases Crude Oil Use in April After Earthquake

## China ##
China April gas use in seasonal fall;gas to power soars
Australian coal in demand in China

## UK ##
Quarter of households predicted to turn off heating next winter
Sun Setting on British Power
Nato must target Gaddafi regime, says armed forces chief

## US ##
Job cuts pose challenges as shuttle program winds down
The Growing Impact of "Mini Muni" Bonds
"Thousands of small, unrated municipal bonds are hitting rocky times and missing payments. Will bond investors see their portfolios suffer?"
Drawing Benefits Via a Debit Card? There's a Fee for That
Obama announces steps to speed oil production
This will have no substantial effect. -- RF
La. Spillway Opens To Divert Mississippi River
"Officials say the move will ease pressure on levees protecting New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and oil refineries and chemical plants downstream."
'Fill 'er up,' hits a limit
"U.S. drivers are reporting that higher prices at the gas pump also means quicker shut offs when credit cards hit their limits."
U.S. Living Costs Climb on Food, Fuel as Confidence Gains With Job Growth
Geithner Says Damage From Debt Default May Be 'Irrevocable'
The Coming Postal Bailout
Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home (Indiana)
Nuclear-Plant Emergency Equipment Flaws Cited by U.S. After Inspections

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