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News Links, May 29, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Greece denies missed fiscal targets, EU bickers
Turning Points of Empire's End? (Daily Bell; an interesting read)
Dubailand must be scaled down significantly - BMI
"A massive downsizing of the multi-billion dollar Dubailand project is needed to fit in with the "harsh realities" of Dubai's battered real estate market, according to Business Monitor International."
China's gold demand seen rising 17% in 2011
Why Global Infrastructure Is A $6 Trillion Opportunity
Absurd. The world can't even maintain what's built already. -- RF
Obama's Europe tour raises question of how much U.S. can afford to help

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
India again denounces U.S. military aid to Pakistan
Egypt permanently opens Gaza border crossing
Yemen: Hashid tribal fighters in ceasefire with Saleh
Police turn blind eye to Monterrey drug cartels
"Police corruption is so rampant in this city of four million that government officials believe at least half of the force is on the payroll of the gangs."
Suicide blast kills powerful Afghan police chief
"A suicide bomber killed one of the most powerful men in north Afghanistan on Saturday, underlining the spread of insurgent violence in once peaceful parts of the country and casting a shadow over plans for Afghans to take control of security"
Gaddafi to be told to stand down or face Apache attack
China reprimands Vietnam over offshore oil exploration
"China criticized Vietnam on Saturday for its offshore exploration of oil and gas in the contested South China Sea after Hanoi complained that three Chinese patrol boats had challenged a Vietnamese ship."
Can the U.S. afford a big Pacific realignment?

## Global unrest ##
Demonstrators paralyse Peruvian border town
UK training Saudi forces used to crush Arab spring
Hey, I thought the G8 countries were supposed to be helping the Arab Spring! -- RF
China police seal off restive Inner Mongolia towns
"Police sealed off parts of two county seats in China's Inner Mongolia for a second day Saturday in what residents described as a kind of martial law after protests triggered by the death of a Mongolian herder run over by a Chinese truck driver."
Atty. Gen. Holder Gets Grief in the Heartland; Protesters Interrupt Speech
Newsweek's Evan Thomas warns of US social unrest if debt situation not addressed

## Energy/resources ##
North Sea oil production shows biggest fall on record
Peak oil and the Fall of the Soviet Union: Lessons on the 20th Anniversary of the Collapse (TOD)
Councils warn street lights could go out (Australia)
Asia's increasing demand for wood drives sawlog prices up in the US and Canada
Can Germany Really Shut Down Their Nuclear Plants and Phase Out Fossil Fuels?
Alwaleed Says Saudi Arabia Seeks $70 to $80 Oil to Preserve Sales to West
Gas-hungry Asia looks to Australia
Coal market eyes growing China, India demand; Japan recovery

## Got food? ##
Russia to lift grain export ban after harvest increase
Inundated fields add to stressful spring for beleaguered farmers (Canada)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Hackers Breached Security Networks Of U.S. Military Contractors, Says Source
US goes on offense against digital piracy
Honda Apologizes For Security Breach Involving Hacked Customer Database In Canada
Ratko Mladic capture: Was it all an elaborate set-up?

## Japan ##
Shirakawa Warns Against Losing Market Trust Amid 'Very Serious' Fiscal State (Nikkei)
Radioactive materials found off Miyagi and Ibaraki
Experiment to decontaminate farmland begins in Fukushima
53.1 billion yen needed to clean water

## China ##
35 million people affected by drought

## UK ##
Street lights to switch off this summer
Hay Festival 2011: more defence cuts would threaten American alliance, says General Lord Dannett
Nato set to close key naval headquarters at Northwood, Hertfordshire

## US ##
The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse (BusinessWeek)
Valero, Marathon, BP Start Texas Refineries After Power Loss
Drought Conditions in Texas Strain Power Transmission Lines
"A blackout in Texas City, Texas, may be the latest in a series of power failures caused by lack of rain, which helps clear electrical lines of deposits, according to Terry Hadley, a spokesman for the Public Utility Commission."
City institutes voluntary water rationing (Texas)
Philly mob, once written off, has bounced back
Parks around the US face economic stress this Memorial Day
"Visitors to national and state parks on Memorial Day may face reduced hours and services. States have budget problems, and national parks have nearly $11 billion in deferred maintenance."
For rank and file, wages are falling
Washington state bank is shut; 44 failures in 2011
Arizona Land Sells for 8% of Price Calpers Group Paid at Peak
Miserly used cars fetching a premium price
"A nationwide shortage of high gas-mileage used cars has driven up prices for many models, making it cheaper to buy a new car in some cases, automotive experts say."

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