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News Links, May 4, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
End Game for China and US Economic Stand-Off (CNBC)
India Raises Rates By More Than Expected
Vietnam Trims Growth Forecast
Australia Warns of Rising Inflation
ECB Official Says Debt Crisis Not Abated
Official: Portugal Bailout To Be $115 Billion
Europe Producer-Price Inflation Unexpectedly Accelerates
South African Jobless Rate Increases to 25%, Undermining Economic Recovery

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Angry passengers in Argentina torch trains, ransack ticket offices
Special report: As pirate attacks grow, shipowners take arms
"Now, it seems, one ocean at least is becoming lawless again."
UK 'working on targeted sanctions' against Syria
Libya's rebels to run out of money 'in three weeks'
Self-rule on the rise in Mexico's prisons
North Korean political prison camps growing - Amnesty
More violent neo-Nazis in Germany
Russia aims for $9.5 billion arms sales
West Africa Rising: Can Japan check China's clout in Africa?
"At a meeting in Dakar, Senegal this week, Japanese diplomats laid out Japan's proposal for a permanent African seat on the United Nations Security Council."

## Energy/resources ##
Supplies Squeezed, Rare Earth Prices Surge
Saudi unlikely to lift oil output quickly: analysts
OPEC oil output falls further in April: Survey
Alaska Oil April Output Declines in North Slope Field Fall-Off
Queensland's Dalrymple Bay coal terminal runs at only 50% of capacity
Adani's Mundra Port Acquires Abbot Point Coal Terminal for A$1.8 Billion
"The company controlled by billionaire Gautam Adani is acquiring the coal port as India seeks to increase electricity generation capacity to sustain economic growth of more than 8 percent a year."
Gates: 'Cute' Tech Won't Solve Planet's Energy Woes
Commodities Watch: Aluminum Prices Reach 3-Year High; Silver Still Sliding; Not Much US Corn in the Ground Yet; USDA Lifts Cotton Import Quota

## Got food? ##
Grow better lettuce in your backyard garden
Bigger Problem: Jobs Crisis Or Rising Global Food Prices?

## Environment/health ##
Why Is Damning New Evidence About Monsanto's Most Widely Used Herbicide Being Silenced?
Forest fires: Wind and sun causing havoc (UK)
The Coming Doctor Shortage (US)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
The Internet: One big power suck
Troubles With Verizon's 4G Network, Again
Augmented reality goes beyond gimmicks for business
AT&T starts capping broadband

## Japan ##
Tokyo Electric may face $25 billion in liabilities: report
Japan's power problems raise fiscal uncertainty: Moody's
"A big source of uncertainty is from the power supply situation and that has not stabilized. There could be further costs."
Seabed Radiation 100-1,000 Times Normal Level Off Fukushima Plant

## China ##
Chinese Real Estate Developers Profits Drop, Debts Approach One Trillion
Economy threatened by aging demographic
China faces internal pressure on yuan
"Inflation and consumer unhappiness are growing, pressuring the Chinese government to do something besides undervaluing its currency, the yuan, economists said."
East China faces blackouts amid power shortages
Strains developing in central Shaanxi
"With power shortages aggravating due to shortage of coal and low hydro output, the provinces Hunan, Jiangxi and Chongqing have imposed power rationing with a daily restriction of 20m KWh."

## UK ##
UK households 'face £780 drop in disposable incomes'
Food prices begin creeping upwards
Heatwave sees warmest UK April for more than 100 years

## US ##
Tornadoes contribute to gasoline price surge
"The deadly storms temporarily shut down seven refineries, which helps boost the national average for a gallon of regular to $3.963. Gas is at an all-time high in Chicago."
And Now There Are 13 States Where Gas Costs Over $4
U.S. auto sales jump in April amid demand for smaller cars
They're still monsters compared to what I drive. -- RF
Household participation in food stamps continues steady climb
As Food Stamp Recipients Hit New Record, 400 Americans Account For 10% Of Capital Gains
California nightmare: Spending cuts vs. tax extension
Spring Sellers Try House Swap Instead

And finally... Woman had fraud credit card in her vagina

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