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News Links, May 8, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
EU Finance Chiefs See More Aid for Greece, Reject Euro Exit
Don't bail out Greece, Tory MPs warn Cameron
Europe faces up to boomerang Greek debt chaos
Air fares war: Price cuts amid low sales
Behind the commodities rout: China's moves to harness inflation
Up to 20,000 jobs a year needed for Emiratis
"The UAE's private sector must create up to 20,000 jobs a year for Emiratis in the next decade as unemployment levels hover around the 14 percent mark."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Alleged Serb drug gang swept up by Brazilian cops
Can the Brazilians keep their country from becoming another Mexico? -- RF
Syrian tanks enter 'protest hub' Baniyas
China, Russia to promote strategic partnership over next decade
Even Without Fancy Frills, Future Military Trucks Will Cost More Than Bentleys (US)
Police block Maldives protest over food prices
Clashes hit Lagos, northern Nigeria
Italy to supply Libyan rebels with arms: spokesman
Tunisia declares curfew after renewed protests
Taliban unleashes major assault on Kandahar
"The Taliban unleashed a major assault Saturday on government buildings throughout Afghanistan's main southern city, an attack that cast doubt on how successful the U.S.-led coalition has been in its nearly yearlong military campaign to establish security and stability in the former Taliban stronghold."
High oil price helps Bahrain cope amid unrest, says Fitch

## Energy/resources ##
New European natural gas pipeline delayed again
Mindanao power crisis 'worsening' (Philippines)
Alberta faces power shortage if Ottawa closes generators too early: Atco chief (Canada)
Thermal power cos grope in dark as states cut buys despite shortage (India)
"State power utilities, which buy the entire output of thermal power generators such as NTPC, Adani Power and Monnet Ispat, have cut off take because of a cash crunch and are resorting to load shedding, industry experts said."
U.N. warns about standoff in oil-rich Sudan region
US govt funding for biofuel at $47mn
Water rationing introduced in south (Taiwan)

## Got food? ##
Food Prices: Could Cotton Cause a Crisis?
Asean finalizes emergency rice reserves plan
Potash Prices Headed to $750?

## Environment/health ##
Chernobyl opens for tours
Special report: Big Pharma's global guinea pigs

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Osama raid revision? Remember Lynch and Tillman
Sound removed from UBL videos
FBI set to kill secret-stealing Russian 'botnet'. Is your computer infected?

## Japan ##
Japan base residents: Conserve energy or face blackouts (Stars & Stripes)
"Residents at U.S. military bases in Japan need to change their electricity habits or risk facing blackouts this summer as the Japanese power grid becomes overtaxed, base energy managers warn."
Nuclear Plant Operator Rejects Quick Shutdown Demand
Economic circles criticize plan to shut down Hamaoka nuclear plant
Summer power pinch tightens / N-plant shutdown would hit firms already hurt by power shortages
Japan anti-nuclear protesters rally after PM call to close plant
Dying for TEPCO? Fukushima's Nuclear Contract Workers
Cabinet ministers demand further restructuring of TEPCO
Will Fukushima Trigger the Changes Japan Has Been Waiting For?
Shut down being considered for Fukushima No. 2
METI sticks to nuclear energy despite Fukushima plant crisis
Used car prices rising amid soaring demand in disaster-hit areas
New vehicle sales by Toyota, Honda in China dive over 20% in April
Scant progress in repairing water, power lines

## China ##
Rising Coal Prices in China Causing Power Shortages; Smaller Generators Forced to Close
China's forex reserves suffers huge losses from weak dollar

## UK ##
Rich list suggests UK richest seeing funds recovering
"The UK's wealthiest people have rebounded from the recession increasing their worth by 18% in the past year, the Sunday Times Rich List says."

## US ##
Volcker warns of danger from U.S. deficits
Fewer jobs for aspiring astronauts
The space program's decline is part of the overall industrial system's decline. -- RF
General Dynamics Needs Deal to Combat Worst Earnings in 20 Years: Real M&A
We Need To Cut The Deficit Right Now -- And Doing It Is Going To Clobber The Economy
Detroit councilman's plan cuts Detroit budget by $100M
Fannie bailout nears $100 billion

And finally... Apparently Mentioning Lehman Brothers Works As A Great Pickup Line
Who would have thought? -- RF

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