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News Links, May 9, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourg PM and Head Euro-Zone Finance Minister says "When it becomes serious, you have to lie"
Greece: 'Only tourism can save our bankrupt land'
Greece bailout fails to halt debt woes
Oil's Slide Is Good for Asia, But It Comes With a Catch
Australia's Budget Will Produce 'Substantial' Savings, Treasurer Swan Says
Here's How Much German Banks Are on the Hook To The Periphery For
Addison Wiggin: We Can't Afford the Solutions Needed To Reverse Our Decline (Chris Martenson)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Syria: Security forces enter Homs to crush protests
Iran helping Syrian regime crack down on protesters, say diplomats
Pakistani president to visit Russia in mid-May
Afghanistan: Taliban's Kandahar raid into second day
Ransom, naval operations push piracy costs to $12b
Maersk Steps Up Efforts to Battle Piracy (WSJ)
"The world's largest shipping company, A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, is stepping up efforts to battle the widespread piracy off the coast of Somalia, a problem it says is becoming ever bigger and increasingly costly."
Somali piracy takes "alarming turn" (Insurance Daily)
The Lull Before the Storm: Maritime Piracy and Election Violence in the Niger Delta
Nine dead in clashes in Russia's south
Thousands demand reform in Morocco rally
So Much For Libyan Rebel Oil Exports: Gaddafi Forces Destroy Last Fuel Tanks Under Rebel Control; NATO Land Offensive Now Unavoidable (Zero Hedge)
Europe's invisible 'boots on the ground' in rebel Libya (AFP)
Government violence continues in Arab countries
Taiwan to Deploy Supersonic Missile on Warships

## Energy/resources ##
Falling oil prices make no sense (Forbes)
Paper vs Real: Exit From Normal, Ecological Economics, and Probabilistic Regimes in One Chart
More great insights from Gregor Macdonald. A good read. -- RF
India to take up to 2 million tonne Russian coal in 2011
Asean Leaders Advance Efforts For Food, Energy Security
"Leaders of Southeast Asian nations Sunday concluded two days of meetings with a pledge to redouble efforts to complete economic integration of 10-country group by 2015 and to tackle food and energy crises amid soaring global commodity prices."

## Got food? ##
Spring planting behind by 6-8 weeks in south central Montana
USDA says spring planting in Nebraska still slow
Rising food prices biting customers (Saudi Arabia)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Video: Cindy Sheehan questions Bin Laden death story
Osama bin Laden: how DNA identified his body (New Scientist)
Despite its title, the article answers few questions and raises many. -- RF
Special Report: Bin Laden buried in sea of question marks (People's Daily)
Obama '60 Minutes' Interview: Bin Laden Had 'Support Network' In Pakistan
Bin Laden hideout a command center? Pakistanis have doubts. (CSM)
"Bin Laden hideout: theories that Osama bin Laden was commanding terrorist activities throughout the world from his hideout in Pakistan have Pakistanis saying 'no way.'"
Pakistani villagers bemused by hunt for bin Laden's trail (Reuters)
"Residents of a quiet Pakistani village were bemused on Sunday to find themselves at the center of the investigation of the secret life of Osama bin Laden, saying there was no way that the al Qaeda leader lived there without them knowing."
I live in a village, too. In a society like this, everybody knows what everyone else is doing. People ask questions and peer into your life. There is no easy anonymity as there is in a city. -- RF
8 million Delhi cellphones go dead as Airtel network collapses

## Japan ##
Chubu Electric to again hold board meeting over Hamaoka plant
Chubu Electric may go into red / Switch from nuclear to thermal, summer shortage may hit profits
Job seeker says ending up at nuclear plant not mentioned in ad

## China ##
Chinese property developers struggle as gov't cools market
"With the government's ongoing and persistent efforts to cool the red-hot property market, Chinese property developers are struggling to sell properties while becoming more encumbered with debt."
China adds South China Sea patrol ship
"The South Sea fleet now has 13 patrolling ships, two planes and one helicopter."
China imposes price controls, informally

## UK ##
UK's third largest internet service provider TalkTalk paralysed by network failure
Public sector pay soaring 'out of control'

## US ##
Collier expects to save money by turning off some of its streetlights (Florida)
Mob of Thieves Swarms Las Vegas Convenience Store (includes security video)
Incredible. It's like a school of piranha feeding on a hunk of meat. Blame the "thieves" if you like, but this is part of the emerging trend toward chaos. -- RF
Low pay linked to poverty rates
Local governments not hiring
With new nukes unlikely, US to supercharge aging reactor fleet
This pretty well clinches it: the "nuclear renaissance" is DOA. But extending the life of older reactors creates new dangers. -- RF
The New Class of Billionaires (WSJ)
NIA On Why America's College Bubble Is Next To Burst

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