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News Links, June 12, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
The worst stock market in 9 years signals further deterioration (Forbes)
China Economy at Risk of 'Hard Landing' After 2013, Nouriel Roubini Says
Eurogroup President Juncker says US and Japan in worse shape than eurozone
Libyans Protect Assets Amid War
"Civil war, more than two months of bombardment from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and international sanctions have battered Libya's economy.
"But in one corner of Tripoli's labyrinthine covered bazaar, at an intersection known to merchants as Libya's Wall Street, business is booming. Currency and gold traders, who have operated from a dusty crossroad at the al-Mushir Souk for four decades, say activity has surged during the war as Libyans seeking to preserve assets buy foreign cash and precious metals in bulk, or seek to move savings overseas."
Hoard Copper Pennies As Investment Strategy?

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Pakistan tells CIA chief no U.S. boots on the ground
Yemeni forces in deadly clash with fighters
Israel defense minister to China for first time in decade
Dept. of Irony: Clinton warns against "new colonialism" in Africa
Vietnam welcomes international help as sea dispute escalates
"Vietnam said on Saturday live-fire naval drills scheduled for Monday were "routine" and said it would welcome efforts by the international community, including the United States, to help resolve disputes in the South China Sea."
U.S. Foresees $46 Billion in 2011 Military Sales

## Global unrest ##
Syrian regime storms restive town near Turkey
Ethnic Protests in China Have Lengthy Roots
Land Rights at Center of Protests After Chinese Bureaucrat's Death
'Arab Spring' push for democracy stalls; regimes dig in
Bahrain opposition rally draws more than 10,000
Bahrain police tear gas unarmed protesters
Rebel gains spark fierce battle for west of Libya, as Gaddafi regime under pressure from all sides

## Energy/resources ##
Power Shortages Push Oil Demand Upward
The UAE Petrol Shortage
"For the third time in a year, petrol stations across the northern emirates have faced supply restrictions and many have sold out."
Chinese power issues could affect aluminum, steel, nickel pig iron output
"Tightness in the Chinese power market could mean lower output of aluminum and nickel pig-iron, plus deceleration in steel production and a probable increase in thermal-coal imports, says Deutsche Bank. More than 10 provinces started rationing electricity in energy-intensive manufacturing sectors in April."
Push for new dams across Brahmaputra as China faces drought
"With shrinking water levels in the Yangtze river basin in the wake of the worst drought to hit the country in five decades straining water and energy resources across ten provinces in southern and central China, hydropower groups are lobbying the government to give the green light for suspended plans to build dams in the untapped upper reaches of the Brahmaputra, or Yarlung Tsangpo as it is known in Tibet."
People want power outage reduced (Oman)
"Every summer, heavy load on some power station disrupts the electricity supplies in some parts of the Sultanate leading to repeated power outages for long period."
Egypt to Israel gas pipeline re-opened
Iran says Saudi crude increase will not change market
"An increase in crude output by Saudi Arabia will not change market conditions as demand is for lighter oil than it provides, Iran's OPEC governor was on Saturday quoted as saying, reiterating Tehran's stance that there is no need to boost production."
Roundtable on China's Energy Future
German Nuclear Halt May Disrupt Europe's Power Market Balance

## Got food? ##
Cheap Food: Not What's for Dinner Anymore?
African Land Grab - "Acres for a bottle of Scotch"
Food inflation back at 9%, surges to 10-week high (India)
Rising costs force fresh fruit and vegetables off the table (Australia)

## Environment/health ##
Swine Flu Variation Emerges With Power to Resist Drugs, Researchers Say
Health conditions worsen as Arizona wildfire spreads
Supplies Ferried In As Floods Overwhelm Montana

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
IMF latest target in string of cyber attacks
Yemen defector says terror crisis was manufactured to win western support
"The oldest military ally of Yemen's injured President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said the al-Qaeda terrorist crisis in the country was manufactured to win backing from outside powers."
U.S. Sending 80 Counterintelligence Agents to Afghanistan: Report
Pakistan suspected of tipping off insurgents
Hackers And Clouds: How Secure Is The Web?
Akamai President Urges Companies to Boost Security After Attacks

## Japan ##
Anti-nuclear protests in disaster-hit Japan
Nuclear power crisis to affect Japan reconstruction effort
"Suspension of nuclear power plants outside of the disaster affected areas are eating into the growth of the country due to the energy shortages, said the trade and industry minister on Friday."
KEPCO to seek 15% electricity cut / Prospects dim of restarting some reactors
"Kansai Electric Power Co. announced Friday that it will ask all its users to cut their electricity consumption by 15 percent between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays from July 1 through Sept. 22, as it is unlikely that it will be able to resume operations at nuclear power reactors that are currently shut down for regular inspections, or are scheduled to be."
TEPCO starts ventilating No. 2 reactor to lower radiation levels
Disaster may prompt automakers to shift production overseas
"More than three months after the natural disasters and the nuclear crisis that disrupted supply chains of key components in Japan, Japanese automobile and parts makers may be considering further relocation of production overseas to overcome adversities and a strong yen as well as to diversify risk."
Treacherous Road Awaits Toyota's Recovery
90,000 in shelters; most debris still uncleared 3 months on

## China ##
China to strengthen energy cooperation with Russia: President Hu
Flooding in central China kills 41; 33 missing
New vehicle sales in China hit bumpy road for 2nd month
Chinese coal imports in May up 21pct YoY from April

## UK ##
Disabled passengers face 'rising level of abuse on public transport'
Swinney demands answers over Scottish Power price hikes

## US ##
Why one city is spending more on antigang efforts despite budget cuts
Power restored in Detroit, but real fix will cost millions
Crews Try to Restore Power, But Numbers of Powerless Continue to Grow (Connecticut)
Data center power outage affecting US Airways
"A power outage near one of US Airways' data centers in Phoenix has grounded or delayed numerous flights nationwide, but officials at the Tempe-based carrier couldn't immediately say how many flights or passengers were affected."
Slump in construction industry creates a Sheetrock ghost town
Chance of Another Round of Easing by Year-End: Roubini
Another Round of California IOUs On the Way
Borrowing Against Retirement Accounts Hits New Highs
Blight, long a city problem, extends into the Pa. suburbs

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