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News Links, June 17, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Greek debt crisis causes global market rout: as it happened June 16, 2011
Hardline IMF forced Germany to guarantee Greek bailout
ECB Governor Christian Noyer Warns "Default Would Mean Financing the Entire Greek Economy"
Greek default could trigger chain reaction
Greece isn't priced in, and neither is Ireland
Japan disaster poses increased risk to eurozone insurers: ECB
India Raises Rates Again, Signals More Increases
Ireland Opens New Front as ECB Battles Against Meltdown
"Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan said yesterday that senior bondholders should share in the losses of Anglo Irish Bank Corp. and Irish Nationwide Building Society, reversing a policy of protecting owners of senior securities."
Roubini: QE3 Will be With us Before the End of the Year
China resumes buying of treasuries
"China increased its holdings of U.S. treasuries to $1.153 trillion in April with $7.6 billion in purchases, making it the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt."
200,000 Indians may go on strike in support of Maruti Suzuki workers
"An umbrella organization of trade unions in India decided Wednesday to carry out a strike at factories in the northern state of Haryana to offer support to workers at Maruti Suzuki India, a unit of Suzuki Motor Corp., who have been striking since early this month."
UAE's Al Jaber says nearing debt deal with core banks

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Karzai and Medvedev to discuss security at Kazakh conference
Iran leader calls for alliance against West
"ASTANA, Kazakhstan — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran called yesterday for a security alliance of several former Soviet nations and China to form a united front against the West.
"Ahmadinejad's address to fellow heads of state at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kazakhstan will probably deepen suspicions that the bloc is intended as a counterweight to the United States across the region."
Russian envoy travels to Tripoli for Libya talks
Libya: 'Gaddafi regime in direct contact with rebels for first time'
U.S.-Pakistan Relations Move From Grudging To Toxic
China urges talks as refugees flee Myanmar fighting
Burma's army clash with ethnic Kachin rebels for eighth day running
Vietnam-China Spratly Islands dispute threatens to escalate
China sends ship "to protect sovereignty" in disputed sea
"China sent one of its biggest civilian maritime patrol ships into the South China Sea to protect its 'rights and sovereignty,' official media said on Thursday, a move likely to raise tensions with neighbors staking rival claims to waters thought to hold reserves of oil and gas."
Gang warfare kills 33 in Monterrey, Mexico
Central Asia and the Renewal of The Great Game
Afghan Cuts Begin, Troops Diverted to Iraq
France Says Sale of Warships to Russia 'Imminent'
Robbery on the High Seas Too Lucrative to Refuse

## Global unrest ##
New unrest reported in eastern China
China deploys troops after eastern protests
"A human rights group said thousands of Chinese police and paramilitary forces have been mobilised to suppress a new round of protests in the country's east."
China closes Tibet to foreigners ahead of anniversary
Latest developments in Arab world's unrest
Scenes From The Greek Protests 2011 (gallery)
Special Report: In Bahrain, a symbol at the heart of revolt (Reuters)

## Energy/resources ##
Shale Gas: Not a 'Game Changer' After All
Venezuelan minister: Power cuts to continue to the extent necessary
Lead market tightens on rising refinery shutdowns
Water Shortages Threatening France's Nuclear Reactor Complex
Hot summer stokes electricity shortage concerns (Korea)
Alert readers will recall that Korea also faced a power crunch last winter. -- RF
IEA sees general rise in oil demand
Oil markets are fine, OPEC says
Recoverable Gold Resources to Run Out in 20 Years
What the U.S. power industry thinks about the future of the U.S. power industry
"Using a traditional grading system of A, B, C, D and F, the ASCE gave America's energy infrastructure a collective rating of D+."
Khodorkovsky Says Russia Needs $200 Oil as Investors Fill St. Petersburg
I.E.A. Says World Will Increasingly Turn to Americas for Oil (NYT)
$120 oil risks economic double dip, says IEA
Could we see a summer oil shortage? This economist says yes

## Got food? ##
KENYA: Severe drought, high food prices hit pastoralists
AP Interview: UN warns of more food crises
Returning to the Caveman Diet

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Man tries to pull up Pocono Summit track rails, police say
New bill designed to curb copper thefts

## Environment/health ##
April's weather extremes 'never before' seen, US experts say

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
China Blocks Web Searches in an Attempt to Halt Protests
Hackers attack Malaysia government websites
"Hackers have attacked dozens of government websites in Malaysia, days after a hacking group criticised the country over censorship."
Special report: US government in cyber fight but can't keep up (Reuters)
Ayman al-Zawahiri: the world's most dangerous terrorist
Be afraid. Be very afraid. -- RF

## Japan ##
Fukushima: It's much worse than you think (Al Jazeera feature article)
Green Curtain Sales Surge as Tokyo Faces Power Cuts (Bloomberg video)
JR East to reduce train services from June 24
"East Japan Railway Co said Thursday it will reduce services in Tokyo and surrounding areas for around three months from June 24 to cut its electricity consumption in the face of summer power shortages."
Kepco under fire for power threat
"Kansai Electric Power Co. is still drawing fire for asking local governments and businesses to cut power use 15 percent this summer to help it cope with the shutdown of four nuclear reactors for inspections."
Tepco to build sarcophagus over Fukushima reactor
Pensions Not Spared In Panel's Probe Into Tepco Assets
Moms Turn Activists in Japanese Crisis
Evacuation urged for radioactive hot spots
Japan growth forecast faces downgrade
"Japan's economic growth forecast for fiscal 2011 will be downgraded sharply due to the impact from the earthquake-tsunami disaster, its economic minister says."
Leaving shelters lands some tsunami survivors in deep trouble
Ambitious Osaka property gets no Tokyo drift
"Three months after eastern Japan was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami, gloom has once again settled over Osaka's long-depressed property market."
Supply problems plague Toyota
Domestic auto production steering back on recovery path
Japan Should Raise Sales Tax To 15%: IMF
Japan, Venezuela, agree to credit for oil swap
"Japan will lend $1.5 billion to the state-owned oil company PDVSA in exchange for three million barrels of crude oil over the next five years, according to a Japanese diplomat."

## China ##
Shanghai inflation hits 3-year high last month
Claims of injustice spur wave of unrest in China
Chinese truck drivers struggle under rising prices

## UK ##
U.K. Retail Sales Drop More Than Forecast
Street lights switch-off in bid to cut energy bills
Public-sector workers warned: strike, and pensions will suffer
One in five can't see their GP within two days

## US ##
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chief Blasts Agency's Approach to Fire Safety
"According to NRC records, there have been at least 154 fires at nuclear plants since 1995, an average of 10 a year. On June 7, a fire at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant in Nebraska temporarily knocked out cooling to a pool holding spent fuel at the site, prompting an emergency declaration."
America's crumbling infrastructure a curse for travelers
Newark leaves Rt. 16 in dark to test streetlight savings
Federal government to delete half its websites
Even your money-market fund could be hit by Greek default
Greece Mightn't Be the Worst of the Markets' Problems
A Miserable Job Market Leads Many To Stop Looking
Land that sold for $30 million fetches $4.4 million after foreclosure (Las Vegas)
Foreclosure Filings Plunge as Bank Delays Mask 'True Face' of U.S. Crisis
Tornado clean up strains Missouri budget
Electrical substation fire causes 25,000 power outages across Eastside, 9,000 still without power

And finally... Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces
Ew. -- RF

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