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News Links, June 4, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
China's Power Shortage To Affect Global Electronics Supply Chain
"HONG KONG, June 3 (Bernama) -- China's power shortage could disrupt the global electronics supply chain as many electronics makers rely on Chinese suppliers, international market research firm DisplaySearch said Friday."
Global supply chains are still reeling from Japan's disaster. This could be a double whammy. -- RF
EU Preparing New Rescue Package for Greece
Leftist group blockades Greek finance ministry
Greek Debt Repayment 'Utopian': EU Tax Adviser
Chaos in Yemen Drives Economy to Edge of Ruin
Australia's Qantas offers redundancies to cabin crew
"Australia's Qantas Airways (QAN.AX) said it expects to cut around 350 of its cabin crew jobs, or 5 percent of total, under a voluntary redundancy programme as the airline seeks to reduce costs to offset higher fuel prices."
High fuel costs are slowly strangling the airlines. -- RF
Vietnam Lowers Growth Outlook as Inflation Rises
Moody's Warns U.S. On Consequences Of Not Raising Debt Limit
Turkish Inflation Jumps Most Since 2002
'Glaring' Risks for World Economy: Rothschild
Wall Street suffers fifth straight week of losses
Asian Rebuilding Aid To Boost Japan's Economy: Study
Sounds like still more pressure on already expensive energy and commodities. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Fighting In Yemen Rages, As Obama Dispatches Top Aide To Region
Flights at Yemen capital airport diverted as fighting rages
Yemeni presidential palace shelled, president injured
Offshore Oil Dispute in South China Sea Has Enormous Global Implications
"Difficulties arise in congested maritime areas where overlapping claims create friction, and one of the most contested areas in the world today are the waters surrounding the Spratly islands of the South China Sea."
Why the South China Sea is turning more turbulent
"A US-China military rivalry may be behind China's recent aggressiveness in the South China Sea. On Sunday, Vietnam claims China cut the underwater cables of one of its survey ships."
At least 34 die in Syria day of outrage
Congress Votes to Restrict Libya War While China Chats With Rebels
Japan OKs U.S. export of missile interceptor to 3rd countries

## Global unrest ##
Latest developments in Arab world's unrest (AP)
Syria Blocks Internet Access Amid Unrest
China limits projects in Inner Mongolia
Bahrain police 'suppress protest'
Burkina Faso soldiers surround mutineers' camp
Sri Lanka workers strike for fifth day, more unrest feared
Arab Spring: Four Leaders Struggling to Stay in Power

## Energy/resources ##
US backs Caspian gas pipe to Europe, no Iran supply
BHP Coal Mine Workers Vote in Favor of Right to Strike
The Peak Oil Crisis: An Announcement (Tom Whipple)
Lead Smelters in China May Cut Output as Demand Slows, Regulation Tightens
Electricity shortage in southern Africa remains
Natural gas booming in Asia
Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?
Russian arms depot fire halts oil pipeline flows
OPEC's 'Ordinary' Meeting Won't Be Routine
Canada to increase oil production 68% by 2025

## Got food? ##
Extreme Weather to Fuel Food Inflation: Analyst
Lifting of Russian grain embargo to start shipping boom
Let's hope so! -- RF
Wheat Futures Climb for Second Day on Weather Concerns in U.S., EU, Canada

## Environment/health ##
E. Coli Outbreak Reaches Deadliest on Record as Kidneys Fail
1,800 hit by virulent E.coli strain
Scientific voyage to study Japanese nuclear impact on ocean

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Pakistan, U.S. agree to resume joint intel ops: Foreign Ministry
Pakistan's bin Laden probe falters before it even starts
Slather on that BS thick, boys! -- RF
China PLA officers call Internet key battleground
China brands Google 'snotty-nosed' as cyber feud intensifies
Senate Regularly Thwarts Cyber Attacks: Official

## Japan ##
Arnie Gundersen Interview: The Dangers Of Fukushima Are Worse And Longer-lived Than We Think
Japan: green tea exports banned due to high radiation levels
Japan staff exceed radiation limit
Water decontamination at N-plant to start June 15
Japan nuclear plant could leak more radioactive water
TEPCO plans to seal off water inlets at damaged nuclear plant by end of June
Some Tokyo Area Firms May Relocate To Avoid Power Outages

## China ##
Small manufacturers shudder at rising costs
NDRC raises on-grid hydropower prices
Central China's "kingdom of lakes" left out to dry
China's luxury consumers younger than world average
China drought threatens transport of coal
China Increasing Reliance on Russian Coal

## UK ##
New strain of MRSA superbug found in cows
E. coli outbreak: UK cases rise to 11

## US ##
The house price collapse is now worse than it was during the Great Depression
With snow slow to melt, West next in line for floods
Army judges weigh military trials for civilians
States fight back against nuclear power, even as the feds remain in its thrall
Wisconsin protesters return with campout
US employment growth registers sharp slowdown in May
Unemployment & Payrolls: No Job Creation… Summer Doldrums Begin Early
NYC Fire Unions Protest Bloomberg's Threatened Closures Of 20 Firehouses
Georgia mayor launches copper theft task force
Americans Increasingly Dour on Economic Recovery, According to AlixPartners Survey
"63% Feel "Not Good" or "Bad" about the Direction of the Economy; 61% Do Not See Economic Recovery until 2014, If Ever"
Gold is the only place for new money in June

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