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News Links, August 1, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Reid Approves U.S. Debt Agreement Pending OK From Caucus
Dollar May Bounce on Downgrade, but Destiny is Dark
Global Confidence in U.S. Treasuries Has 'Slightly Eroded,' Lagarde Says
Bond Downgrade Likely Consequence Of Debt Ceiling Increase
World warns of disaster if no debt deal done
Meet the countries in the Triple-A debt club
Report: HSBC plans to announce 10,000 job cuts

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Rise of the Radical Right (Foreign Policy)
Japan coast guard warns Chinese ship sailing near disputed island chain
Syrian oil pipeline bombed

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Belarus Drafts Law Against Peaceful Gatherings
Pakistan's violence spree continues in Karachi and Quetta
Fifteen die in bomb and knife attacks in restive Chinese province of Xinjiang
"At least 15 people have died in a weekend of violence in China's restive far western province of Xinjiang, as fears rise that tensions between the Muslim Uighur ethnic minority native to the region and the majority Han Chinese are set to explode again."
Syria: 100 die in crackdown as Assad sends in his tanks
Chile Copper Sector in Chaos as Another Mine Strikes
"Workers at the world's No. 3 copper mine, Chile's Collahuasi, put down their tools over unmet labor demands on Saturday, compounding worker unrest as a strike at top global copper mine Escondida entered a ninth day."
$230,000 For a Guard Dog: Why the Wealthy Are Afraid Of Violence From Below
4 Arrests in Center City Flash Mob
"A group of disruptive teens assaulted and robbed several pedestrians in Center City Friday night, according to police."
Thousands protest in Israel over house prices and low salaries
"Up to 150,000 protesters took to the streets in cities across Israel on Saturday night in the biggest demonstrations the country has seen in decades to demand action on rising house prices and rents, low salaries, the high cost of raising children and other social issues."
Israel's Finance Ministry chief resigns amid growing civil unrest
Israel warns of 'anarchy' if it meets all reform demands
"(Reuters) Israel's government hit back on Sunday at protests against the rising cost of living, saying some reforms being demanded might lead to economic crises like those besetting parts of Europe and the United States."
Mob attack three persons on suspicion of being witches (India)
Arab unrest, high food prices cast pall on Ramadan
Moscow, St Petersburg police detain dozens of demonstrators

## Energy/resources ##
EPA gas mileage ratings don't add up in real world
"The EPA's tests that measure a vehicle's fuel economy are outdated. They're conducted with professional drivers inside of laboratories using better-performing fuel and with air conditioning turned off for most of the ride."
Fire stations may stop functioning by tomorrow (Pakistan)
"Fuel supply to the Fire Department of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has not yet been restored and it is feared that all the 21 fire stations of the city would stop functioning by Monday in case diesel was not provided to them, The News learnt on Saturday."
Iran says oil payment row with India resolved
Nova Scotia gas stations running out of fuel

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Rail industry joins forces to combat cable theft (UK)

## Got food? ##
Asian nations grapple with soaring food prices
EU Wheat Harvest to Fall 1.6% on Lower Area, Crop Unit Says
Ukraine hikes grain harvest estimate - again

## Environment/health ##
Heat wave threatens elderly in remote towns

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
A New Way Around Internet Censorship?

## Japan ##
Floods threaten thousands in northern Japan
Iwate to join cattle ban; hundreds more suspected tainted
Strong yen to sink earnings targets
"The sagging dollar is putting pressure on manufacturers as yen's resultant surge to the ¥76 range brings it well below the ¥82-¥83 range most Japanese manufacturers used in their 2011 business forecasts, economists warned."
Rising yen hits companies hard / Analysts fear hollowing out of industries
Livestock farmers in despair
Japan increasingly alarmed U.S. may miss debt deadline - sources

## China ##
Shangai's economic growth rate to slow, state media says
Fishing ban in South China Sea to end on Aug. 1
Chinese Media Resist Restrictions on Rail-Crash Coverage

## UK ##
BOE May Keep Rate at 0.5% as Recovery Weakens

## US ##
Reid tentatively backs deal to raise debt ceiling
Political left and right decry debt-ceiling deal
Debt ceiling compromise is likely to mean further fiscal challenges for states; cuts expected
Chinese rush to buy US land
L.A. considers putting zoo operations in private hands
Recession increasing burn out in employees
Filed Under Exponential
Industrials Sector Collapses
"Since the S&P 500 made its intraday high on July 7th, things have sold off quite a bit. Nothing has sold off more than the Industrials sector."
PIMCO's Gross: U.S. is 'debt man walking' (CNN Money video)
Stocks lose $700B in value this week
Why Are Banks Bulldozing Foreclosures?
Oklahoma City sets record water usage despite rationing

And finally... Burglar breaks into house smears it with peanut butter and jelly

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