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News Links, July 15, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
India's Inflation Accelerates to 9.44%
Dollar to Slide as Reserve Currency Status Is 'Undermined', Sumitomo Says
China Must Quickly Diversify From Dollar: PBOC Advisor
US Rating Close to 'Junk': Independent Strategist
Buying US Debt 'Mind-Boggling': Marc Faber
"It is mind-boggling that people would consider buying 10-year US Treasurys with yields trading at around 3 percent, said Marc Faber, the author of the closely-watched Gloom, Boom and Doom report in an interview with CNBC on Thursday."
UBS to Axe 5,000 Jobs, Credit Suisse 1,000: Report
Nakheel prices up 'The World' islands for sale
"A number of owners of islands on the troubled offshore project are in default, the developer confirmed. Nakheel is embroiled in at least 12 legal cases relating to The World."
IMF sees Yemen inflation at up to 30% this year

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Mumbai blasts: Indian cities on high alert
TSA report: Criminals hijacked 10,000 Mexican truckloads in 2010
"Fresh off the recent announcement that the U.S. and Mexico will expand cross-border trucking comes startling figures that show the saturation of organized crime in Mexico and the target that commercial trucks have become."
Sulu Sultanate rejects China claim over Spratlys
Russia lays out "step-by-step" approach on Iran
Somali pirates increase ship attacks to record high
"Pirate attacks climbed 36 percent in the first half of the year as the number of attempts off Somalia in East Africa rose to a record."

## Global unrest ##
Political protesters arrested for staging a peaceful flash mob in Belarus
Protesters stage anti-government demo in Hong Kong
Karachi shuts down after night of violence leaves 12 dead
Syrian forces kill two protesters in eastern crackdown
Saudi seeking arms amid growing fears: analysts
"Saudi Arabia's hunger for weapons, initially aimed at staving off the threat of Iran, has grown with the upcoming US withdrawal from Iraq and instability in Yemen and Bahrain, analysts say."
Latest developments in Arab world's unrest (AP)

## Energy/resources ##
New Zealand braces for nationwide diesel fuel shortage
Countrywide fuel shortage looms (Swaziland)
Power outage throws Hannover into chaos (Germany)
"A major power failure caused chaos in Hannover and the neighbouring town of Langenhagen Wednesday night as vandals smashed storefronts and looted goods, authorities said."
Panic buying causes fuel shortage
"Motorists swamp petrol stations in South Africa, fearing fuel shortages"
Petrol pumps run dry (South Africa)
"THE petrol shortage around the country was worsening quicker than expected – many stations have run dry, and there's no end in sight."
Too hot to handle: Life minus water and electricity in Jleeb (Kuwait)
"Demand for electricity and water, vital and basic human necessities, has been rising since the beginning of summer. Having identified the problem of shortages, the government has taken proactive measures to change the current supply system. According to experts, the level of demand in Kuwait is growing at approximately seven to ten percent per year. By 2025, the national peak load demand is expected to reach 25,000MW per year."
Indonesia May Ban Subsidized Fuels for Private Cars
The Link Between Peak Oil and Peak Debt – Part 2
China Almost Doubles Rare-Earth Export Quota in Second Half After WTO Move

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Metal theft causing problems for Jefferson County bridge repair
German railway sees big rise in metal theft

## Got food? ##
Missouri River Floodwaters Taking More Farmland
UAE mothers feel the pinch of food price hikes
Can Farming Make It in the Big City? (MarketWatch video)

## Environment/health ##
Moscow to double in geographical size to ease overcrowding
NOAA Releases Annual Overfishing Report
'Massive heat wave' predicted for next week (US)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Pentagon Says 24,000 Files Were Stolen In Data Breach
Pentagon to treat cyberspace as "operational domain"

## Japan ##
Japanese nuclear city reveals huge plan to clean every building and road of radiation
"The government of nuclear-stricken Japanese city of Fukushima is drawing up plans to scrub every building and road clean of radioactivity – a process that will take up to 20 years."
Foreign Visitors Down 36% In June
Tepco Starts Injecting Nitrogen Into No. 3 Fukushima Reactor
Q&A-What do Japan's reactor stress tests mean for nuclear power?

## China ##
Power demand surges as heat rises
"Electricity shortages have been bringing more pain to East China as the mercury has climbed during the past week and power providers announced rationing in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu."
China Is Building A Giant Stadium In The Middle Of Nowhere, Financed By Insanely Optimistic Borrowing
More on China's monstrous real estate bubble. Includes video. -- RF
China Struggles to Tame Pork Prices
China Expands Home-Purchase Limits

## UK ##
Fuel poverty affects one in five households
Burglaries up 14% - British Crime Survey

## US ##
Americans to Work 10 Years Longer to Pay National Debt: Advisor
4 men get probation in theft of cargo in Botetourt County
"Just nine days before thieves boldly stole four tractor-trailers in November from a Botetourt County trucking company, the FBI described cargo theft as a growing, multi-billion-dollar, national problem. The bureau reported that some experts estimate associated annual losses total as much as $30 billion."
Look How Foreclosure Costs Are Exploding For JPMorgan
The housing slump is far worse than you think
Ron Paul: "America's AAA Rating Not Worth Saving" Because "We Are Insolvent"
It Begins: JPMorgan Lowers Q3 GDP
Retail Sales Laugh of the Day: "Falling Gas Prices Held Back Retail Sales"; Weakest Performance Since July 2010 ; Auto Sales Mirage
$1.5 trillion in cuts agreed: White House
Cargo Thieves Steal $3 Million in Goods from Local Warehouses
State faces electricity shortage today
"Texas is in danger of running short of electricity today and is asking residents and businesses to cut their power use from 3 to 7 p.m., the peak hours for demand."

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