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News Links, July 31, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Spain in 'Danger Zone' on Europe Crisis: IMF
South America Plans Summit on Defending Currencies, Economies From Crisis
The banana fungus isn't the only contagion that will sooner or later arrive in South America. -- RF
For Investors, Cash Is King
A U.S. Sovereign Credit Downgrade Is No Laughing Matter
"China, as the largest foreign holder of the U.S. debt, is totally freaking out."
Food, transport costs push up Qatar inflation
Platinum's a precious metal, too
U.S. poised to join China, Spain in double-A club

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Report: Iraq Deadlier Now Than A Year Ago
Turkey's military in turmoil as top brass quit
Turkey's Erdogan Closer to Control of Army
Islamists threaten to outmanoeuvre secularists in post-revolution Egypt
Iraq boosts purchase of U.S. jets, but still no decision on troops
Egypt: Militants attack gas pipeline to Israel
Chinese Vessel Spotted Again Near Senkaku Islands
India plans better housing facilities for urban poor
Philippines seeks regional backing for sea dispute
"The Philippines said Friday it was seeking the backing of Southeast Asian governments for its proposal to demilitarize disputed areas in the South China Sea and separate them from non-disputed waters."
Europe's Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Thousands protest in Yemen amidst tensions
NATO Seeks to Return Order Amid Kosovo Unrest
Flash Mob Store Robberies Now a Burgeoning YouTube Trend
Moroccan king urges prompt elections
Syrian tanks shell restive oil hub
As unrest grows, focus turns toward tycoons (Israel)
"The latest signs on Rothschild Boulevard may indicate the new target: the country's tycoons, who control most sectors of the economy, including real estate, communications, journalism, retail, manufacturing, construction, banking, pension savings and energy. The term 'economic concentration' is increasingly popping up at the protest."
Israeli students angry about economy
Anger Tsunami: Mass protest wave reaches Israel (RT video)
"People have been chanting 'revolution.'"
Thousands march in new Bahrain protests
"Tens of thousands marched outside Bahrain's capital Manama on Friday to protest against the results of a National Dialogue they said had failed to bring real democratic reform in the Gulf island kingdom."
Coal barons sowing the seeds of unrest (Australia)

## Energy/resources ##
China's nuclear power developers seek equity investors amid credit crunch
"BEIJING, July 30 (Xinhua) -- China's nuclear power developers are turning to equity investors for funding as interest rate hikes and Japan's nuclear crisis have resulted in fewer bank loans."
The bright future of solar powered factories
The observation about the need for concentrated heat to power industrial processes is correct, but solar will never provide heat energy that is sustained and on the scale that fossil fuels now provide. Get ready for severe downsizing. -- RF
Posco to raise stainless steel price $95 per ton

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Bahamas Government Statement on the Export of Scrap Metal
"On July 27 the Government imposed a ninety day ban on the export of scrap metal and copper in response to the widespread theft of copper and various metals."

## Got food? ##
China and Russia Are Snubbing American Chicken
"U.S. poultry producers are suffering as leg and thigh exports wither"

## Environment/health ##
Superbugs may be here to stay

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
AT&T to Curb Browsing Speed for Heavy Users
"AT&T Inc. (T), the largest U.S. phone company, will curb browsing speeds for its heaviest users on unlimited wireless data plans to cope with surging data traffic."
Monsanto is Having a Bad Month
Company official beaten, website hacked
Biographer predicts News Corp. will oust Murdochs within 60 days

## Japan ##
Japan now overwhelmed by flooding (video)
In videos and photos of the flooding, I see a lot of flooded farmland. Soon we should be seeing estimates of lost food production, which will be a second body blow after the huge loss of agricultural production due to the earthquake and tsunami. -- RF
Tepco Says 15% Power Saving Achieved On 11 Of 20 Weekdays In July
Government faces reality of limited power supply
"'Stopping even one thermal power plant will jeopardize the balance of power supply and demand,' a senior official of the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry said."
Japan's vehicle output plunges 29% in 1st half of 2011
Chubu Electric expects 170 bil. yen group operating loss for FY 2011
Hokuriku Electric incurs 36.9% net profit dive amid reactor stoppage
Tohoku Electric remains in red in April-June qtr on quake effects
Hitachi's 1st quarter profit pulled down by quake
"Hitachi Ltd. said Friday its group operating profit in the April-June first quarter of fiscal 2011 fell 40.8 percent from a year earlier to 52.40 billion yen due mainly to supply disruptions caused by the March 11 disaster."
Hundreds More Cattle Found Shipped After Being Fed Tainted Straw

## China ##
Electricity use is expected to peak in August
China warns of tight power market despite a better summer start
Some China rail crash families reject compensation offer
Chinese apply pressure to quell train collision criticism
Battery issues dog China's e-taxis (video)

## UK ##
Parking charge increases across UK spark anger
Royal Mail to leave mail with neighbours if you are out
Rogue landlords flourish as would-be buyers forced to rent

## US ##
David's take: Banks operating on 'code red alert' because of crisis
US municipal bonds may tip cities into bankruptcy
The muni-bust beat goes on. Meredith Whitney is right. And she knows it. -- RF
Central Falls Has One More Weekend To Avoid Municipal Bankruptcy
Jefferson County Sets Date For Bankruptcy Decision
27 rifles stolen from California military base
Treasury Yields Fall to 2011 Lows Amid Deadlock
Whatever The Outcome Of The Debt Vote, The Age Of Austerity Is Here
In South Florida, fear of U.S. default
Banks prepare for federal cash crunch
Budget, debt worries plague troops
White House says supports bill lifting debt limit to 201
Primary Dealers Met With Treasury on Debt Ceiling, Auctions
"The U.S. Treasury Department met with bond dealers in New York to discuss next month's quarterly auctions of notes and bonds and the debt ceiling.
"The Treasury canceled its regularly scheduled individual meetings with bond dealers in favor of the group meeting, the department said in a statement today. All 20 primary dealers were invited."
Spaceflights From Desert Depend on New Jobs
Megaprojects like bullet train have big cost overruns, critics say
Student aid at stake in debt crisis

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