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News Links, August 10, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Beyond Debt Woes, a Wider Crisis of Globalization?
China's Wen urges global action to calm markets
US Closer to 'Junk Bond' Status Than Triple-A: Bove
From Icebergs to Autos, Effects of the Japan Earthquake are Long-Lasting
European Central Bank must go nuclear to save Europe
Italians Bristle At The Price Of Financial Help
Hong Kong Land Auction Draws Just One Bid
"HONG KONG—A luxury residential property auctioned Tuesday garnered only one bid, for much less than analysts had expected, in the clearest signal yet that the city's long-sizzling property market is finally cooling amid a global equities correction and rising mortgage rates."
Is The World Going Bankrupt?
Greek Bank Run Continues Unabated: €3.8 Billion In June Outflows Bring Total Deposit Base To Mid-2007 Levels
Euro Crisis May Pack U.S. Banks With Deposits They Can't Use

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Assad: Syria won't stop fight against "terrorists"
Syria 'heading to point of no return'
Entire U.S. Stealth Fighter Fleet Grounded
Israel Deploys Drones Over Gas Fields: Report
"Israel has deployed drones to keep watch on gas fields off its northern coast, fearing attack by the Hezbollah militia from neighboring Lebanon, the Jerusalem Post daily reported on Aug. 9."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Economic Uncertainty Leading to Global Unrest (CNBC)
Military assaults continue across Syria
"Reports of house raids and arbitrary arrests as security forces descend on Sirmeen, while tanks deployed in Idlib."
UK riots: 16,000 officers policing London's streets
Manchester endures night of rioting
Riots spread north as London cools
London riots: Guerrilla warfare erupts as no one knows where mob will strike next
APNewsBreak: British far-right aims to quell riots
"LONDON (AP) -- The leader of a British far-right group says its members are taking to the streets of British cities in an attempt to quell riots that have spread across the country for four nights."
A 4th night of riots in Britain
"A police station is firebombed in Nottingham, and violence flares in other cities. London, where the police presence was tripled from a night earlier, remains relatively quiet."
Chile Student Protests Turn Violent
" Violence has broken out in Chile's capital as tens of thousands of students stage another protest demanding changes in public education."
Land seizures in China's Kashgar fuel anger among Uighurs
More flash mobs gather with criminal intent
Crowd turns rowdy at Boehner's Ohio office
Clashes erupt in Indian capital during anti-graft protest
"NEW DELHI: Police fired water cannons and tear gas at opposition party activists on the streets of the Indian capital on Tuesday, as thousands of anti-government protesters rallied against the ruling Congress party over corruption scandals."

## Energy/resources ##
Rolling blackouts possible this week (Texas)
Power back in Sharjah after outage
Analysis: Water Rights Trade To Help Quench World Thirst
Mongolia Energy Riches Attract Neighbors and Outside Interests
Wind Energy Sector to Collapse in 2013?
Have we Seen the End of Jatropha as a Potential Biofuel?
Saudis consume more oil
"Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest exporter of crude, is consuming more of its own oil than ever, eroding its ability to cover global shortages as demand rises to a record high."
Texas Dust-Bowl Redux Spurs Record U.S. Cotton Loss, Farm Claims

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
S.C. police hope new law cuts into copper thefts

## Got food? ##
Survival Medicine & Survival Food

## Environment/health ##
U.S. flooding creates large 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Hackers take aim at prison locks and other real-world targets
BART service restored after hours of disruption
In Turkey, Proposed Internet Filters Stir Protests
An assault on our free coming, going

## Japan ##
Worst Demand on Record for Japanese 40-Year Bonds; Can Japan Service its Debt? How?
Tohoku Electric May Plan Rolling Blackout as Heat Wave Arrives
Japan's 40-Year Government Bonds Fall on Weakest Auction Demand Since 2007
Tepco reports quarterly loss of $7.39B
Fukushima pay-outs could pull plug on TEPCO
"After $7.4bn quarterly loss and $15bn loss for the year, future is now uncertain for Asia's largest utility."
Japan's Hokkaido Elec applies for full ops at nuclear reactor
Deficit-covering bill is set for OK
"A bill to enable the government to issue debt-covering bonds in fiscal 2011 will be enacted by the end of this month, clearing another hurdle in the quest to press Prime Minister Naoto Kan to step down soon, lawmakers said Tuesday."
Japan Held Nuclear Data, Leaving Evacuees in Peril
Fukushima fish radiation excessive, Greenpeace says
Kepco plans to restart five aging thermal power units by next summer
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries head denies Hitachi merger reports

## China ##
Ai Weiwei resumes China criticism in Twitter messages
China May Delay Rate Increases Until 2012
China's 1st Aircraft Carrier in Sea Trial: Report

## UK ##
Riot madness spreads across UK: RT video report from Hackney, London
Baseball bats, police batons online sales boom in UK
Vigilante groups aim to combat riots
UK manufacturing output falls and trade deficit widens
Sony Corp's warehouse burns in London riots

## US ##
Fed promises to keep rates low for at least 2 years
Remedy for U.S. drug shortages eludes hospitals, lawmakers
Why High Gasoline Prices are Causing the Drop in GDP Growth
Quantitative easing on the way?
"Quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve is becoming more of a possibility. But it's hard to believe that a third round of quantitative easing would boost real economic growth any more than the last two did."
S&P Cuts AAA Muni Ratings Linked to U.S.
High Teen Unemployment Molding 'Lost Generation'
Flash mob attacks: Rising concern over black teen involvement
IRS: 1,470 millionaires paid no income tax in '09
Unit labor costs up 2.2 percent
Hedge Funds Hit 'Sell'
"For all the talk of the need for investors to avoid panic, hedge funds have been dumping the shares and debt of many of their favorite companies, according to investors and traders, contributing to a downdraft in many stocks."
Calif. Revenue Falls 10% Short of July Forecast
"California collected 10.3 percent less tax revenue in July than projected, putting the most populous state closer to 'drastic' cuts to universities, libraries and health programs, the state controller said."
ATF and Local Police Carry Out SWAT Raids Across Omaha
Gamblers Return to Las Vegas, But for How Long?
Stocks Soar Most in Two Years, S&P 500 Up 4.8%
Berkshire, Other Insurers Get 'Negative' Tag from S&P
Home price recovery slips out of sight
"Any glimmer of hope that the housing market will stage a recovery in the upcoming months has vanished, thanks to the recent spate of bad economic news that has been making headlines over the past several weeks."
Get ready for Great Recession 2.0

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