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News Links, August 14, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Bank Bet Ban: 'EU govts debt at breaking point' (RT video)
State Bank of India net declines 46% to Rs 1,584 cr in Q1
Envy of World Economy Belied by Ailing Australia Industries
Vietnam holds 600 tons of gold
More austerity could be flashpoint for Italy, France
Italy calls for creation of euro bonds: report
Socio-Economics Put China and India at Higher Investment Risk Than The U.S.
Gold: Something solid in a world of upheaval
Growth stalls across the eurozone
World Bank chief warns economy in 'more dangerous' phase
Asia watching for Japan GDP, China tech earnings
Asian ministers say debt crisis threatens growth
ASEAN To Consider Japan-China Proposal For Asia-Wide FTA

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Mideast upheavals open doors for Saudi strategies
"Saudi Arabia is getting bolder in its strategy for dealing with the Middle East's uprisings. No longer waiting for Washington's cue, the kingdom is aggressively trying to influence the regional turmoil and boost its two goals — protect fellow royal houses and isolate its rival, Iran."
Iran agrees to fund Syrian military base
"Iran has agreed to fund a new multi-million-dollar military base on the Syrian coast to make it easier to ship weapons and other military hardware between the two countries, according to Western intelligence reports."
US Raids in Afghanistan Triple Since 2009
Turkey may intervene in Syria

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Protest culture thrives in steamy Israeli summer
Protests across Israel against high cost of living
Israel Protests Over High Cost Of Living Enter 4th Consecutive Week
Dozens of teens detained after Philadelphia's earlier curfew
Egyptians rally for 'civil state'
"Hundreds clash with riot police in Cairo as they try to resurrect rallies aimed at pushing along promised reforms."
Efforts continue to prevent copycat rioting in Scotland

## Energy/resources ##
Japanese rare earth consumers set up shop in China

## Crumbling infrastructure ##
Analysis: Infrastructure woes - a roadblock to growth
Heat pops pipes nationwide; brace for higher bills
"Critical water pipelines are breaking from coast to coast, triggered by this summer's record high temperatures. It's not a phenomenon or coincidence, experts say. It's a clear sign that Americans should brace for more water interruptions, accompanied by skyrocketing water bills."
Corpus Christi water main breaks three times higher than last summer
Montreal's crumbling infrastructure should be a lesson for all of us
City enlists the 'pothole killer' in fight to fix damaged streets (Chicago)

## Environment/health ##
Another Oil Leak Reported At China's Largest Offshore Well

## Japan ##
Mushrooms Join Growing List of Radioactive Threats to Japan's Food Chain
Japan eyes global nuclear compensation treaty: report
Japan July Power Output Down 8.6% On Year -Utility Federation
Fukushima food producers protest
"Demanding stabilization of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and compensation for the disaster at the earliest possible date, about 2,800 farmers and fishermen from Fukushima Prefecture gathered for a protest rally in Tokyo's Hibiya Park Friday."

## China ##
Stabilizing prices remains top priority for China: central bank
Debt crisis a threat to growing exports
China costs start to worry U.S. multinationals
"'A lot of the wage increase is to keep civil unrest at a minimum,' said William Blair analyst Nick Heymann, who said suicides at an Apple (AAPL.O) supplier and the 'Arab Spring' protests have alarmed Beijing. 'These guys have watched North Africa and the Middle East with a lot of trepidation.'"

## UK ##
Riots will lead to more cuts as councils meet clean-up cost
"Councils will be forced into further service cuts to pay for the riots after the Prime Minister's promise of compensation falls short."

## US ##
Booming business of fear: Sales of safes soar
"NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Amid the market turmoil, sales of security safes and vaults have spiked. While some shoppers sought to protect whatever valuables they had left, others needed a place to stash their newly-acquired safe haven assets such as gold and cash."
Bank Bonuses Projected to Drop Up to 30% This Year
Bachmann Would Reduce Social Security, Medicare Pay for Future Recipients
White House Press Secretary Claims "Unemployment Benefits Could Create Up To 1 Million Jobs"
Ron Paul comes in from the fringe
"The congressman and presidential hopeful, whose warnings on the economy brought eye rolls four years ago, now hears validation from other candidates. He could shake up the GOP contest."

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