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News Links, August 15, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Saab Customers Flee Dying Automaker as Swedish Town Frets About Jobs: Cars
Economic Indicators Show Recession As Early As Next Month -- Global Economic Train Is Coming Off the Tracks
Emaar Apartment Sales Plunge 85% in Second Quarter on Weak Demand in Dubai
Gold devotees say they saw all of this coming
"'My long-standing forecast, made in a Barron's interview in October 2003, is that $8,000 per ounce will be reached sometime between 2013-2015,' he told Reuters this week. 'I've stayed with that forecast over the years and see no reason to change it.'"
Swiss Government, SNB in 'Intense' Talks, SonntagsZeitung Says
Numerous Spanish Towns Face Bankruptcy
Spain Cannot Pay €26 Billion Defense Budget, Effectively Issues IOUs to Keep Within Stated Austerity Measures
Abandoning the gold standard was a seminal moment, and one we're now all paying for
When the sovereign falls: Is this the endgame for world markets?

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Oil price needs of producer countries
"Violence sweeping North Africa and the Middle East has driven up the oil price level required by producer countries, including leading OPEC member Saudi Arabia, to balance their budgets."
Tank, navy attack on Syria's Latakia kills 26: witnesses
Pakistan let China see crashed US "stealth" copter
Syria uprising may lead to regional war (Haaretz)
U.S. Shows off Carrier Amid Tensions
"Less than a week after China launched its first aircraft carrier, the U.S. showed off its own big-boy supercarrier to former enemy Vietnam—one of several smaller Asian nations with jittery nerves amid Beijing's burgeoning maritime ambitions."
Russia's Arctic 'sea grab'
"Within the next year, the Kremlin is expected to make its claim to the United Nations in a bold move to annex about 380,000 square miles of the internationally owned Arctic to Russian control."
Chinese military chief visits Israel for first time
Angry French farmers raid Spanish fruit trucks
TAPI gas pipeline hits snag India strikes separate price deal with Turkmenistan to put Pakistan in trouble

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Hundreds protest Thomas' death near P.D.
Order restored in SW China after violent protest
Protesters Scuffle with Police in NE China
"Thousands of residents in northeastern Chinese port city of Dalian rallied Sunday morning in front of the municipal government office to demand relocation of a chemical plant that is likely to spill poison when typhoon Muifa hit the area earlier this week."
Protesters gather in front of Congressman Denny Rehberg's Helena office
Italian unions threaten strike over new austerity
Proposed reforms not enough for Jordan protesters
Israeli protesters' new target: 'Tycoons'
Protesters stage anti-government rallies across Yemen

## Energy/resources ##
Shortage in Texas Power Grid
China power shorage up to 70m kW in 2013
Petrol sale on the rise (Pakistan)
"According to industry sources, it is estimated that approximately 20 per cent of the overall petrol demand is being driven by power shortage which has forced consumers to use petrol as a backup fuel for electricity generation."
Japan, Mekong Sub-region boost energy security cooperation
Saudi need for oil at $85 may speed cutback
"Riyadh: Saudi Arabia may start cutting oil output 'much sooner' than it did after the financial crisis in 2008 because it now needs crude prices of at least $85 (Dh312.2) a barrel to pay for spending, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co said."

## Got food? ##
Potash Demand High Through 2013
Rice Set to Climb as Thailand Imposes Curbs, U.S. Crop Shrinks
Organic Pest Control: The Best Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects and Bees
Food banks now feed 1 in 7 Americans
Farmland gets more expensive to rent

## Environment/health ##
Shell Says North Sea Oil Pipeline Still Leaking

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
BART external website hacked by anonymous protesters
Hackers group posts names of BART site subscribers
Fullerton police face possible cyber attack

## Japan ##
Japan Buying Most Saudi Arabian Crude Oil, Ship Tracking Data Show
An Examination Of The Post-Bubble Rallies Of Japan
Facing harsh economic conditions, firms eye greater overseas expansion
"More than half of 105 leading Japanese companies surveyed are looking to locate more factories and offices overseas to counteract the strong yen, falling share prices and power supply shortages, according to a Kyodo News poll."
Japanese Gross Domestic Product Shrinks
Ditching Nuclear Risks Third Lost Decade in Japan on Oil

## China ##
Britain's U-turn over web-monitoring (People's Daily opinion piece)
China protest closes toxic chemical plant in Dalian
China's Problematic Housing Data
China Braces for Escalating Power Shortages

## UK ##
David Cameron's net-censorship proposal earns kudos from Chinese state media
"UK prime minister David Cameron (who is reported to have rioted himself and then fled police while at university) has proposed a regime of state censorship for social media to prevent people from passing on messages that incite violence. This proposal has been warmly received by Chinese state media and bureaucrats, who are glad to see that Western governments are finally coming around to their style of management."
Rail fare rises of 13% 'may break government', campaigners warn
BP 'cannot find skilled workers'
"A shortage of engineering skills in the UK could hamper growth at BP's North Sea operations, an executive has said."
U.K. riot losses may top $325M

## US ##
Generation Vexed: Young Americans rein in their dreams (LA Times)
"Amid so much economic uncertainty, many are rethinking career plans, putting off marriage and avoiding the stock market like the plague."
Ceiling at 16: California's Lack of Recovery
Starved Budgets Inspire New Look at Web Gambling
Sales of gold up on eBay amid stock market turmoil
15 people shot in Motown over 24 hours
'Doomsday' defense cuts loom large for select 12
Financial lifeboats starting to get crowded
Business leaders be warned: Disgruntled employees on the rise
Two-thirds of Americans financially shaky
Many live in poverty in oil country due to high rent, food prices
Farm-to-table is becoming mainstream - even out in the 'burbs

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