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News Links, August 17, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
'Death cross' springing up everywhere: Indicator a harbinger of bear markets
Germany economy grew only 0.1 pct in Q2
German Stocks Are Getting Smashed After That GDP Disaster
German Economy Almost Stagnated in Second Quarter
Collapse in German growth will add to euro rebellion
Germany will lead the global downturn
Europe Q2 Expansion Slows More Than Forecast
Europe's GDP growth falls to 0.2 percent
Germany, France Slide Toward Recession; German Economy on Verge of Contraction
Asia Funds Lose $77 Billion in August Stocks Plunge, Led by Korea
Stocks in India Decline on Speculation Inflation May Force Rate Increase
From $35 to $1816: Gold after the end of Bretton Woods
Singapore Tightens Rules for Foreign Job-Seekers
Sarkozy and Merkel call for 'true economic government' to save eurozone
"France and Germany have set out plans to create the first 'true European economic government' headed by a single appointed leader, as part of major moves to synchronise tax and spending to save the failing eurozone."
Market Response To SarKel Emergency Meeting: Dump
Chinese Banker: US Debt Still Safest Place for Reserves
Asia Inflation May Rise With Thai Rice Price
Dubai police chief calls for slowdown on real estate
Dubai consumer prices slow as housing falls most on record
Venezuela May Move Cash, Gold From U.S.
Six Steps to Financial Doomsday STEP #2: Government Debt Exploding!
Villages hit by Italian austerity drive

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Australian Farmers Want Land Protected From Miners
The Pentagon's new China war plan
"Despite budget woes, the military is preparing for a conflict with our biggest rival -- and we should be worried."
The South China Sea Is the Future of Conflict (Foreign Policy)
Gulf of Guinea pirates trigger alarm
"Security and shipping analysts say the number of attacks is underreported and that, left unchecked, the emerging crisis could soon rival the Somali piracy scourge off East Africa that now extends deep into the Indian Ocean."
Military assault continues in Latakia
Mexico's splintering drug gangs pose new security risk
Syria Forces Seal Off Latakia, Storm Suburbs of City of Homs
S Korea may station troops on disputed islets: Yonhap

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
BART reopens 4 San Francisco stations shut down amid protest
Return of the English riot
'Broken society' : UK PM heckled after riot speech
Tax the super-rich or riots will rage in 2012 (Paul Farrell)
"What a year. Rage in London, Egypt, Athens, Damascus. All real. Just a metaphor in the new 'Planet of the Apes' film? No, much more. Warning: More rage is dead ahead. Across our planet a new generation is filled with rage. High unemployment. Raging inflation. Dreams lost. Hope gone. While the super-rich get richer and richer."
Vietnam Takes Calculated Approach to Public Protests
Indian anti-graft activist arrested as protests spread
"Police arrested India's leading anti-corruption campaigner on Tuesday, just hours before he was due to begin a fast to the death, as the beleaguered government cracked down on a self-styled Gandhian activist agitating for a new 'freedom' struggle."
Anna Hazare: anti-corruption activist's arrest sparks protests across India
India corruption: Hundreds held over Hazare protest
Indian crack down on corruption protests pushes country towards tipping point
Flash Mob Loots 7-11 Store in Germantown, Maryland
Syria protests continue despite crackdown
Disorder in world cities: comparing Britain and France
The inchoate rage beneath our global cities (FT)
S.African police arrest 13 in Cape Town strike unrest

## Energy/resources ##
Egypt to confront imminent electricity crisis on fuel shortage
New war breaks out over Canadian oilsands
North Sea Finds Linked in 'Giant' Oil Discovery
If world consumption is 80 mbpd, then 1 billion bbl lasts how many days? Do the math! -- RF
Second oil leak discovered in North Sea
Why Renewable Energy Will Not be Saving us Any Time Soon
US Could Face Vanadium Shortage as Demand Increases in China
Coal prices in Inner Mongolia increase dramatically
U.K. Takes U.S. Coal Castoffs as EU Use of the Fuel Set to Rise

## Got food? ##
Global food prices near 2008 peaks : World Bank
Hamburger costs up 17% (US)
Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?
Allowing the rich to buy up farmland will lead to a New Feudalism in which the owners become the landed aristocracy, and the rest of us their serfs. Land ownership systems must be changed so that those who work the land also own it. -- RF
Bananas Ship on Cooled Ingersoll Trucks as India Works to Limit Food Waste
This article on the cold chain is more indicative of what will happen when cold chains around the world start to break down. -- RF
Record Number Of People Say They Are Paying More For Groceries Now Than Ever Before (US)
Sugar to Climb 6% as Brazilian Crop Slides Amid Chinese, Indonesian Demand

## Environment/health ##
Expert: BP spill likely cause of sick Gulf fish
"More than a year after the largest oil spill in U.S. history, researchers studying the Gulf of Mexico are finding that more fish are sick, and they're trying to figure out exactly why."
American universities to carry out Gulf oil spill toxic effects research
Fukushima contaminating China's seas?

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Mitsubishi Starts Japan's First Property Fund That Invests in Datacenters
After Iran strike, Israel gets cyber unit
Amazon's botched backup causes cloud chaos

## Japan ##
Strong Yen Causing Bankruptcies At Record Speed
TEPCO Almost Attains Power Supply Goal
Keep in mind that TEPCO is also a fiscal basket case. But due to a combination of lower economic activity, cooler-than-expected weather, and surprisingly good conservation measures, the region of Japan served by TEPCO should be OK at least until winter. By contrast, power companies serving the Tohoku region in northern Honshu and the Kansai region in western Honshu are maxed out. See following article. -- RF
Suspension of thermal plant in Osaka threatens region's power supply
35 deaths, 7,071 hospitalized due to heatstroke in one-week period
Department Store Sales Down 2.5% In FY10

## China ##
China petrochemical plant starts shutdown procedure
China's first aircraft carrier to serve in South China Sea
Surprise, surprise! -- RF
China inflation may hit 6.2% in Q3

## UK ##
U.K. Inflation Jumps More Than Estimated to 4.4%
Inflation could push up rail season tickets by 8%
UK riots: Thousands more officers will be trained in tackling riots, says Theresa May
npower raises gas and electricity prices – the fifth of 'big six' firms to do so
"Millions of Britons face substantially higher energy bills after npower became the fifth of the 'big six' providers to raise gas and electricity prices in the past two months, blaming the 'volatile global wholesale market' for the increase."

## US ##
Miami Declares 'Financial Urgency' as It Moves to Cut Worker Pay, Benefits
MGM asks to implode troubled Harmon tower in Las Vegas
"Another Strip project plagued by construction problems and a stumbling economy may have to be put out of its misery."
Drug shortages set to reach record levels
"Doctors, hospitals and patients across the USA are grappling with a record number of drug shortages, causing them to delay treatment, postpone surgery or make do with costlier and less effective substitutes."
China Treads on New Turf
Anti-baby boom: Why U.S. birth rate keeps falling
Dell cuts 2012 sales forecasts, shares dive
Ron Paul Wears Invisibility Cloak In News Media's Eyes
Honda Confronts Weak U.S. Inventories
Verizon Tells 45,000 Striking Workers It Plans to Suspend Health Benefits
QE3 ON: Goldman Lowers Global Government Bond Forecasts Following 2012 US GDP Cut To 2.1%, Repeats "QE3 Is Part Of Baseline Estimates"
U.S. places $40 million chicken order
"NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The United States is stepping in to help bail out another American industry -- chicken farmers and meat processors."
Poverty's Not Just for Cities: America's 10 Poorest Suburbs

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