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News Links, August 19, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
German-French "No" To Euro-Bond Pushes E.U. Closer To Brink
Morgan Stanley Lowers Global Growth Forecast
Swedish Banks Must Gird for Next Credit Crisis
Cue Panic As Fed Resumes Liquidity Swap Lines, Lends $200 Million To Swiss National Bank, Most Since October 2010
Treasury Yields to Plunge Before Hyperinflation Kicks In: SocGen
Chavez Emptying Bank of England Vault as Venezuela Brings Back Gold Hoard
Markets in meltdown amid new global recession fears
"Frenzied selling wipes £62bn off value of FTSE and Dow Jones plummets in another tumultuous day for world economy."
Polish Stocks Slump Most Worldwide as Global Slowdown Concern Hits Lenders
Emerging Nations Prepare for Global Downturn
Bad Checks in Greece Soar 43% as Credit Dries Up; Greek Unemployment Rate Hits Record High 16.6%
The Domino Effect of Europe Bank Woes
A Problem for US Banks: A Reverse Run
Gold hits latest record high, near $1,830
Austrians, Dutch follow Finns, seek Greek collateral
Cash-strapped Portugal raises $1.67 billion loan
Greek unemployment rate hits all-time high
Greece, Ireland, Portugal Should Default on Debt, Pimco Says

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Iraq's Sadr warns of 'war' if U.S. presence extended
Libya rebels fight for refineries; U.S. sends drones
New Chinese stealth jet starts talk of Russian help
Israelis, Palestinians brace for massive statehood protests
Attackers launch triple assault in southern Israel
"At least five people were critically injured in the assault, which occurred about 20 kilometers from the Israeli city of Eilat and close to the Israeli-Egyptian border, and Israeli soldiers exchanged gunfire with the assailants, described by the IDF as 'terrorists.'"
Today's Bus Attack In Israel Was A Coordinated Multi-Stage Effort That's Still Going On
"Today's attack near Eilat, Israel was performed by well-trained, well-provisioned forces who pulled off a well-coordinated assault complete with missiles and mortar fire from inside Egypt."
Chaos on its borders could see Israel's worst fears realised
Joint Chinese-Indian Oil Tanker Patrols Possible?
"In a development with significant implications for the Pentagon's professed 'full spectrum dominance,' (i.e., quash all military opposition) the Hindustan Times reported that Beijing is cautiously sounding out India about the possibility of joint naval patrols in the Indian Ocean to safeguard tanker traffic."
China's plans to shield Mideast oil routes
"Some 85 percent of China's oil supplies pass through the Indian Ocean, which makes it a vital energy artery for Beijing."
Threat of piracy forces Volvo Round the World Race to change route
Venezuela's Chavez Thanks Russia for Tanks

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
5,000 People in Chengdu, China Block Roads, Protest Against Repeated Power Outages (article in Japanese)
And the water was off, too. There are probably many more of these we don't hear about. -- RF
Indian activist Anna Hazare allowed 15-day hunger strike
Fresh wave of violence sweeps Karachi, killing 39
Protesters disrupt New South Wales mining conference
HK protesters give China Vice Premier raucous sendoff
Berlin loses sleep over car arson attacks at night
Algeria "not immune to Arab spring revolt"
"Algeria could be swept by an Arab Spring-style revolt if the government does not urgently fix social and political problems, the country's leading Islamist opposition politician said."
Riot police, anti-papal protestors clash in Madrid

## Energy/resources ##
Solar Energy Facing Tough Love in Europe
"Across the European Union, solar energy is facing tough love conditions as its feed-in-tariffs (FiT) face déjà vu in another round of reduction."
Green energy firms face cloudy future
"Green energy leaders say threat of federal budget cuts creates uncertain future for green energy in the US."
Solar Stocks Bloodied Again
Coal shortage to affect 15,000-MW new capacity addition: Panel (India)

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Make cable theft a serious crime: minister (South Africa)
$50,000 in AC Equipment Lifted from MINI Storefront
BT cable theft sees services cut near Clonmore, Tyrone

## Got food? ##
India's food inflation at 9.03 pct y/y as at Aug 6-govt
Congress looks for ways to help struggling dairy farmers
How to grow and prepare figs

## Environment/health ##
Sun storms 'could be more disruptive within decades'
Run out of water? Dry Texas town heading that way

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
US to build shadow web
Latest in Web Tracking: Stealthy 'Supercookies'
Airport security: You ain't seen nothing yet
The world consequences of U.S. decline

## Japan ##
Tohoku Electric to shut 350 MW oil-fired Akita unit
Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive steam escapes danger zone
Must-see RT video interview with Robert Jacobs.
Christopher Busby: Chernobyl-like radiation found in Tokyo
Another must-see RT video interview.
Japan Quake Victims Still See Aid Delays
After the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation, the victims must now content with dysfunction. -- RF
Maher says 'nobody' in Japan gov't was in charge early in nuclear crisis
Power consumption peaks in TEPCO service area
"Power consumption on Thursday reached its highest figure this summer in areas serviced by Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), the utility said. The temperature in Tokyo topped 36 degrees at 2 p.m. At that time, consumption was approximately 49.36 million kilowatts, which is about 90.4% of TEPCO's supply capacity."
Power Crunch: Kansai's Close Call
Noda Hints At Another Intervention, BOJ's Additional Easing
Number Of Foreign Travelers To Japan Down In July For 5th Month
Shimane generator to be down one month
Hokkaido nuclear reactor resumes operations, but other plants not expected to follow suit
Japanese shares slide with exporters hit

## China ##
China Rail Ministry Sees Borrowing Costs Rise
China Building Alternative Transport Routes
"China has started building alternative routes to import energy resources without passing through the Strait of Malacca. Roads, railways and pipelines are being built to connect three key ports in the Indian Ocean via land."
Japanese finding China firmly entrenched in Africa

## UK ##
Wales farmland prices among UK highest

## US ##
Gold Prices Rise: Welcome To The New American Gold Rush
Drug shortages lead to price gouging
"Scalping tickets to a rock concert can get you arrested. But reselling lifesaving medications at a hefty markup is a thriving business"
Discount-seeking consumers swipe newspapers to pad savings
"Newspapers are mysteriously vanishing from racks across the country. Thieves are swiping Sunday papers from driveways, and others are digging through people's trash looking for discarded newspapers."
Can the US compete if only 32 percent of its students are proficient in math?
The Debt Crisis at American Colleges
Have B-Schools become debtors' prisons?
Dow Loses 419 Points
Manufacturing gauge drops to 2-1/2 year low
U.S. Consumer Prices Rise More Than Forecast
Gas, food and clothing prices are on the rise
Report: SEC has destroyed Wall Street probe records for 20 years
Son of TARP raises eyebrows
Downgrades Felt at Local Level
The Evil S&P Empire Strikes Back: Says Broad Muni Downgrade Will Come After Final US Budget
Philly Fed Manufacturing Index Free Falls Into Negative Territory
Cargo Theft a Growing Part of Organized Retail Crime

And finally... Tuscan monks ask God to deliver diarrhoea for basilica bible thief

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