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News Links, August 27, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
The Kingdom of Magical Thinking (Foreign Policy)
"Widely assumed to be a fabulously wealthy welfare state, Saudi Arabia is in fact an economic basket case waiting to happen."
China's Debt Problems Rival the West
"If you look at the accounting, I don't see how anyone could put a penny there."
Brazil Government Sees Economy Growing Less Than 4% This Year, Folha Says
This rate of growth is usually considered the minimum needed to service debt and keep the economy from stumbling. -- RF
Shortage of Engineers Threatens German Automakers
OK, what have I been saying for ages? Every industry is having trouble finding enough people with the requisite skills. This is just one more factor dragging down industrial/technological civilization. -- RF
World stocks slip as Bernanke offers no new aid to boost US economy
Sarkozy Says China's Yuan Should 'Eventually' Be Integrated into SDR
Bailout for Greece Falters Over Demand for Collateral
Finland Holds Europe Hostage
"Finland may destroy a Greek bailout deal, which demonstrates how one of the smallest nations in Europe can hold the region's financial health hostage. This opens the question once again whether the EU's structure is viable at all."
US Funds Show True State of Euro Zone Banks
Gold Positions Are Shifting at Central Banks
Danish Housing Rescue Faces Bank Opposition as Risks Add to Market Stress
Russian to offer gold-backed loans at 7 pct
If You Thought August Was Bad, Just Wait Until September!
Ben Bernanke Is Out of Tools, So Now What?

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
More than 20 rockets from Gaza hit Israel
Egypt and Israel agree on troop increase in Sinai
Mexico casino arson attack shows violence is spreading
At least 18 die in car bomb attack on Nigeria U.N. HQ
Canada Seeks Stealthy Snowmobile, For No Good Reason
U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms (Forbes)
Japan's political turmoil a lever for China / Beijing again times aggressive play on Senkakus to coincide with power vacuum in Tokyo
Libya aftermath: What next for NATO?
US May Expand CIA Role in Libya in Search of Weapons Stockpiles
Harper stands firm on sovereignty as China eyes Arctic resources

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Anna Hazare: India parliament to debate anti-graft law
Death Toll Rises To 53 In Attack On Mexico Casino
Greek university reform sparks protests
Deadly protests in Syria on last Ramadan Friday

## Energy/resources ##
Countdown to $100 oil- deja vu? (TOD; on the economic effects of expensive oil)
"The stage seems set for a major price reset of markets, energy prices, currencies and property that brings with it the prospect of a major socio-economic upheaval."
Italy says Libyan oil facilities not damaged at all
NOAA joins big energy in arctic studies
North Korean gas project may be just a pipe dream

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
BT taskforce tackles cable theft
"Copper theft is a growing problem for the communication network in Northern Ireland, BT has said."
Copper theft hits recreation centers in Macon, Ga.
"Copper thieves haven't spared Macon's recreation centers, causing the cancellation of some programs, high repair costs, and hothouse conditions for the public and city workers alike."

## Got food? ##
Corn, Soybean Yields Shrink in Hottest Summer Since 1955 in Iowa, Illinois
If you haven't started gardening yet, do it now. You won't be sorry. -- RF
Expanding Waistlines May Boost U.S. Health Cost $66 Billion a Year by 2030
In 2030 people will be amazed that they were ever worried about getting too many calories. -- RF
Asia Grain Outlook: Rice Prices May Hold Steady In September
"Asian rice prices are likely to hold steady next month due to concerns over export availability despite bumper harvests in most producing countries, trading executives said Friday."
Where America's Children Are Going Hungry

## Environment/health ##
Tamiflu-Resistant Flu Outbreak Reported in Australia's Newcastle, WHO Says
Oil in Gulf Matches Deepwater Horizon Well
"Scientists have confirmed that the oil rising to the surface near the site of the Deepwater Horizon well is a chemical match to the oil that flooded the Gulf after the oil spill last summer, known as MC252."

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
July attack on Japan police website originated in China
"More than 90 percent of attacks July 10 on the National Police Agency's website originated from Chinese Internet Protocol addresses and Beijing has been asked to investigate, the agency said Friday."
South Florida AT&T 3G network experiencing problems

## Japan ##
Traffic signals on the blink / Roads in disaster-hit region dangerous as 90% of lights not working
Even the traffic lights are still out. Reconstruction of this region is a pipe dream. -- RF
Japan's Shift to Solar Power Hinges on Banks Ending Loan Drought
Japan Unveils Fukushima Cleanup Plan
"The Japanese government on Friday unveiled a plan to reduce radiation levels in Fukushima prefecture by 50% in two years, amid residents' growing concerns about the public health impact of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant."
Online Music Sales Down 13% For Jan-June On Dearth Of Hits
Egad! A dearth of hits. What's this world coming to? -- RF
Medical Costs Up Record 3.9% In FY10 On Fees, Graying Society
Tepco, Govt Discuss Easing Power Usage Restrictions
Heading into autumn, the situation looks better. But we'd better hope for a mild winter. -- RF
Low levels of cesium found in rice
Volume of radiation screening requests for food beyond capacity of current facilities
Manufacturers mull in-house power plants
Last-ditch measure on yen / Mixed views on whether emergency fund will stem currency's rise

## China ##
Chinese police 'to detain suspects without telling families'
China - Record High Rare Earths Prices Promoting Illegal Mining

## UK ##
Prison numbers reach record high in England and Wales
"Alarmingly low" number of people are saving for a pension

## US ##
East Coast economy braces for hurricane
"Power outages: The electricity infrastructure 'will be greatly compromised for millions, if not tens of millions, of Americans,' The Weather Channel reports. Those outages could bring the economy nearly to a standstill."
Irene's Path Menaces Busiest U.S. Airspace With 'Major Disruption' at Hubs
Irene Flight Cancellations Top 2,400 as Delta Joins American Air, JetBlue
Irene causing traffic jams, gas shortages along coast
Good Graph Friday: Irene likely to bring high wind, insurance payouts
Power outages after hurricane Irene: Are utility crews prepared for them?
Nuclear Reactors on East Coast Brace for Hurricane Irene's Wrath
Pepco anticipates widespread, multi-day power outages
Northwest Due for 'Megaquake'
New Jersey Issues One-Year Moratorium On Fracking
A Weak Economy Takes the Air Out of Bank Earnings
Infographic: The aging states of America
A year of rising suicides on bridge and tracks (NYT)
Muni Funds See Outflows for Fifth Straight Week
Penn. school uses sheep to cut lawns due to budget cuts
Half of hospitals buy back-door drugs, new survey shows
"Amid growing reports of price-gouging for life-saving drugs, half of hospital officials said they've bought medications from back-door suppliers during recent drug shortages, a new survey shows."
Revised US growth rate: just 1 percent in second quarter
Corporations on roll during slump
"The Bureau of Economic Analysis said corporate profits jumped by $57.3 billion in the second quarter after climbing by $19 billion in the previous quarter."
Retirement Advice: Don't Get Old, Don't Get Sick, Don't Retire
Distressed home sales soar
Up to 40 percent of U.S. schools cutting back on recess

And finally...
Dick Cheney's dog banned from Camp David after attacking George Bush's terrier
Woman attacks cash machine with shoe (includes security video)

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