Saturday, August 06, 2011


News Links, August 6 (Evening Edition), 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
US credit rating downgrade fuels crisis
Europe cries out for leadership as global share sell-off continues
The Debt Supercycle
South America Braces for Global Economic Weakening
Europe Central Bank Signals Wider Bond Purchases
Rudderless eurozone on course for disaster
"The eurozone is at "serious risk" of collapse and is lacking in political leadership as the debt crisis threatens to plunge Europe and the global economy into a recession."
Greece's healthcare system is on the brink of catastrophe
China slams US 'debt addiction'
Italy to Eliminate Deficit in 2013 With Austerity
This will go over well with the populace. -- RF
Italian, Spanish Bond Spreads Over Bunds Widen as Deficit Crisis Deepens

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Taliban Shoots Down NATO Helicopter, Killing 38 Including 31 US Special Forces

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Mob Rampages Through Wisconsin State Fair, Witnesses Describe Random Assaults
Video: Protester Shouts 'Sic semper tyrannis!' at Wisconsin Gov. Walker
"The MacIver News Service's cameras were there when a throng of about 60 protesters disrupted the opening ceremonies of the Wisconsin State Fair, shouting down Governor Scott Walker during his brief speech."
Wisconsin State Patrol Called in After Youth Violence
"Gov. Scott Walker has ordered the Wisconsin State Patrol to provide additional law enforcement help at the Wisconsin State Fair after several incidents involving rampaging youths broke out on the fairgrounds and on the streets outside Thursday night."
Philly cracks down on teen flash mobs
'Israeli awakening' follows model of 'Arab spring'
Gunman killed near Saudi interior minister's palace
Yemeni army clash with anti-Saleh protesters
Syrians Protest in Cities as U.S. Advises Its Citizens to Leave Country

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
CARICOM countries read riot act against scrap metal industry
Cops smash cable theft ring (Malaysia)
"The group is believed to have been stealing cables, batteries and other electronic items at several telecommunication substations in Johor, Selangor, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Penang, Pahang, Kedah and Kuala Lumpur for the past five months."

## Got food? ##
Food inflation soars 17.58pc (Pakistan)

## Environment/health ##
Big Spring, Texas To Recycle Urine In The Face Of Massive Drought
Impact of fungi on forest extinction eyed
Arctic Sea Ice May Approach Record Low After Biggest July Melt

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
F-35 grounded after electrical system failure thus joining the F-22
"For the third time in less than a year, the Pentagon has grounded all F-35 joint strike fighters because of a mechanical problem. The F-35s thus join the F-22 Raptors in stand down mode."

## Japan ##
FACTBOX-Shutdown schedule for active nuclear reactors in Japan
Kashiwazaki-Kariwa No. 1 shut down for maintenance, leaving 15 commercial reactors on line. And that number will be declining as more shut down for regular maintenance. -- RF
Tokyo Electric: 600 MW oil-fired unit to resume Saturday

## China ##
China Blasts US After S&P Downgrade, Calls for New Global Reserve

## US ##
Postal Service Loses More Than $3 Billion, Could Be Forced To Default
4 US Companies Are Now Rated Higher Than The Government
Obama Officials Attack S&P's Credibility After Downgrade
Economists Cut US Growth Outlook, Raise Jobless Forecast
AIG Slashes Munis by $5 Billion as Benmosche Builds Mortgage Bond Holdings

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