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News Links, August 7, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Germany Says Italy Is Too Big For EFSF To Save, Refuses To Carry Euro Bailout Burden
Mass Layoffs Rise
World Financial Officials Hold Emergency Call to Discuss U.S. Credit Downgrade
U.S. Will Roll Out QE3 After S&P Rating Cut, Li Daokui Says
"The U.S. Federal Reserve will extend its program to purchase the nation's debts and stabilize long- term interest rates after Standard & Poor's downgraded its credit rating, according to an adviser to China's central bank."
China says debt financing unlikely 'to save' US, EU
U.S. Downgrade Casts Doubt on AAA Countries
Financial crisis: Italy could tip euro into abyss
"The relentless plunge of financial markets will lurch into a more dangerous phase that could take the global economy over the brink of disaster, unless the European Central Bank starts to buy up Italian debt."
Saudi stock market first to plunge on S&P downgrade
Mideast markets tumble after US credit downgrade
Israel's TA-25 Index Tumbles Most Since 2008 on U.S., Europe

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Saleh to leave hospital, fighting flares in Sanaa
Our Commando War in 120 Countries: Uncovering the Military's Secret Operations In the Obama Era
Somali government declares Islamist rebellion defeated
Bomb destroys NATO fuel tankers in Pakistan
"Sixteen tankers carrying oil for NATO troops in Afghanistan destroyed, in latest attack aimed at disrupting supply line."
Future of war: Private robot armies fight it out

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Israel Protests: 270,000 Demonstrate Against Rising Cost Of Living
Tottenham in flames as riot follows protest (UK)
"Two police patrol cars, a passenger bus and several shops were attacked and set alight in north London as violence erupted."
Tottenham riot: Sustained looting follows night of violence
"Looters use cars and shopping trolleys to carry away stolen goods as disturbances spread to other areas of Haringey"
Protesters retake Madrid square after police charge
Hundreds protest Fullerton man's death, call for release of video (US)
Hundreds Protest Outside Denham's Office "We Need Jobs" (US)
Unrest erupts in Ukraine after ex-premier arrested
Syrian unrest dries Lebanese tinderbox
Syrian tanks attack eastern city of Deir al-Zour
Activists call for mass protest to denounce military attacks on protesters (Egypt)
New Hanoi anti-China rally tests tolerance of protests
"Anti-China demonstrators staged another in a series of weekly marches in central Hanoi on Sunday, testing authorities' tolerance of protests on an emotive issue in Vietnamese society."

## Energy/resources ##
Venezuela Plans Long-term Boost In Oil Output
Growing energy demand key challenge for Asean
U.S. Shale Gas: Less Abundance, Higher Cost (The Oil Drum)
"Our analysis indicates that industry reserves are over-stated by at least 100 percent based on detailed review of both individual well and group decline profiles for the Barnett, Fayetteville and Haynesville shale plays...
"Results to date in the Haynesville Shale play are disappointing, and will substantially underperform industry claims. In fact, it is difficult to understand how companies justify 125 rigs drilling in a play that has not yet demonstrated commercial viability at present reserve projections until gas prices exceed $8.68 per mmBu."
Will oceans' tides supply endless electricity?
"So far, there's been one persistent problem: Blades routinely break when they're exposed to the strong currents.
"'There hasn't been any turbine that's gone in yet, that I'm aware of, that hasn't had a pretty significant failure,' Collar said. 'It's just like wind in the early days. It's going to be expensive. It's not going to be very reliable. And it's going to be hard to permit.'"

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Police Arrest an Ohio Couple in Copper Thefts that Caused PA Power Outage

## Got food? ##
Japan to relaunch rice futures for first time after WW II
Radiation Threat Rattles Japan's Food Chain

## Environment/health ##
Simple Ways to Cool Your Home and Save Big

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
'Anonymous' Hacks U.S. Law Enforcement Sites, Steals Data
Saudi says draft anti-terrorism law being amended
States can't opt out of Secure Communities program
"The Obama administration has told governors the fingerprint-sharing program that targets criminals in the country illegally does not need their approval to operate in their states."

## Japan ##
Tokyo governor says Japan should conduct simulated nuclear weapons tests
Tohoku Electric To Get More Power From Tokyo Electric

## China ##
U.S.-China relationship riskiest codependency on the planet

## UK ##
Fires started after Tottenham police shooting protest
London riots: Police patrol streets after violence
Financial crisis: Bank of England "to warn of slower UK growth"
Parts of England and Northern Ireland on flood alert after heavy rains

## US ##
Christina Romer lets loose on credit downgrade: We're 'pretty darn fucked'
13 Reasons Why The U.S. Is Now OFFICIALLY BANKRUPT
A National Debt Of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion
S&P warns of a second downgrade
"One day after lowering the nation's platinum triple-A credit rating, Standard & Poor's analysts warned Saturday that the U.S. government could face a second downgrade if the economy continues to struggle and the government fails to make the cuts outlined in the debt ceiling agreement."
'Totally unprovoked': San Diego cop shot in head at stoplight
Jobless Numbers Don't Tell The Whole Story
Fannie Mae posts more big losses
Short Sales Become Bank Foreclosure Shortcut
Lights dimming in Texas; rolling blackouts likely
Overloaded power grids can lead to outages
"The power outages that strike the Coachella Valley every summer when air conditioners begin cranking 24/7 started last week, and outages left as many as 2,100 Southern California Edison customers in the dark daily."

And finally...
Gov. Perry Asks God To Pray For Nation's Leaders
Praise the Greenback! Photos From Rick Perry's Rally To Save The American Economy
AAA to AA+: Here come the battery jokes!

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