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News Links, September 16, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
US, Europe Worry 'Everyone': Saudi Central Bank Governor
Central banks expand dollar operations
"Major central banks around the world will cooperate to offer three-month U.S. dollar loans to commercial banks in order to prevent moneymarkets from freezing up in the wake of Europe's sovereign debt crisis."
Central Banks Fix Liquidity, Not Solvency Problems
Citigroup Slows Hiring to Only Critical Jobs
UBS Placed on Review for Moody's Downgrade
European Bank Blowups Hidden With Shell Games
Syria's ports suffer as unrest hits economy
Ken Clarke: US and Europe paralysed by financial crisis
China Ties Aiding Europe to Its Own Trade Goals
Australia's first bullion exchange set to open
Greek Crisis Driving Up Cost Of Insuring Govt Debt Elsewhere
Sarkozy, Merkel "Convinced" Greece will Remain in Eurozone; Market Convinced of Default; Gold Declines US Dollar Drops; Band-Aids and Rubber-Bands
Europe default risk signal flashing red

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Changing Middle East Leaves Israel Feeling Isolated
Egypt declares Camp David accords with Israel 'not a sacred thing'
Turkey says can send warships to east Mediterranean any time
"Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that Turkish warships could be sent to the Eastern Mediterranean at any time and Israel could not do whatever it wants there, escalating a war of words over the 2010 killing of Turkish activists."
Mexican Cartels Hang, Disembowel 'Internet Snitches'
Polish Finance Minister Warns Of European War In Ten Years
Pirates now hitting West African coast
Crisis worsens in flood-hit Pakistan
China warns on South China Sea oil
"China warned India and other countries about oil exploration projects in the disputed South China Sea and its islands, claiming its 'indisputable sovereignty' over the area."
U.S. to expand military presence in Australia to counter China
"An emerging defense agreement would let the U.S. expand its military presence in Australia as the Obama administration and its allies maneuver to counter an increasingly assertive China."
Netherlands to ban the burka

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
SIU students get rowdy during power outage (US)
Maruti Suzuki labour unrest takes violent turn, 5 injured in attack (India)
"The labour unrest at Maruti Suzuki India's Manesar plant took a violent turn today when a group of supervisors were attacked on their way to work, with five of them sustaining injuries."
Israel evacuates Jordanian embassy staff
Istanbul police on alert for serious unrest as Israelis fly in
Renewed violence rocks Yemen
Is Public Opinion Turning Against Elite Over Globalization?
"As leaders on both sides of the Atlantic wrestle with the problems posed by the financial crisis, populations in advanced economies are increasingly restive.
"Protests in Greece, the threat of a new wave of strikes in the UK, and vocal opposition to the US administration's attempts to solve the financial crisis have helped add to the feeling that all of the people are not happy any of the time."

## Energy/resources ##
Severe power outage is anticipated across all southern states (India)
EDF Energy to put up gas prices by 15% (UK)
"EDF Energy is to raise gas prices by 15.4% and electricity prices by 4.5% from 10 November, the company has announced."
China not willing to be major rare earth supplier
'Microwave waste' to get biofuel
Considering that even ordinary microwave ovens are highly power-consumptive — drawing hundreds of watts — this doesn't sound like a winner. -- RF
America and Oil: Declining Together? (Michael Klare)
Solyndra not the only photovoltaic firm on the rocks

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Copper wire thefts to be targeted by new county task force (US)
"The county in cracking down on the theft of copper to be sold as scrap. Thieves have stripped everything from traffic lights to air conditioning units."

## Got food? ##
India's Food Inflation Rate Exceeds 9% for Sixth Straight Week
Long-Term Food Storage Guidelines

## Environment/health ##
Bigger jellyfish are inheriting the ocean, study finds

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Thai Clampdown on Internet Traffic Worries Companies

## Japan ##
Japan Reactor Restarts Face Complications
"Guidelines for Japan's nuclear plants fail to account for worst-case earthquake and tsunami scenarios and need to be revised, said the head of a government committee drafting new seismic-safety standards, raising the prospect of further delays in the government's push to get idled reactors around Japan restarted."
Second Fukushima plant unlikely to reopen: Edano
Up to one-seventh of Fukushima may be contaminated
"It is likely that more than 2,000 square kilometers of land in Fukushima Prefecture have been contaminated with radioactive substances released from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and need to be decontaminated, research indicated Thursday."
Sunflowers no help for decontamination efforts

## China ##
Short-Seller Muddy Waters' Block Says Chinese Consumer Demand Overstated
South China power restrictions to persist into next yr -grid
China Pares Rail Construction 50% After Crash
Most Bankers Expect Higher Chinese Interest Rates

## UK ##
British Youth Will Bear Brunt of Faltering Recovery
Public sector job cuts put 110,000 out of work
Midwife shortage 'dangerously high'
More patients forced to wait for treatment

## US ##
11 Reasons Why the Unemployment Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think
August retail sales grind to a halt
U.S. Credit Card Debt Grows Despite Desire To Control Personal Finances
SAT reading scores drop to lowest point in decades
Seeking To Avoid Federal Shutdown, House GOP Introduces Funding Bill
Detroit Public Lighting: Dilapidated equipment, dark neighborhoods, and soaring citizen complaints
"Entire neighborhoods are in the dark for weeks, or even months at a time. Citizen complaints about street light outages are at an all-time high."
Mortgage Default Warnings Surged In August
Proposed Postal Service downsizing would slow mail delivery
Casinos multiply as states, such as Massachusetts, hunt for jobs, revenue
Housing bust might see fewer college kids
Long-term mortgage rates hit record again
Default notices up 33 percent in August
The Most Miserable Cities In America
Weekly Jobless Claims, More Poverty on the Way!

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