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News Links, September 5, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Europe faces week of challenges in debt crisis
Crunch Week Begins for Italy; Government Under Fire
Berlusconi Moves to Pass New Austerity Package as General Strike Looms
Bad News For The EU: Angela Merkel's Party Suffers Historic Loss In Regional Election
Swiss C. Bank Buys German, French Bonds: Report
El-Erian on Aug. Jobs Report, Economic Outlook (Bloomberg video)
"Grim and scary."
Dutch Statesmen Says Aide To Greece Should Be On Condition That It Leave The Euro
Sept Fed policy: Will there be $2000 gold & $45 silver?
Iceland says it was "bullied" over bank debt
Bank of England set to ignore calls for quantitative easing

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Israel's Netanyahu says won't apologize to Turkey
Philippines Hopes Sea Dispute with China Will Ease
"But Manila will continue to build its naval patrol capability, Gen. Eduardo Oban said, adding that he expects the Philippine navy to acquire a second Hamilton-class cutter from the United States next year."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Several injured in Angola anti-government rally: report
Historic rally buoys Israeli social protest movement
'Walk like an Egyptian': has the Arab Spring spawned an Israeli Summer?
Israeli army, settlers brace for West Bank unrest
Nine reported dead as unrest goes on (Syria)
Anna Hazare warns of unrest in society (India)
Hundreds of thousands protesters march in Yemen's capital amid escalated tension, 4 injured
Upset Over Long Irene-Related Power Outage, Man Allegedly Threatens To Bomb LIPA

## Energy/resources ##
China's double-edged trade with Latin America
Chinese firms take 15 pct stake in Brazil's niobium producer CBMM
Iran's first nuclear power plant connected to grid
Nuclear legacy: photos tell tale of 2 ghost towns
Oil companies 'returning to Libya'
Putin Promises Airports Fuel

## Got food? ##
Grain harvest threatened (Norway)

## Environment/health ##
New bird flu virus mutation threatens Vietnam
Saltwater imperils South Florida's drinking water supply
Katia quickly strengthens to Category 2 in Atlantic
Tropical Storm Lee Cuts Gulf Output, Soaks Louisiana

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
AP IMPACT: 35,000 worldwide convicted for terror
Terror conviction rate high in US, with questions
Feds warn of small airplane terror threats
Be afraid. Be very afraid. -- RF
Dutch study possible Iran hacking of government web sites

## Japan ##
Typhoon dumps record rain on Japan, killing 20
Azumi as Eighth Finance Chief Since 2008 Signals Japan's Eroding Influence
Hosono says all of Japan should help with Fukushima's contaminated debris
The voice of desperation. How many other prefectures will volunteer to take contaminated debris? -- RF
Shikoku Electric shuts down reactor for regular checkup
"Shikoku Electric Power Co. halted the No. 1 reactor at the Ikata power plant in Ehime Prefecture on Sunday morning for a regular three-month checkup, leaving only 11 of the nation's 54 commercial reactors in operation."
High costs a challenge to introduction of small-scale hydraulic power stations

## China ##
China's Wave of Overcapacity
China Inflation Will Stay High: Central Bank Official

## UK ##
German company involved in talks to take over NHS hospitals
Met puts 1,000 police on school mugging patrols

## US ##
Bank of America could cut as many as 30,000 jobs
Food stamp participation on the rise
California Employment Level Sinks to Record Low as Fewer Women Find Jobs

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