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News Links, September 7, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
SNB draws line in the sand to weaken franc
Gold surges 1 percent to record on growth woes
Greece may ask for second bailout to expire earlier: report
Greece Pledges to Accelerate Austerity
Greek 1-Year Bond Yield Hits 88.48%; No Comments from Trichet, ECB, or EU
UBS Declares "The Euro Should Not Exist" In A Monster Report On The Odds Of An EU Breakup
Euro Land May Face Full-on Bond Meltdown: Economist
GDP in Europe confirmed as slow growth -- 0.2%!
Uganda's Central Bank Lifts Key Rate by 2 Points to 16% as Inflation Soars
Wall Street down on Europe; bear market fears grow
West Africa Rising: Nigeria shifting currency reserves from dollars to Chinese yuan
Roubini: Slowdown Brings Forward New Crisis
Within A Generation, China Middle Class Four Times Larger Than America's (Forbes)
In a generation, there will be very few middle-class people anywhere on the planet. -- RF
Yields Converging Most in Two Years as JGBs No Longer Lowest: Japan Credit
Italy Announces Austerity Plan 2.0 As Local Protests Spread, Turn Violent
What QEIII in the US means for the Middle East
DAX Plunges More Than Other Exchanges

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Russia to Fortify Military Ties With Allies to Preempt Revolts
"Russia and six former Soviet states plan to bolster their political, law-enforcement and military alliance to protect each other from the kind of uprisings that toppled regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya."
Tijuana violence slows as one cartel takes control
U.S. pulls back from lead role in conflicts: IISS
Turkey suspends defense industry trade with Israel
Erdogan talks tough in row with Israel
Israeli General Predicts All-Out-War With WMDs
Libyan army convoys flee across Sahara carrying looted cash and gold
Forget 'A Winter Of Discontent', Israel's Eisenberg Sees 'Winter Of Radical Islam'
Reports: Obama to Keep 3,000 Troops in Iraq After December
Kurdistan Chief Calls for U.S. Troops To Stay in Iraq
More U.S. forces Down Under

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Italy strikes as race to pass austerity starts
Spain unions march peacefully against austerity
Israel defense officials: IDF fully prepared to cope with mass Palestinian protests
Electricity woes: Infuriated by power cuts, protesters turn violent (Pakistan)
"The residents of Haripur ransacked the sub divisional office of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco) on Monday and held its staff hostage after prolonged power outages."
Groups Plan To 'Occupy Wall Street,' But Their Goal Is Not Yet Set

## Energy/resources ##
Blackout days to be back, govt can't afford coal (India)
Libyan oil may be slow to rebound
"The chairman of Libya's National Oil Co. said it may take 15 months for Libya to bring its oil industry up to pre-conflict levels."
U.S. to pass Brazil as top ethanol exporter
Ethanol subsidy will likely fade with fuel seen as peaking: Marathon CEO
Global wind power potential: Physical and technological limits
"The results give roughly 1TW for the top limit of the future electrical potential of wind energy. This value is much lower than previous estimates and even lower than economic and realizable potentials published for the mid-century."

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Cable thieves cause transport chaos
"Tens of thousands of commuters suffered travel chaos when services into one of the country's busiest stations were crippled after 50 metres of signalling cable was stolen.
"The theft in the early hours of Tuesday morning near Millwall's football ground in south east London, led to widespread disruption of services into London Bridge station."

## Got food? ##
Food prices up, up and away

## Environment/health ##
Texas battles huge wildfires as hundreds of homes destroyed
Tick-borne parasite infecting U.S. blood supply, CDC says
New swine flu strain infects two more children
500 Million People Will Be Displaced By Glaciers Melting In Greenland And The Himalayas

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Energy grid: Safe from cyber attack?

## Japan ##
Japan govt to up emergency oil product reserves
Kan feared Tokyo would become uninhabitable due to nuclear crisis
60% Of Tohoku Food Firms Feeling Impact Of Nuclear Disaster: Poll
Nikkei Hits '11 Low At Close On U.S. Economy Concerns
Yen intervention failure may spur more BOJ easing
Industry chief: no nukes in future
Japan utilities to submit stress test results in a month - minister

## China ##
China Food Prices Continue Climb
Chromium pollution threatens Chinese soils

## UK ##
George Osborne to stick to austerity plans despite double-dip fears
Double-dip recession fears see £49bn wiped off shares
This is just the start. Stocks, bonds, securities... all will turn into toilet paper. -- RF
Scale of riots 'surprised police'
"Scotland Yard could train more than double the current number of officers in public order policing to cope with any future riots, police chiefs said today."

## US ##
Occupy Wall Street will lay siege to U.S. greed: 20,000 or more set Sept. 17 as start of 'American Fall' (Paul Farrell)
Even before Irene, many rural N.Y. bridges were deemed deficient
Postal Service Default: Postmaster General Pleads For Congressional Action As Bankruptcy Looms
More restaurants are targeting customers who use food stamps
Hedge Funds Increase Bets on Bear Market This Fall
National debt: The five-minute primer
Carlyle Group files for IPO
Dow headed below 10,000 as cyclical bear begins

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