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News Links, September 8, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Swiss Franc Ceiling May Not Heal Eastern Europe Mortgage Pain
Noonan Says Ireland May Cut 2012 Forecast
Where is global growth without U.S., Europe, Japan? (Jeff Rubin)
Report: Prices to stagnate as debt binge ends (Australia)
Commodities Look Set to Rocket Higher (Chris Martenson)
German court reins in Berlin on euro crisis
HSBC to Cut 3,000 Jobs in Hong Kong
Struggling Saab Files for Bankruptcy
Bank of Canada holds central rate at 1 pct
Brazil Inflation Accelerated to Fastest Since 2005 Ahead of Shock Rate Cut
The PIIGS Fleecing Of Europe Continues Even As Italy Promises To Implement Another "Austerity" Package Imminently
Dubai among world's worst performing property markets
October Rate-Cut Bet Shows U.S. Slump Spreading: Mexico Credit
Stocks Rally in Yet Another Futile "We are Saved" Trade; Greek 1-Yr Yield hits 97%, "No Blank Checks"; Gold Decouples
Making Way for the Era of Sovereign Default (Daily Reckoning)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Eleven Killed, 66 Injured in Delhi Terror Attack
25 killed, 55 injured in twin blasts in Pakistan
Mandarin to be mandatory in Sindh schools from 2013 (Pakistan)
In Monterrey, gangsters display brutality for all to see
"The gangsters in this city seem to fear no one, especially not the police. They steal and kill in broad daylight, and some of their actions are designed to instill terror."
A "third wave" of Somali pirates?
Israel: Turkey expelling 3 diplomats
Germany To Boost Defense Budget by 133M Euros

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Analysis: Desertions show unease growing in Syrian army
Syria unrest: Crackdown intensifies on city of Homs
Revolution in Iran 'a matter of time'
"Revolution in Iran is only a matter of time, Leon Panetta, the new United States defence secretary, has said as he predicted an uprising similar to those sweeping the Middle East."
The Second American Revolution is also just a matter of time. -- RF
Bahrain panel: 101 activists on hunger strike
Italy police use tear gas on austerity protesters
Tel Aviv: Social protesters clash with police
Police shoot protesters in Congo; 1 dead

## Energy/resources ##
EU Looks To Stockpile Rare Earths, Molycorp Silmet Says
Oiling Point: Syria sanctions stalled to keep fuel flowing? (RT video)
Syria hopes to sell oil to Russia, China -fin min
Saudi Arabia's water needs eating into oil wealth
Italy's ENI leads race for Libya oil deals
New York Proposes Throttle on Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling
Russia launches major new gas pipeline to Europe, bypasses Ukraine
Russia Says No Plans to Build New Atomic Stations in Iran
Will Plug-in Automobiles be a Success?
China provinces to face winter power shortages

## Got food? ##
Diesel Shortage Causes Harvest Concerns
The US should invest in farmers' markets, report says
Saudi Arabia reports 3.2% rise in August food imports
Corn, Soybean Futures Called Higher on U.S. Yield Concerns; Wheat May Gain

## Environment/health ##
Warning over global cancer levels
Tropical Storm Nate Forms off Mexico; Three Storms Now Churn in Atlantic

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Look up in the sky! It's a bird ... a plane ... a crime blimp
Data-center shutdown to cost state $500,000
"A power surge that recently shut down Washington state's internal network for several hours will end up costing the government $500,000, officials said Tuesday."

## Japan ##
Aug Bank Lending Down 0.3%; Weak Business Demand
Japan's current-account, machinery data disappoint
Japan's Key Composite Economic Index Down In July
Safety check begins on 13 idled reactors
Rice trading prices up 10 percent amid radiation rumors

## China ##
China Puts Show No Faith in Rebound Predictions

## UK ##
Downturn heightens pension crisis
"Britain faces a retirement crisis after one in six people stopped paying into to their pension in the wake of the recession, official figures have disclosed."
Childcare costs put parents in debt, survey concludes
Fee rise 'will cut student numbers'

## US ##
Obama 'to inject $300 bn' in bid to create jobs
The assumption is that future growth will pay for this, but it ain't gonna happen. -- RF
Insight: Dismal summer for teen jobs may scar young Americans
Student debts, the next big crisis that will sink the US
"The student loan debt is estimated to hit an astounding $1 trillion by end 2011, overtaking even the entire credit card debt."
Deadline looms for millions of unemployed Floridians
Texas cut fire department funding by 75 percent this year
U.S. food hardship rates still high, but hold steady
"More than 17.2 million households had difficulty feeding family members at some point last year, as the rate of "food insecurity" in the U.S. continued to hover at near-record levels, according to a report released Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture."
Gold fever sweeps the criminal underworld
Poll: Hiring conditions in slow decline
Major US Banks Forced Into New Round of Stress Tests
Big hedge funds are getting slaughtered
Consumer Spending Plunges In August

And finally...
Man dressed as Gumby tries to rob convenience store, not taken seriously
Bad Economy? A Good Time for a Steamy Affair

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