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News Links, November 1, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
China advocates Europe borrow in renminbi
Japan Pledges to Keep Buying Euro Bailout Bonds
Greece throws euro bailout into fresh crisis
"The Greek prime minister, George Papandreou, stunned Europe's leaders on Monday after he proposed that his country should hold a referendum on the landmark European debt deal reached last week."
In 2009, Greek Debt-to-GDP was 127%; Target for 2020 is now 120%; Is this Progress?
Three Out Of Four: Spain Joins Ireland, Portugal With A Gun To Its Head, Demanding Concessions
Nigel Farage Tells Judge Nap the EU Will Collapse; Revolution Coming to Greece
Must-see video. -- RF
Credit-Default Swap Risk Bomb Is Wired to Explode (Bloomberg)
Afterglow From Euro Bailout Quickly Fades for Investors
Demand For EFSF Paper Collapses As World Wakes Up To Post Bailout Hangover
Japan May Prepare Sustained Intervention
"Finance Minister Jun Azumi said in Tokyo he will "continue to intervene until I am satisfied," after yen sales yesterday that Credit Suisse Group AG analysts estimated may have exceeded $50 billion."
Debase, debase, debase. -- RF
Maruti Suzuki Profit Hurt by Labor Unrest
Qantas says industrial unrest costing $20m a week
China to hold sway at G20 Cannes summit
Businessman Gives 'Naked Truth' About Italy Crisis
Moody's Turns Moody on Europe, Sees Bailout Risks Spreading
EURUSD Retraces Entire 'Bailout' In 3 Days
German steel industry loses momentum, blast furnace closures likely
Whoa! More blast furnace shutdowns on the horizon. Shades of the 2008 crash. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Japan PM: Asia should act over China disputes: FT
"Japan: Asian countries should work together to encourage China's increasingly assertive military to obey the rules of the sea, Japan's prime minister has told the Financial Times."
Malaysia rescues hijacked tanker, barge
"Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia maritime authorities have rescued a tanker and a barge which were hijacked in the latest South China Sea pirate attacks, officials said Sunday."
US and Philippine marines hold combat drills
"More than 200 U.S. and Filipino marines staged an amphibious assault on a beach in a combat drill Sunday near a South China Sea shoal disputed by China and the Philippines."
China, others to go after "criminals" along the Mekong
"China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand have agreed to joint security operations to go after "criminal organizations" which operate along the Mekong River after 13 Chinese sailors were killed in the area this month, Chinese state media reported Monday."
America's new Middle East 'mini-Nato'
Army's Vision of the Future: Mostly Doom, Some Idiocy
Russia Eyes Bigger Role On Latin American Weapons Market
China again warns foreign oil firms on South China Sea exploration

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Egyptians protest, anger mounts over blogger arrest
"Thousands of Egyptians protested Monday in Tahrir Square, the epicenter of an uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak this year, after a prominent activist was detained by military prosecutors."
Police use bulldozers to break up Occupy Richmond
South Kordofan unrest: Sudan 'kills hundreds' of rebels
2012 Will Be A Year Of Rising Unemployment And Growing Social Unrest
Union unrest on G20 agenda
Occupy Wall Street Explained To A 5 Year Old (video)
Occupy Oakland plans general strike
Massive Rally in Lahore: Imran Khan Leads Calls for Pakistan to End US Alliance

## Energy/resources ##
'LPG shortage reaching critical levels' - DA (South Africa)
Fuel shortage on the brink of grounding OR Tambo (South Africa)
"OR TAMBO International Airport teeters on the brink of massive flight disruptions unless the crunching jet fuel shortage at the facility is resolved soon."
South Africa is feeling the energy pinch across the board: Gas, electricity, and liquid fuels. -- RF
Lack of gas deflates TNB's outlook (Malaysia)
Revolutionary New Process Turns Biomass Waste into Fuel Oil
Don't get excited. There's nothing here about the EROEI of the process. -- RF
Iron ore price slump to deepen despite Indian supply cut
Iron-ore price drop may hit Australia hard
Asia firms to buy Grande Cache Coal for $1-billion
India grapples with coal shortfalls
"Although the government aims to double power generation over the next decade, India faces a shortage of about 100 million tons of coal in the next year, The Australian newspaper reports. That's equal to more than half its power generation capacity."
Oil rises 18 pct in October
Yanbu Cement slams Saudi Aramco over fuel shortage
Cut in government subsidies threaten solar energy companies

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Metal thieves target Britain's war memorials

## Got food? ##
High and dry: Southwest drought means rising food prices
Reasons To End Factory Farming
Peanut butter prices skyrocketing
Food pantries feeling the pinch of shortages

## Environment/health ##
Why Population Matters to the environment
7 Billion Reasons Malthus Was Wrong
This essay is just plain wrong. The reason that the world population has grown this much and that cities aren't buried under horse manure is the fossil fuel bonanza of cheap, plentiful energy. It's a temporary reprieve because the ghost of Malthus is coming back with a vengeance. -- RF
Study: Climate change causing Mediterranean droughts

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Bangkok near chaos, with flood mobs and drinking water shortage
So It Turns Out The Oakland Police Were Embedded In Occupy Oakland's Camp Before Their Raid

## Japan ##
Kansai faces most severe winter power shortage -Nikkei
"Kansai Electric Power Co is facing the most severe power shortage this winter among the nine Japanese utilities that operate nuclear plants, as opposition to restarting idled reactors limits its power generation."
Japan's Shikoku sees 2.1 pct Feb power margin
Panasonic sees $5.5 billion annual loss, worst in a decade
TDK to cut 11,000 jobs worldwide
Earthquake, Tsunami, Monsoon - What's Next For Honda? Locusts?

## China ##
China's Stocks Decline, Paring Biggest Monthly Gain in Year
Halloween comes early for Chinese real estate
China's Electrical Needs Soon to Outstrip Production
OECD foresees single-digit growth for China
Hong Kong Homes Face Rising 'Negative Equity' on Sentiments, Barclays Says

## UK ##
Troops on standby for big freeze
"The Army is to be put on standby this winter as part of emergency planning measures in case of a severe freeze."
IDS: Grandparents keep society from 'collapse'

## US ##
New Police Drone Near Houston Could Carry Weapons
No Inflation? Fed Calls Food, Energy Gains 'Temporary' Despite 24-Year Rise
$100 million payout for retiring CEO
Beacon Power: Another energy loan gone bad
Europe crisis fallout: MF Global goes bankrupt
Americans Feeling Less & Less Financially Secure

And finally... Zombies worth over $5 billion to economy
I think there's yet another message here. -- RF

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