Sunday, October 09, 2011


News Links, October 10, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Merkel, Sarkozy Say Deal is Near to Stabilize Euro Zone
The first two stress tests for European Banks might have been rigged, but now we are ready to find the real truth …, with another stress test.
France, Belgium set to finalize Dexia break-up
Belgium to Nationalize Part of Dexia
Greece must default, says former PM Sir John Major
But he's mistaken if he thinks that would end the crisis. -- RF
Slovakia On Why It Votes "No" To EFSF Expansion: "The Greatest Threat To The Euro Is The Bailout Fund Itself"

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Iran's 'Jamaran' destroyer heads to Gulf of Aden
'Intelligence' sees chaos, large-scale violence in Iran

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Greek energy workers threaten strike against wage caps
Nineteen killed as Egyptian Christians, police clash
Wall Street protesters look to expand N.Y. presence
More arrests in week-long Occupy Seattle protest
"Occupy Charlotte" protests Bank of America
Central Bank protest continues (Ireland)
Damascus Roils As Protests, Violence Continue
Protesters storm Syrian embassy in Germany

## Energy/resources ##
Rs 1 lakh crore investment stuck in power sector due to fuel shortage (India)
Brace for power cuts as plants are low on coal, water (India)
PHCN to shut five power stations on gas shortage (Nigeria)
"A Nationwide blackout looms as the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) yesterday threatened to shut down five power stations. The threat followed the cut in gas supply to the stations by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)."

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Twitter suffers 1-hour outage
Chaos Computer Club: German gov't software can spy on citizens

## Japan ##
Fukushima begins child thyroid checks
Japan To Boost Oil Stockpiling To Prepare For Disasters
Cabinet sets up taskforce to deal with cyberattacks
Tohoku oyster haul plummets / Catch about 10% of usual years; wakame crops suffer similar fate
China social security pact in works
This doesn't have much of a future. -- RF
Today's photo: Radioactive wreckage of industrial civilization

## China ##
Housing, Fuel Costs Ease in China
If fuel prices decline, people will just use more. -- RF
Is Beijing ready for property-price falls?

## UK ##
Further round of quantitative easing 'possible'
Thousands to protest over reforms
Occupy Wall St. Spreads Across the Atlantic

## US ##
Clark County may go back to gravel roads
"Could you imagine paved highways going back to gravel? That's what officials are talking about in Clark County in west-central Wisconsin.
"Highway Commissioner Randy Anderson says there's no longer enough money to keep repairing Clark County's 300 miles of paved roads."
That Retirement Calculator May Be Lying to You
Just one of the ways that nest eggs are turning into goose eggs. -- RF
Corporate audit fees up? Beware of trouble ahead
"Elevated audit fees can be a red flag of problems to come for a company, say three recent academic studies that together warn about increased chances of fraud, stock price declines or financial restatements."
Deficit 'supercommittee' struggles as clock ticks
"After weeks of secret meetings, the 12-member deficit-cutting panel established under last summer's budget and debt deal appears no closer to a breakthrough than when talks began last month."
Low water level halts Seabrook N-plant
U.S. Regional Shopping Mall Vacancies Climb to Highest in Decade
People wake up to widespread power outages Saturday
Investors Lose All Hope
Sprint is running out of money

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