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News Links, October 11, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Dexia bank gets massive bailout
Egypt May Be Forced to Seek IMF Loan
Danish Bank Crisis Killing Business as Recovery Outlook Dims
"Denmark's bank crisis is taking its toll on the economy's recovery prospects as companies struggle to find lenders willing to provide loans, the Confederation of Danish Industry warned."
Dexia Common Stock Reopens For Trading, Collapses
Portugal Central Bank Warns of Fiscal Deficit Slippage and Recession; Greek 1-Year Yield Tops 150%
Berlin, Paris vow new crisis plan as global pressure builds
Euro summit delayed as deal proves elusive
Russia in Talks to Buy Spanish State Debt
Dexia Not Isolated Problem; Qatar No White Knight Savior; How Long will the EFSF Last?
Erste Group Reveals Stunner: Reports Billions In Previously Undisclosed Underwater Sovereign CDS; Who Is Next? And How Much More Is Out There?
Swiss Home Prices Surge as Low Rates Spark Risk of Bubble
'Fairy Godmother' Faith Boosting Stocks: Grant
Oman orders banks to avoid 'toxic European debt'
Europe bank rescue is not enough

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Analysis: China's military buildup: How far along is it?
Iraq's Maliki says U.S. military trainers might stay
13 Chinese sailors killed on Mekong river
"Thirteen Chinese sailors have been killed by suspected drug traffickers who hijacked their ships on the Mekong river."
U.S. officials: Libya may have lost anti-aircraft missiles
Rand studies potential U.S.-China clashes
Italian ship attacked by pirates off Somalia
Iraq capital Baghdad hit by deadly explosions
You Aren't Hearing About Pakistan's Biggest Problems
• A Dire Power Shortage
• Relentless, Devastating Floods
• Minorities Under Attack
• A Looming Fiscal Crisis

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Day two of protest outside Central Bank (Ireland)
Greek air controllers' protest delays holiday flights
Occupy D.C. protests march into second week
"Occupy Iowa" protesters arrested
Occupy Wall Street Rages On Around The World
Coal India Chairman: All Workers on Strike
Chile students plan new education protests
"Chilean students protesting for educational reform have called a new general strike, following the breakdown of talks with the government."
Clashes Spark Outrage Among Egypt's Christians
Labor Unrest Hits Maruti, Coal India Operations

## Energy/resources ##
Post oil: Electrofuels are an oil-substitute minus the eons
Like many other ideas, scaling up to power industrial civilization will prove impossible. -- RF
Seoul makes headway in oil, gas deals
"South Korea signed a deal with Tehran to help the country build an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Gulf of Oman, an Iranian official said."
Bulgarians protest shale gas plans
Amine Bouchentouf: Offshore Oil Key to Future Supplies
'OPEC likely to keep output unchanged'
Peak Silver Revisited
"Impacts of a Global Depression, Declining Ore Grades & a Falling EROI"
Power Outages Creates Havoc for Clearing Houses (Ethiopia)
Power outage in Russia's second-largest city, 20,000 in dark
Power shortage hits Capital, eases by Sunday evening (India)
"Large parts of Delhi witnessed power cuts over the weekend owing to shortage in electricity supply due to lower production by the power plants in the Capital. Long and unscheduled power cuts especially plagued parts of South and East Delhi."
Blackout Looms As PHCN Shuts Five Power Stations (Nigeria)

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
700-pound bronze pelican is stolen from a city park
Alert readers will recall that just the other day an entire bridge was stolen. -- RF

## Got food? ##
US food supply threatened: Foreign insects, diseases got into US post 9/11
Brazil Sugar Mills Shutting for Season, Earliest in 12 Years
"Sugar mills in Brazil's Sao Paulo state, which accounts for more than half the nation's cane output, started shutting for the season in late September, the earliest in 12 years, because of a smaller crop."

## Environment/health ##
Ailing Greek economy takes toll on citizens' health
"Greece's debt crisis is hitting the health of the nation hard, with the number of suicides increasing, more people turning to drugs and prostitution and rapidly rising rates of HIV infections, researchers said on Sunday."
Thailand Bolsters Defenses in Bangkok as Floodwaters Reach 'Crisis' Levels

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Problems facing Pakistan Railways Delay in trains departure, arrival keeping passengers away
To all indications, Pakistan's rail system is running fewer trains and is in disarray. -- RF
Calif. Governor Veto Allows Warrantless Cellphone Searches
DARPA Harnessing Crowd Wisdom to Develop New Perch and Stare UAVs
BlackBerry Users Across Globe Suffer Email Outages
Department Of Homeland Security Research Grant Aims to New Find Ways to Get the Public to Accept a Police State
Mitsubishi Heavy reportedly targeted by over 50 computer viruses

## Japan ##
Magnitude 5.6 quake jolts northeastern Japan: NHK
Japan Seeks New Rice Source
"Consumers Worry That Domestic Harvest Could Be Contaminated With Radiation"
Arab Countries Provided 74% of Japan's Oil Imports in August

## China ##
Not To Be Left Out, China Announces Its Own Bank And Stock Market Bail Out
Special report: China's debt pileup raises risk of hard landing (Reuters)
As Its Economy Sprints Ahead, China's People Are Left Behind (NYT)
China's urban population will swell to 800 million by 2020: report

## UK ##
Voting age to drop to 16 in Scotland
"The voting age in Scotland will be reduced to 16 under plans to maximise nationalist support for the division of Britain."
Public sector workers balloted over strike action
Public sector job losses 'worse than forecast'
"The current rate of public sector job losses is far greater than official projections and suggests total job cuts in the sector will be 50% higher than forecast, researchers say."
Forced labour investigations across Wales by Soca
"Factories, farms and hotels could be forcing hundreds of people across Wales to work against their will."
General: Britain Won't Leave Afghanistan in 2015
Winter fuel crisis on way

## US ##
US jobless epidemic masked by govt statistical shenanigans (RT video)
In reality the wheels are coming off, and it's not just Detroit. -- RF
Of course incomes keep falling because the "recession" is actually the first stage of the economy totally going down the tubes. -- RF
Another riff on the theme of not enough qualified people. -- RF

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