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News Links, October 16, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
G20 tells euro zone to fix debt crisis in eight days
"Efforts by some countries to increase the IMF's warchest to fight the crisis ran into resistance from the United States and others on Friday, burying the idea for now and putting the onus firmly back on Europe."
G20 to consider increasing IMF resources
US "Pours Cold Water" On IMF Expansion Plans, Leaves European Bailout To Europeans
Japan Sides With US In Opposing Boosting IMF Capacity
Papandreou begs Greeks to help avert "catastrophe"
Portuguese Austerity Seen Getting OK on Monday
Billionaires sail yachts through post-Lehman waters
Clouds gather over OpenSkies
"The all business class carrier business has felled too many airlines to count over the years. Now, things aren't looking great for the last player standing, OpenSkies."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Iraq Withdrawal: U.S. Abandoning Plans To Keep Troops In Country
Militants attack gate of U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan
Al Qaeda official killed in Yemen, pipeline blown up
China and Vietnam to strengthen military ties: Xinhua
U.N. says new Israel settlement plans "unacceptable"
Mexican state "left in hands" of drug gang: Calderon
"Mexican President Felipe Calderon said on Friday the eastern state of Veracruz, which has been convulsed by a wave of killings, had been "left in the hands" of the violent Zetas drug cartel."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Wall Street Protesters Arrested as Park Occupation Continues
Occupy Frankfurt: The Anti-Bankers Movement Spreads to Germany
Occupy Wall Street spirit spreads through Pacific Rim
Wall Street protests go global; riots in Rome
Rioters Hijack Rome Protests, Police Fire Tear Gas
Rome riots video
Rome protest photos
Occupy London protests in financial district
Upwards of 4,000 protestors march downtown in Occupy Vancouver
Pepper spray used at San Diego 'Occupy' protest
Hundreds turn out to 'Occupy Tokyo'
'Jobs For Justice' Rally Brings Thousands To National Mall
Syrian demonstrators urge soldiers to rise up against Assad
Qantas Will Cut 400 Flights Next Month, Ground Aircraft on Labor Strikes
Railway employees take to streets over non-payment of salary (Pakistan)

## Energy/resources ##
Acute gas shortage in winter feared: steps being taken to overcome problem, says Asim (Pakistan)
Coal shortage threatens already ailing Indian economy
Shortage of power hits 4 states as rain, strife affect coal supply
Power situation grim as more states face crunch (India)
"Shortage of power in states such as Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka Friday threatened to cascade into a pan-India crisis with coal supplies hit due to varied reasons, including rains and civil strife. Several states have been facing three-four hours of power cuts a day and the situation appeared to be worsening despite some steps to spruce up feedstock supplies announced by Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal Thursday."
Mumbai suburbs reeling under 7-hour power cuts
Water supply hit in parts of Delhi
Dubai's ENOC says heavy subsidies not sustainable

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Copper theft leaves thousands without service (Canada)

## Got food? ##
EU considering massive cuts to food aid program for poor; 18 million people could be hit
But by God there will be bailouts... -- RF
Vegetable prices shoot up in Mumbai; better rework your budget
FAO urges nations to address rising food costs

## Environment/health ##
Universities' study looks at coal mining's human cost
Mongolia abandons nuclear waste storage plans, informs Japan of decision
Drought expected to bring more dust storms to Texas

## Japan ##
Protesters March In Tokyo As 'Occupy Wall Street' Goes Global -Kyodo
Photos of Occupy Tokyo march
IAEA Report on Fukushima (PDF)
KEPCO to request electricity-saving campaign in winter
Japanese factory workers flee Thailand floods
Toyota extends Thai output halt to Oct. 22 due to flooding
Japanese firms moving production from flood-hit Thailand
Noda to brief Obama on arms exports / Relaxing ban to enable joint development
Japan, ASEAN to boost sea security
"Japan and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will pledge to promote maritime security cooperation at Japan-ASEAN summit talks in November, a move made with an eye on China's accelerating maritime activities in the region, sources said Friday."
Record number of scrambles against Chinese aircraft
"The Air Self-Defense Force scrambled aircraft a record 83 times against Chinese aircraft from April to September, reflecting more aggressive intelligence-gathering efforts by China's air force."
MSDF keeps eye in the sky over Senkaku Islands
Defense industry body target of cyber-attack
Major financial institutions play down European bond holdings

## China ##
Electricity council predicts 16-mln-kw power shortage in central China this winter
"The shortage in Hunan Province will be particularly serious, as the province's coal inventory stood at just under 1.3 million metric tons after the summer electricity consumption peak, or just slightly more than is required to fuel the province's power plants."
Chinese Housing Bubble: A Troubling Update from Beijing (PBS video)
China Continues Quick Turnaround On Corn Purchases

## UK ##
Moped riders ransack Apple store in London

## US ##
U.S. Economy Needs More Federal Spending, Yale Economists Say
I suppose these Yale economists also believe in infinite growth. -- RF
15 Facts About Military Spending That Will Blow Your Mind
Cities fret over democracy's costs as 'Occupy Wall Street' stretches on
The grim reality of life under Alabama's brutal immigration law
"In addition to the police check of 'suspicious' people, anyone failing to carry immigration papers is now deemed to be committing a criminal act."
Bank failures reach 80 for the year
Texans Face Billions in Water Works Bills as Drought Saps Perry's Economy
Fewer Americans Can Afford The Basics
'Occupy' protests swell nationwide; scores arrested

And finally... Preacher still says Oct. 21 for end of world

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