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News Links, October 18, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Greece heads for standstill before austerity vote
"Greece's two main unions, representing about half the four million-strong workforce, have promised one of the biggest strikes since the crisis began two years ago, hitting food and fuel supplies, disrupting transport and leaving hospitals run by skeleton staff."
Greece Faces 'Hellish Week' as Debt Crisis Tests Nation
Banks Ready to Kill Greek Bailout
Wolfgang Schäuble dampens hopes of swift resolution to eurozone crisis
Europe's lost decade as $7 trillion loan crunch looms (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)
Greek 'Haircut' No Threat to French Banks: Noyer
Deutsche Bank Warns France May Be Put On Downgrade Review Before Year End
Singapore Exports Fall Unexpectedly
Saudi Arabian Inflation Accelerates to Fastest Since January
Philips cutting 4,500 jobs as profits fall
Southern Europe's lost generation stuck in junk jobs
Another Weekend of Mass Layoffs
Thailand Floods Could Be A Washout For Disk-Drive Companies
Global fallout of Thai floods / Parts makers' production delays expected to last months
Cummings Inc's Incoming CEO Expresses Recession Fears - Report
Hong Kong starts trading gold in renminbi
Central Banks Sell Most U.S. Bonds Since 2007
Airline stocks decline; business travel drops
"The number of deep-pocketed business travelers flying internationally is declining as the euro-zone crisis pushes the fragile economy to the edge of recession, data from the International Air Transport Association showed Monday."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Special Report: Middle East trade under serious threat [from piracy]
Commander: Iran to Deploy Home-Made Destroyer in Red Sea
US, Philippine marines begin drills near Spratlys
China heats up stance on South China Sea
U.S. sending more contractors to secure Libya's weapons stockpile
Syria Claims More Israeli Weapons Seized
Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children
U.S. Army to Fly 'Kamikaze' Drones
US worries over China's underground nuclear network

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Protests against power tariff hike (Pakistan)
Pakistan railroad workers block trains
Schedule Of Greek Strikes For The Upcoming Week
Occupy London: Protest continues for third day
Wall Street Protests Spread to Four Continents
Occupy movement: from local action to a global howl of protest
'Occupy' protest spreads to 82 nations
Indian Nuclear Power Plant Emerging as Protest Magnet
No "Occupy Wall Street" protests for Russia: Putin
"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin defended plans to bolster social spending on Monday, telling global corporate chiefs that it would help stave off the type of protests that occurred in the United States and Europe over the weekend."
Yemen: Sanaa Protests See Worst Violence In Weeks

## Energy/resources ##
Global oil demand has never been higher, despite recent revisions
Dark Clouds Threaten Solar Makers' Future
Black market fuel (BBC video on rampant fuel theft for the black market)
Hello Cheap Energy, Hello Brave New World
Proponents of infinite growth had damn well better hope this works. I can't help wondering what the "secret catalyst" is. By the way, whatever happened to the Orbo? -- RF
EU Faces 20 Years of Rising Energy Bills
"European businesses and consumers face at least 20 years of electricity price rises, according to a leaked European Commission report on how the region can meet its green energy targets. It also forecasts a huge growth in the number of wind farms, which would push up prices even higher."
Electricity plants to close if floods threaten (Thailand)
Are Regulators And The Nuclear Industry Applying The Valuable Lessons Learned From Fukushima? (video)
Vermont Experiments in Cow Power
Sounds great, but thanks to cheap fossil fuel energy it was possible to build and maintain huge herds of cows. Here we see the same blind spot as with waste-to-energy schemes. -- RF
Analysis: Libya oil fields face guerrilla war threat
"Pro-Gaddafi fighters may resort to hit-and-run guerilla attacks against Libyan politicians, foreign workers and oil installations in the remote southwestern Fezzan district if they are driven from their last bastions, risk consultants say."
Power outage cripples south Bombay business district
"Severe power outage in the south Mumbai business district-Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade areas- on Monday grounded work in a large number of offices, including that of broking houses, insurance companies and mutual funds."
Seafood industry takes a hit in south Bombay outage
"The city's seafood industry located in Cuffe Parade suffered in multiple ways as the transformer at Machchhimar Nagar failed on Sunday: at Sassoon Dock, the biggest landing centre, the manufacture of ice was affected, cold storages began to drip water and it became impossible to sort fresh fish in the dark shed."
Crippling gas shortage (Pakistan)

## Got food? ##
More Americans than Chinese can't put food on the table
Some southern farms hit by drought AND floods

## Environment/health ##
Climate Change Spawns The Incredible Shrinking Ant
"Plants and animals are shrinking because of warmer temperatures and lack of water, researchers said on Monday, warning it could have profound implications for food production in years ahead."
World's population to reach 7 billion this month

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
US Officials Peddle False Intel to Support Terror Plot Claims

## Japan ##
Japan cities face growing radioactive ash, troubles ahead
Here we can see how even ordinary municipal solid waste incinerators are inadvertently compounding the problem. -- RF
Fukushima reactor on track for cold shutdown by year-end: TEPCO
Outlook cut amid slowing overseas
Taxpayers lost 47 bil. yen on JAL / Massive cost of airline's bailout package confirmed for 1st time
MSDF planes flying over diplomatic flashpoint Senkaku Islands every day

## China ##
China officials propose seasonal surcharge to ease power shortage
TABLE-China winter-spring power shortage forecasts

## UK ##
Cameron urges work to bring down energy bills
Energy chiefs agree bills cut
"Energy firm bosses have agreed a number of measures aimed at reducing household energy bills after a summit meeting at which David Cameron told them action was 'absolutely vital'."
Elderly patients condemned to early death by secret use of do not resuscitate orders

## US ##
Wells Fargo posts record-setting quarter in earnings
N.Y. manufacturing remains in contraction
Anti-Wall Street movement grows to dozens of cities
Some Laid-Off Wall Streeters Are Becoming Taxi Drivers And Handing Out Their Resume To Prospective Employers
For Older Job Seekers, An Even More Difficult Road
Lowe's to close 20 stores, cut almost 2K jobs
Mall Vacancies Hit All Time Record
Last gasp for Sears
Foreclosures Empty Homes, and Criminals Fill Them Up (NYT)
"The police and neighbors say those vacant homes are filling with drug dealers, addicts, prostitutes, gang members, squatters and copper thieves."
The slumification of America continues apace. -- RF
Postal union hires big guns to save service
Credit card late payments edge higher in September
Prepare for Higher Heating Bills this Winter
Noose Tightens Around Newspapers, Magazines

And finally... 13 Slogans That Got Hilarious When They Were Lost In Translation

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