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News Links, October 23, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
EU Diplomatic Source Says Worst Case Scenario Would Consume Entire EFSF, Haircut of "At Least 50%" Coming or IMF will Not Proceed
Spain, Italy under pressure as EU frames deal on bank capital
"After nearly 10 hours of talks, finance ministers overcame strong opposition from Spain, Italy and Portugal and agreed on the need to inject around 100 billion euros into European banks to protect them from the threat of a Greek debt default, and the broader risks of financial contagion in the euro zone."
Revised Troika Forecast Sees Total Greek Debt-To-GDP Peaking At 186%: Here Is What Happens Next
The Greek Haircut Could Reach 100%
Traders See 44% Default Chance Under Fernandez: Argentina Credit
Thai floods, hard drive shortage threaten PC sales
Shifts cancelled as engine shortage stalls Chrysler's Windsor Assembly Plant (Canada)
25m jobs needed to halt rise in Arab unemployment

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Crown Prince Sultan Death Starts Plans for Saudi Succession
Afghanistan to back Pakistan if wars with U.S.: Karzai
Hezbollah, Israel war imminent, both sides well prepared
"Political sources close to Hezbollah said the party has received a wide range of missiles, including 'thousands of rockets, advanced anti aircraft [weapons], long-range missiles as well as land to air and sea missiles.'"
U.S. Troop Pullout May Leave Iraq Struggling as Iran Benefits
Heavy fighting in Yemen after U.N. resolution
Left behind in Iraq: thousands of contractors
U.S. Could Send More Supplies Through Uzbekistan
China cautions against Western intervention
"China on Friday called for an 'inclusive political transition' to begin in Libya following the death of Qadhafi, but reiterated its unease over Western-backed interventions in the Arab world as calls grow for action against Yemen."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Riot police move in to Melbourne protest
Occupy Melbourne Protesters Arrested, Dragged By Police (VIDEO)
Violence flares in Yemen after Gaddafi's death
SFPD allows OccupySF to grow into a tent city
Pete Seeger, pals attend NYC protest
Biggest Challenge for Occupy Wall Street Will Be to Prevent Police Infiltrators From Provoking Violence
Mideast power brokers call for "Marshall Plan" after unrest
"Arab politicians and financiers at the World Economic Forum in Jordan called on Saturday for a huge injection of cash to narrow the inequalities that led to the Arab Spring revolts against authoritarian regimes across the region."
Second Occupy London camp forms at Finsbury Square

## Energy/resources ##
The energy trap
A very sobering essay by a physicist. If you thought we were going to continue on to a glorious technological future with solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels, you've got another think coming. -- RF
Pakistan industry remained without gas for half of FY2011
Shortage of diesel: Khyber Mail remains stranded for 13 hours (Pakistan)
"During the stoppage, hundreds of enraged train passengers staged a demonstration on the rail track and also blocked other trains."
Electricity: Crisis without end (India)
"Rolling blackouts have adversely affected many businesses dependent upon a reliable supply of electricity, and nconvenienced a large number of retail consumers.
"Last fortnight many states across the country plunged into darkness for days on end, forcing angry citizens to pile on to the streets in revolt."

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Special Report: Metal theft hits new highs across county
"The phenomenon of metal theft is now British Transport Police's second priority behind terrorism after levels of the calculated crime shot up in the last five years."
Derry metal thieves hit street lights (includes video)

## Got food? ##
Readiness Training: 8 Essential Survivalist Skills to Survive Any Disaster

## Environment/health ##
Shortage of Antimicrobials Hits Hospitals Hard
"Doctors around the U.S. are reporting frequent incidents in which the drug they prescribe for treatment of a microbial infection is not available -- forcing delays in treatment, switches to a more toxic drug, and even patient deaths."
Some media reports say that experts are baffled by this widespread and continuing North American pharmaceutical shortage, but those of us who follow the process of systemic breakdown can see collapse in action. Act now to reduce your dependence on complex systems and long supply chains. -- RF
Thai PM warns deadly floods to last weeks more
Texas Could See More Dust Storms as Record Drought Continues

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Anonymous and Antisec Attack Law Enforcement Websites

## Japan ##
Japan Cabinet OKs $158 billion extra budget
Cabinet OKs ¥2 trillion for yen crisis
Anti-nuke demonstration in Tokyo
Panasonic to scale back TV operations, cut 1,000 jobs
Flooding forces 400 Japanese plants to close in Thailand
Radiation hotspot found in residential Chiba

## China ##
China's Crippled Financial Sector

## UK ##
Cold homes will kill up to 200 older people a day, warns Age UK
"Two hundred people, most of them elderly, will die in Britain of cold-related diseases every day this winter, according to calculations by Britain's leading advocacy group for old people, Age UK."
Protests highlight severity of benefit cuts for disabled people

## US ##
EU bank failures will crash Wall Street — again (Paul Farrell)
"Worst-case scenario's closing fast: Occupy Wall Street growing. But no political power or allies yet. Feared yes, attacked by GOP proxy tea party. Soon the Occupation will explode into a new American Revolution."
Student Loan Debt Leads to Despair, Protests -- and Many Defaults
Banks in Georgia, Florida, Colorado Shut Down by Regulators, for total of 84 this year
Trust in financial system falls to 23%
Stockton, California, Warns of Possible Default on 2006 Debt
California Warns 26,000 Prison Employees That They May Be Fired
Households are paring debt: Fed's Duke
The American Nightmare: Student Debt Will Be A Long-Term Drag On The Economy
"Barely more than a third of loan holders are actively paying down their debts."
20% of Detroit in the dark, paper says
"About 20% of Detroit is without working street lights, and in some areas up to 50%, the Detroit News reports."
The new American standard of living (Daily Reckoning)
"The popolo minuto are headed for the barricades. Yes, dear reader, prepare for revolution, repression, and ruin. Buy stocks in companies that make police batons and pepper gas…prisons and window glass…drones and bandages."
'Occupy' camps provide food, shelter for homeless
Heading Into The Holiday Season, The US Consumer Is Worse Off Than Last Year
Another blowout quarter for McDonald's

And finally...
Porn video played on Wenzhou LED billboard for 10 minutes, pedestrians dumbstruck
No Word Yet From Harold Camping On Why The World Didn't End

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