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News Links, October 25, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
The Real Contagion Risk (Chris Martenson)
New bailout fund 'to increase to 1 trillion euros'
Italy, Spain May Be Biggest Losers in European Bank Capital Plan
Recapitalization Agreement Set at 108 Billion Euros; Krugman Argues for ECB Printing; Contagion Spreads to Insurance Sector
Spain Slipping on Deficit Means Chances of Contagion Increase: Euro Credit
"Spain will struggle to meet its deficit-reduction target this year as economic growth slows, threatening further debt-crisis contagion as Europe fails to erect a fail-proof firewall.
"'They will never make it,' said Ludovic Subran, chief economist at credit insurer Euler Hermes SA in Paris. 'Our September forecast sees Spain's deficit at 7 percent' of gross domestic product this year, he said, adding that the prediction was made before the nation's credit rating was cut this month."
Peripheral And Core Eurozone Yields And Spreads At Widest Since October Equity Lows
Inflation Up Globally
Europe Banks Clash With Policy Makers on Greek Rescue as Bond Losses Loom
Singapore's inflation up 5.5 per cent in Sept
Global retail theft up 6.6 percent in latest year
Vatican calls for global authority on economy, raps "idolatry of the market"
Euro Regions's Debt Quality Declines at a Record Pace: Chart of the Day
Moody's Turns Spotlight on "Austria Banks Derivatives"
Trichet Repeats Call For European Finance Ministry, Abdication Of National Sovereignty
Global woes stall Dubai real estate recovery

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Islamists claim win in Tunisia's Arab Spring vote
U.S. pulls out envoy to Syria, southern strike spreads
McCain: NATO May Have to Strike Syria
Deadly explosion hits Nairobi bus stop
Cristina Kirchner's increasingly combative Falklands stance
Asian powers scrambling for regional space
Five dead in attacks on Iraq traffic police
Panetta: US Will Keep Large Numbers of Troops Around Iraq

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
In China, self-immolations add radical bent to Tibetan protests
Latest developments in the global Occupy protests (AP)
Yemen unrest likely to worsen shortage of food --UN
Arab business forum urges reform to stem unrest

## Energy/resources ##
Mindanao's rotating brownouts dampen business as power reserves go negative (Philippines)
State-run banks stop fresh loans to loss-making power utilities (India)
World demand for gas sparks fears for supply (Australia)
Oil and the Economy (Chris Martenson)
China Sept coal imports set record at 19.1 mln T
Saudis aim to build 16 nuclear reactors to cut domestic oil use
Small fire stops Swedish nuclear reactor
Expected Price Gains in Solar Stocks are Strictly Illusions

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Action on cable theft aimed at easing rail delays (UK)

## Got food? ##
Floods in Southeast Asia May Cause Food Shortages, UN Says
Kudzu bug threatens US soybean crops
Rice Jumps Exchange Limit to One-Month High on Asia Flood Damage

## Environment/health ##
Paul Ehrlich, a prophet of global population doom who is gloomier than ever
"The population of Earth has doubled since Paul Ehrlich first warned the world that there were too many humans. Three and a half billion people later, he is more pessimistic than ever, estimating there is only a 10% chance of avoiding a collapse of global civilisation."
Bangkok floodwaters threaten central districts

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Japan cyber attackers may have military info
Doctrine to Establish Rules of Engagement Against Cyber Attacks

## Japan ##
Japanese village reconsiders nuclear power
Toyota Cutting Domestic Output Due To Thai Floods
"NAGOYA (Nikkei)--Toyota Motor Corp. (7203) said Monday that it will scale back domestic production for five days to prepare for a possible shortage of parts imported from Thailand, indicating that the massive flooding in the Southeast Asian country has started to impact automobile output in Japan."
Ghosn: 'Yen too high to compete'
"YOKOHAMA — Nissan Motor Co. President Carlos Ghosn said Monday that the yen's strength is at an "abnormal level" and indicated it could force the automaker to shift operations overseas."
Record trade deficit for first half laid to quake
Kashiwa's hot spot just one of many to come, expert says
Municipalities reluctant to host storage facilities for contaminated waste
Residents to file suit seeking halt of Tsuruga reactors

## China ##
Beijing's growing pains mirror global population boom
China Regulator Warns Of Insurers' Worsening Solvency Ratios
"SHANGHAI -(Dow Jones)- China's insurance regulator on Monday warned of domestic insurers' worsening ability to make payments to policyholders, and said it will help insurers tap the Hong Kong offshore yuan market for funds."
BlackRock Sees Slowdown of China GDP Growth
"A near doubling in the Chinese economy's reliance on credit over the past decade will prompt slower growth in coming years, risking diminished returns for investors, according to research by BlackRock Inc."
China Still Fails to Participate in Two Week Global Rally

## UK ##
Torrential rain causes flooding across UK

## US ##
US States Are Facing Total Debt of Over $4 Trillion
Government announces new program to help 'underwater' homeowners
More women falling into ranks of homeless veterans
The Defense Industrial Base: A National Security Imperative (Armed Services Committee)
Survey: Economists more bleak about US economy
The IPO market, an engine of job growth, stalls
With aging infrastructure, Verizon has trouble on the line
Palm Beach County bus system facing money shortage
"Palm Tran won't have enough to maintain system"

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