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News Links, October 3, 2001, Evening Edition

## Global economic meltdown ##
Manufacturing Slips in Australia, Taiwan and India
U.S. Manufacturing Growth Probably Stagnated
European Stocks Plunge
Euro-Zone Manufacturing Contracts
The Hong Kong Market Is Getting Creamed Right Now
Russian Manufacturing Faces 'Lasting Stagnation' After Decline, HSBC Says
German Stocks Decline on Debt, Extending Biggest Quarterly Drop Since 2002
Commodities Tumble to 10-Month Low, Extending Deepest Decline Since 2008
Law Firm Sees More Bankruptcies in Store for Freight
"At least four U.S.-listed shipping companies are likely to face restructuring or declare bankruptcy over the next 12 months as the long downturn in the freight market forces further consolidation, an industry executive told Reuters."
Globalization is dying. Plan on it. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
China gaining upper hand in friendship with Russia: report
"In the coming years, while relations will remain close at the diplomatic level, the two cornerstones of the partnership over the past two decades -- military and energy cooperation -- are crumbling."
Britain to press for sanctions against Iceland as mackerel war escalates
"Trade sanctions should be imposed against Iceland and the Faroe Islands to stop their 'reckless plundering' of stocks at risk of collapse from over fishing, the British Government will say this week."
Police find 7 bodies dumped in Pacific resort (Mexico)
Attackers storm Iraqi police headquarters

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Protesters blockade nuclear power station (UK)
Bloomberg: 'We'll See' How Long Wall Street Protests Are Allowed To Continue
Occupy Wall Street spurs copycat protests

## Energy/resources ##
Tuvalu: state of emergency declared over water shortages
Crude Oil Extends Decline From One-Year Low After Worst Quarter Since 2008
Power outage at Phoenix airport causes delays
Protracted power shortage cripples economy (Pakistan)
"A protracted power shortage in the country has crippled the economy, as it has almost brought the industrial wheel to a standstill, resultantly export targets have not been met, besides rendering thousands of industrial workers jobless."

## Got food? ##
Core Historical Literature of Agriculture
Bookmark, print, study, implement. This is a huge compendium and valuable reference site. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Millions of Bees Mysteriously Die in Florida

## Japan ##
Japan Panel Says Tepco Needs Restarts
"Without nuclear plant restarts—a move likely to be deeply unpopular with the Japanese public—Tepco faces an ¥8.6 trillion ($112 billion) funding shortfall over the next ten years, the panel said in its much-anticipated final report."

## China ##
A bitter harvest (includes photos)

## UK ##
Financial services firms 'plan job cuts'
"Financial services firms are expected to cut jobs in the next three months after recent volatility on the stock markets 'darkened the mood' in the sector, a report has said."
Tesco feels economic squeeze with worst UK sales result for 20 years
UK Treasury Fears Effects of a Euro Break Up

## US ##
Special Report: A "great haircut" to kick-start growth (Reuters)
I'll tell you now that chain-saw haircuts are coming, planned or not. And perhaps debt relief, in one form or another. But cheap energy is needed for growth. -- RF
Shortages Lead Doctors To Ration Critical Drugs
"'We're now at 213 shortages for this year,' says Erin Fox of the University of Utah, who tracks national drug shortages. 'That surpasses last year's total of 211. And it doesn't seem like there's an end in sight.'"
Breakdown of the drug-supply system just keeps worsening. And this is just one symptom of the general systemic failure in progress globally. -- RF
Falling U.S. Wages Threaten Consumer Spending
Anti-Wall Street Protests Reach 'Prime Time'

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