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News Links, November 13, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Hungary's Sovereign Debt Ratings May Be Cut to Junk by Standard & Poor's
EU Says Greek Debt to Be Almost Twice Size of Economy Next Year
The public is ignorant of Gold's worth at a time when Euro is dying
Barclays: Italian industrial production declines 4.8%; French slumps 1.7% m/m in Sept
China's Dagong May Cut U.S. Credit Rating Again If It Adopts QE3 Program
Greeks, Seeking Access to Health Care, Stuff Envelopes Full of Cash
The Eurozone Turns Down Chinese Money And Quid Pro Quo
"I Want You All Fired" Yet Another Fantastic Video from Nigel Farage, Speaking to European Parliament
"We're headed for a Europe of rebellion and violence."
IMF may ask for funds to bail out eurozone
"Japan could be asked to provide funds to the International Monetary Fund if the lender needs to mobilize additional resources to prevent the eurozone debt crisis from sparking global economic turmoil, Christine Lagarde, the fund's managing director, said Saturday."
Fearing they will be left behind, Asian nations rush into trade talks
Steel output only 40 percent of capacity (Pakistan)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Salman underlines need to boost defense capabilities (KSA)
"Newly appointed Defense Minister Prince Salman assumed office on Saturday as the country's chief of staff disclosed plans to modernize the armed forces and strengthen its combat capabilities in the face of growing challenges and dangers."
Crude oil: Iran geopolitical risks the new threat to supplies
Kidnap and piracy: ransom demands reflect rapidly spreading unrest (FT)
Silvio Berlusconi bows out after Italian MPs vote for savage cuts
N. Waziristan militant leader threatens Pakistan government
"The most powerful militant leader in Pakistan's North Waziristan border region has threatened to tear up a peace accord and turn his fighters against the Islamabad government."
The US Won't Give Germany its Gold
Syria Suspended From Arab League
Japan protests S. Korean concert on disputed isles
Another anti-Saudi plot foiled (Arab News)
"A terror cell planning attacks against the Saudi Embassy, the King Fahd Causeway and other vital installations in Bahrain has been broken up, a Bahraini Interior Ministry spokesman said Saturday."
French Air Chief: UAVs Taxing Available Satellite Bandwidth

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Maruti Suzuki Labor Unrest (India)
Officials crack down on Occupy Wall Street camps around the country (US)
Six arrested at Occupy protest (UK)
Oakland again issues eviction notice to 'Occupy' protesters

## Energy/resources ##
Fuel prices hit power units hard (India)
'Bottom of the tank' for region's diesel (US)
"A severe mismatch between diesel fuel supply and demand in Nebraska, western Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and the Dakotas may last several more weeks and eventually spill over to gasoline as well."
Long-term supply solution needed (Malaysia)
Gas supplies: Govt warms up to brace impending winter shortages (Pakistan)
Iraq: Agreement Made With Kurds on Oil Contracts
Alabbar says African venture could be worth $20bn
"UAE business tycoon Mohamed Alabbar is keen to tap opportunities in "neglected" Africa and expects his natural resources exploration company to be worth up to $20bn within a decade."
Prince Alwaleed keen to 'activate' Nigeria investments
Everybody is after Africa's resources. -- RF
Diesel shortage leads to fuel rationing (Canada)

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Call for crackdown on metal thefts (UK)
Copper sword stolen from statue at Lincoln's Tomb (US)
Leeds road in £200,000 cable theft blackout (UK)

## Got food? ##
'Honey laundering' from China through India to America
The Hidden Industrial Food System: Why Beaver Glands and Human Hair May Be a "Natural" Part of Your Food
Corn-harvest estimate cut after Midwest heat wave

## Environment/health ##
Climate change threatens drop in grain harvest (China)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Verizon Wireless Service Has Brief Overnight Outages

## Japan ##
Japan Fukushima Reactor: Eight Months After Nuclear Disaster, Plant Remains In Shambles
Eyewitness report - inside the wreckage of Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor
Explosion at Fukushima plant's No. 4 reactor caused by hydrogen backflow: TEPCO
Radioactive cesium spread as far as Gunma-Nagano border
Trading houses grab foreign natural resources
"Japanese trading companies are taking advantage of the soaring value of the yen to invest in foreign natural resources."
Panasonic plans to slash jobs, semiconductor output
"Panasonic Corp. said Nov. 10 that it plans to cut about 1,000 jobs by the end of March 2012 at its five semiconductor plants in the nation through an early retirement program."

## China ##
Power shortages on the way (China Daily)
"So far this year, China Datang Corp, a leading electricity producer that owns four publicly traded subsidiaries, has recorded a deficit of 3 billion yuan, and that figure is likely to climb to more than 4 billion yuan over the whole year, an unnamed company source told the China Economic Times.
"The source said the group is heading for its worst loss since 2008. Meanwhile, 67 percent of Datang's coal-fired plants are in the red, with 30 of them on the verge of bankruptcy."
Oil Riches Languish on China's Doorstep
'Naked marriages' on rise in China
"As costs soar in the cities, more couples in China are opting for 'naked marriages' - those without the once-required trappings of a house, a car, and other goods."

## UK ##
Two-thirds support social networking blackout in future riots
If the eurozone implodes, Britain will go with it

## US ##
During a Drought, Texas Farmers Face a Severe Hay Shortage
Feds use more unmanned aircraft to secure border
Super Committee Could Give Markets a Super Headache
Rockford, Ill., Shuts Off Streetlights To Save Money
Collapse could happen, literally, overnight (book review)
Poor Sick People: U.S. Offers Raw Deal for the Unhealthy
"If you're very sick and not very wealthy in America, your best move may be to just flee the country."

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