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News Links, November 20, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Euro Area Is Running Out of Options to Fix Crisis, Finland's Katainen Says
Greek bailout deal hits new obstacle: reports
Greek "Unity Government" Effectively Collapsed Already; Showdown Underway; New Democracy Party Wants Rollbacks on Austerity Measures
There's No Getting Around It, Germany Is Taking Over Europe
Germany tightens the screw on 'isolated' Britain as tensions soar
Eurocrats threaten strike as eurozone faces disaster
"Brussels bureaucrats have been criticised for threatening strike action to protect generous pay and conditions just as the European Union is embroiled in the eurozone crisis."
Seven banks sued over MF Global collapse
If Someone In Europe Owes You Money, You Must Find A Copy Of This Report
European Stocks Decline for a Second Week in Three as Debt Crisis Spreads
Either the ECB Prints and Germany Walks… or the EU Sees a Domino Debt Collapse Followed by Systemic Failure
Asia awaits data from Japan, China
Malawi Government is broke but blames it on tax evasion
"Reports are widespread of rationing and delay of salaries in some departments, failure to pay civil servants allowances, shortage of stationery and grounding of vehicles, among other signs of trouble in government finances."
Looming skills shortage in the Australian workforce over the next decade

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
U.S., China face off over sea dispute
China rebuffs U.S., Asia pressure in sea dispute
China Denies Impeding Asian Maritime Trade
Philippines Urges Action on China's Maritime Moves
Death toll rises in Syria despite Arab League deadline
Hijackers take two boats, hostages, off Nigeria: sources
Spanish Right heads for biggest election victory in decades
Killings triple in once touristy Acapulco
Afghan National Assembly Endorses Long-Term Security Deal With U.S.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Egypt riot police drive out protesters
One dead, more than 600 hurt in Cairo clashes
Bahrainis protest death of youth hit by police car
Occupy UK converges on London
Occupy protests spread to US college campuses

## Energy/resources ##
Pakistan - Textile mills output falls 35%
West Nile power shortage brings business to standstill (Uganda)
Prospects Appear to Dim for EU-Backed Gas Pipeline
India will explore oil in South China Sea: PM to Jiabao
Norway mobilises for oil push into Arctic
"NORWAY unveiled a 20-year plan to unlock offshore Arctic oil and gas resources and channel them to worldwide markets, a project the foreign minister said may cost billions of dollars and bring rivalries over Arctic resources to a head."
The Energy Return of Norwegian Oil and Gas Production
Higher investments for diminishing returns. And the article notes, "There are few oil and gas resources today with such a favorable EROI." Which means that the situation is worse in other places. -- RF
Alberta truckers frustrated with diesel shortage
Reportaaz presents "Coal and power shortage chaos in Maharashtra" (India)
"Thermal power plants are unable to produce a sufficient amount of steam needed to generate electricity. From private companies to the common man, everyone is suffering from power cuts."
Hard hitting fuel rationing on card (India)
Oil Industry Faces Worker Shortage, Maurel CEO Tells Investir
Zambia steps up power rationing

## Got food? ##
Urea shortage may slash wheat output by 30% (Pakistan)
Food Shortage at Salvation Army for Thanksgiving 2011
"If you've been wondering if there are people that need help this Thanksgiving season, you can assure yourself that there is a need. All over the United States Salvation Army food storage is low on supplies. There is a food shortage at Salvation Army in every corner of the United States and they need your donations and help."

## Environment/health ##
Reno fire expands to over 2,000 acres

## Japan ##
Thai floods ripple through global supply chain, hitting Japan hard
23 prefectures reluctant to help Tohoku dispose of disaster debris
Aerial view of tsunami zone: cleaner but barren
Japan, South Korea eye joint LNG purchases
Japan to Import Venezuelan Crude Oil, Boost Reserves of Petroleum Products

## China ##
Chinese Real Estate Agents Going Out Of Business

## UK ##
Boris Johnson warns that David Cameron's 'bazooka' plan will wreck democracy in EU
"Boris Johnson today sparks a fresh clash with David Cameron by declaring that the Prime Minister's preferred solution to the eurozone crisis would end up wrecking democracy and creating a German-dominated Europe."
Homes sell-off 'won't solve crisis'
Switch-off for noisy wind farms
"Wind turbines are being turned off during periods of high wind in case they become too loud."

## US ##
U.S. banks should "undermine" Occupy protestors: memo
"The Occupy Wall Street movement is a big enough problem for U.S. banks that they should pay for opposition research into the political motives of protesters, said a firm that lobbies for the industry."
Airline travel: life in first class is getting cushier (but not back in steerage)
Six days left: Slowly, for super committee, failure is becoming an option
NYC agencies spend nearly $1 billion more than planned
Fed's Williams: Fiscal Aid 'Badly Needed'
UPS ups rates
Tough Economy Takes a Surprising Toll on Babies

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