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News Links, November 21, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
European Black Swan Sighted
Greek PM heads for Brussels to try to secure cash
Run from debt to cash sparks sell off
Buyers Of Last Resort: As Dumping Accelerates, Here Is Who Is Stuck Buying Another €741 Billion In Italian Bonds
EU Paper Offers Options for Issuing Common Euro Bonds
Anger rises as MF Global clients see billions frozen
Will Cameron Sell UK Down the River for Worthless Promises? German Finance Minister Says UK will Join the Euro, Financial Transaction Tax Needed; Two-Speed Europe and the Clutches of France
Dubai retailers struggle as mall rents pinch

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Iran tests passive radar in aerial drill: commander
Arab League deadline for Syria passes, as 24 more reported killed

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Army, police charge Egypt protesters who vow to stay
"Police backed by the army used batons and teargas on Sunday to charge protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square demanding Egypt's ruling generals swiftly hand power to civilians, in some of the worst violence since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak."
Thousands of Moroccans call for election boycott
"Thousands of Moroccans protested in cities across the country on Sunday calling for a boycott of a parliamentary election later this week which they say will not be truly democratic."
Swiss party calls for "Occupy" from igloos at Davos
"A Swiss youth party called on activists on Sunday to stage an 'Occupy' World Economic Forum protest from igloos when the global elite descend on the ski resort of Davos for their annual meeting in January."
Protest flares in east Afghanistan against U.S. deal
Insight: Tibetans in China seek fiery way out of despair
Animal feed factory in Britany France occupied
Occupy Cardiff sets up new camp at Transport House
VIDEO: After Pepper-Spraying, A Powerfully Silent Protest At UC Davis (includes video of original incident)
Officers in Pepper Spray Incident Placed on Leave
The Unlikely Outposts of Occupy Wall Street
"Banned from Zuccotti Park, but coming to a resort town near you"

## Energy/resources ##
Saudi to cap its oil production output
"A top executive of Saudi Arabian Oil Company said his country does not plan to increase its oil output to 15 million barrels a day, from its already 12 million capacity."
Wind energy creating a problem with military and weather radar
Oil refinery in Yemen stops operation; lack of raw materials cited
'84 days of power interruptions expected by 2014' (Philippines)
Nigeria may never have stable power supply —Minister
Cold Weather causes Power Outage in Minot
"This colder weather is causing more problems for people in Minot. A blown transformer led to a massive power outage in FEMA trailers."

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Parishioners forced to sleep in church targeted by copper thieves (UK)

## Got food? ##
U.S. Country-of-Origin Food Labeling Rules Illegal, WTO Says
Support your local farmers! -- RF
Droughts wreaking havoc on local hay growers, buyers (US)
Now, private dairies to increase milk prices (India)
"With the power tariff expected to go up soon, the dairies say they have no option but to increase prices as the cost of chilling and processing milk would also escalate."
Food costs soar as Thanksgiving looms (US)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
The Twilight of Copyright?
Alleged Al Qaeda Member Charged With Bomb Plot

## Japan ##
European debt crisis, natural disasters rock nonlife insurers
"One of the country's three big nonlife insurers posted a group net loss and the other two a drop in group net profits for the first half of the current fiscal year."
Utility Reform Eluding Japan After Nuclear Plant Disaster
"In a direct act of rebellion against Tokyo Electric Power Company, which owns the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the local government in Tokyo is moving swiftly to build a huge natural gas facility that would generate as much electricity as a nuclear reactor."
Unfortunately, the prescription is not what the doctor ordered. -- RF
Gov't review panel says Monju reactor sucking up too much public money
They needed a review panel to find that out? Monju has been a boondoggle from the get-go. -- RF
Japan takes stand in S. China Sea row
No-entry zone cleanup begins / Many challenges loom in 1st decontamination efforts in area
Sewage sludge keeps piling up amid radiation concerns
Japan swings to surprise trade deficit in October

## UK ##
Transport firms 'see gloomy future'
Nearly 50,000 NHS jobs 'under threat'

## US ##
High End New York Apartment Prices Tumble With Wall Street Layoffs
Older, Suburban and Struggling, 'Near Poor' Startle the Census (NYT)
Report: J&J's Doxil shortage could continue
"Cancer patients relying on Johnson & Johnson's drug Doxil could continue facing shortages after a contract manufacturer suspended operations at its Ohio plant, according to The Wall Street Journal."
Why the Brutal Police Tactics at Occupy Protests? (Forbes)
Goodbye Super-Committee, Hello Stupor-Committee: It's Official - "No Agreement"

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