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News Links, November 5, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
No new euro zone money for debt crisis at G20
Former Bundesbank President Weber Warns Germany Will Be On The European Bail Out Hook For Up To 314% Of Its GDP
Global recession grows closer as G20 summit fails
If Greece leaves the euro, it'll be a failed state in minutes
Ireland Plans $17B of Austerity
Italy government hangs by thread as coalition crumbles
Italy accepts IMF monitoring, EU looks for support
Italian Bond Yields and Spreads at Euro-Record High; Massive and Growing 2-10 Inversion a Sign of Pending Portuguese Implosion
Cash-poor Portugal raises $1.7 bln in debt auction
Behind The Scenes European Panic As Interbank Liquidity At Worst Level Ever
Will Ontario housing soon be priced completely beyond reach?
Bank Transfer Day: Occupy-backed assault on big banks gaining steam
Central Banks Quietly Accumulating Gold - Declared Purchases of 206 Tons Through September 2011
Canada Loses Most Jobs Since 2009 as Jobless Rate Rises to 7.3%; Meaningful Miss Sends Loonie Lower
Turkish Inflation Surges on Lira Slide, Challenging Bank
Venezuela's Inflation Rate Rises at Fastest Pace in 7 Months
HSBC Customers Impacted By "Worldwide Meltdown" Of All Retail Services
Not With A Bang, But A 28% Annualized Decline: Charting The End Of The German Manufacturing Miracle
Abu Dhabi's vision dims amid Dubai-like property slump

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Greece's prime minister survives confidence vote
Syrian forces kill 19, government offers amnesty
Israeli PM orders investigation into Iran leak
"Kuwaiti paper says Binyamin Netanyahu believes the heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet may have leaked plans for attack"
IAEA report to point to military work-diplomats
"A U.N. watchdog report on Iran's nuclear programme next week is expected to include evidence of research and other activities which make little sense if not weapons-related, Western diplomats said on Friday."
Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans
CIA Drones Kill Large Groups Without Knowing Who They Are
It's long been known that drones hardly ever kill bad guys. -- RF
U.S. Reins in Drones Over Diplomatic Concerns
Democracy Is Tolerated Until It Threatens Global Markets
New US War in Africa Indicates a Shift into the Shadows

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Ordinary Greeks are taking matters into their own hands
In Bangkok, Residents' Anger Rises With Floodwaters
Bahrainis clash with police at funeral
Sit-down protesters demand scrapping of nuclear power policy (Japan)

## Energy/resources ##
Texas electric rates expected to climb over next two years
Cold Fusion and Rossi's E-Cat - The Story So Far
Peak Oil: Why We Need To Plan Now
Int'l Energy Agency forecasts $212 oil price by 2035
China credit squeeze hits coal prices
"Chinese private traders' struggle to open letters of credit during the past three weeks has been the primary cause of the 8 percent fall in coal prices seen since the start of October, producers and traders said on Thursday."
Shortage of diesel causing headaches for Alberta trucking companies (Canada)
Nation has to face gas shortage in winter, says Asim (Pakistan)

## Got food? ##
Food shortage forces charity to turn people away
Global food prices may go by up to 50%: UNDP report

## Environment/health ##
Floods encroach deeper into Bangkok, risk subway
Northwest Italy floods kill 6; Genoa awash in mud

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
"Chaos," if city water supply cut (Bangkok)
EU, U.S. Conduct Cyber Attack Exercise
Practical Steps for Creating a Self-Sustainable Home

## Japan ##
Toyota, Honda May Not Recover Output Until '12
Thai floods hit high-tech firms / No indication when work could begin to restore industrial parks
S&P puts Sony on negative credit watch
Tepco Now Under Virtual State Management
Tepco logs ¥627 billion first-half loss over crisis
Canon To Cut Sales Goals As Economies Sour: Chairman
TPP debate boils down to clash between business, farm sectors
"In Tokyo's upscale Ginza district where consumers shop for their handbags and smartphones, furious farmers drove their tractors down the main street last week to protest Japan joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade pact."
Lightning is nemesis of windmills, threatening Japan's renewable energy campaign
Power-saving campaign to shorten illumination periods

## China ##
Second Tibetan nun burns to death in China
China's Overwhelming Demand for Resources

## UK ##
Households Planning To Ration Their Energy Use To Save Money
"To try and save money the vast majority of households will be rationing their energy use this winter, with some turning the heat off altogether."
SAS squads based in riverside bunker for London Olympics
"SAS squads will be based in a secret riverside bunker by the Thames for the London Olympics to combat terrorist threats more effectively."
Anger at Tata steel job losses
More parents 'enrolling young children in boarding schools'
"Rising numbers of young children are being sent to boarding schools as recession-hit parents are forced to work longer hours in the downturn, it emerged today."

## US ##
Bank dumping days begin
More Small Businesses Are Pulling Their Accounts Out Of Big Banks
Credit unions add 650K members ahead of 'Bank Transfer Day'
Bank of America Plans Stock Swap to Cut Debt
U.S. military group urges slash in oil use
Jobs Report: 'Things Are So Bad That This Looks Good'
US Needs To Generate 262,500 Jobs Monthly To Return To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term
About that jobs report... -- RF
Latest airline fare increase seen failing
More than half of Florida homeowners in default are 2 years overdue
'I'm home!' Adult children move back in
'Devastating' cuts if super committee fails

And finally... Watch A Guerilla Artist Hanging A Banker Dummy On A Miami Highway

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