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News Links, December 14, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Eurozone banking system on the edge of collapse
"The eurozone banking system is on the edge of collapse as major lenders begin to run out of the assets they need to keep vital funding lines open."
Greece Apparently Even Worse Off Than Realized, Hitting Euro, Stocks
Greek Bank Run Hits Record: Unprecedented €6.8 Billion In Deposits Pulled From Greek Banks In October
Europe Gets Austerity, But With Few Signs Of Growth
Mega Fail: 17 Signs That The European Financial System Is Heading For An Implosion Of Historic Proportions
Malawi's industrial downsizing increases, commodity rationing begins
Today Malawi, tomorrow the OECD countries. -- RF
Value of UAE's stalled construction projects hits $958bn
Austrian Banks Facing Payback as Hungary's Debt Slaves Revolt
Dollar crunch intensifying (Bangladesh)
"The banks are unable to open letters of credit (LCs) for the businessmen. Because of heavy import of fuel oil by Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) for the quick-rental and rental power stations, the public sector commercial banks are finding it difficult to foot the import bills. The central bank has been releasing dollars to meet their import payment obligations. This is creating pressure on the country's foreign exchange reserves."
Study: 52M live in poverty in Mexico
S&P Warns Of Increased Corporate Bond Downgrade Risk Following Sovereign Action
Which Country Defaults Next? (Japan)
Analysis: France's Inflation Boosted By Costlier Food, Energy

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
China invited to set up anti-piracy base in Seychelles
"The Seychelles has invited China to set up a base to counter piracy in the region, the Seychelles' Foreign Affairs Minister has announced. The Seychelles hosts anti-piracy forces from other countries, including the United States and India."
U.S. Drone Crashes in Seychelles
CIA's Drone War In Pakistan Will Use Afghan Bases
Nigeria: Pirates Attack Marine Police Team, Kill Three, in Bayelsa
Syria death toll hits 5,000 as insurgency spreads
Syria crisis: UN divisions deepen as death toll rises by another 1,000 in just 10 days
Chinese premier Wen to visit Myanmar, sources say
Singapore Air Force stages complex war game in Arizona
Israeli military base attacked by Jewish extremists in West Bank
"Attack came hours after settlers stormed monument as some say 'homegrown terrorism' is now greatest threat to security."
US halts $700 million in aid to Pakistan, demands action on Taliban bombs
Strait of Hormuz threat rattles oil markets. Time to sell?
Ross: Obama won't hesitate to use force against Iran

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people ##
Beyond the Rhetoric: The Complicated, Brief Life of Occupy Boston
Inside Wukan: the Chinese village that fought back
"Although China suffers an estimated 180,000 "mass incidents" a year, it is unheard of for the Party to sound a retreat."
Syria role in Bahrain unrest
Anger mounts in S. Korea-China fishing dispute
Our decade from hell will get worse in 2012: Market crash, political gridlock, revolution, new class wars
Italy Unions Strike Over Crisis Plan
Is the Pentagon out to stifle the Arab Spring?

## Energy/resources ##
Lights out: The coming Dark Age of India
CNG closure: another misery (Pakistan)
"AFTER electricity loadshedding, the government has added to the misery of the people by resorting to gas loadshedding."
Power restored to most parts of north island (New Zealand)
"Some 200,000 homes and businesses from Cape Reinga to Wellington lost their power about 12.30pm after a problem at the Huntly power station forced a partial shutdown of the grid."
Old Oil Depletes, And the New Oil is Slow (Gregor Macdonald)
Here's a good article if you're unfamiliar with the growing gap between production and discoveries. -- RF
Imminent EU Report to Back Construction of 40 New Nuclear Power Plants by 2030
Fuhgettaboutit. They will never be built. -- RF
Oil Surges on Speculation of Iran Disruption
Explosions rock oil pipeline in southern Iraq
"Iraqi officials said two large explosions have damaged an oil pipeline in southern Iraq and set off a huge blaze."
Fresh fuel shortages likely amid subsidy standoff (UAE)
Power Quest: Brazil Works to Wipe "Blackout" From the Lexicon

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Metal thieves strip street lights

## Got food? ##
Million children face starvation in Sahel
Food shortages worry Venezuelans
Food shortage at Salvation Armys across Bay Area

## Environment/health ##
Mystery kidney disease in Central America
About 500,000 exposed to WTC attack toxics
Mystery disease strikes arctic seals
In Brazil, Oil Boom Brings Environmental Worries

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Google chairman says online piracy bill would 'criminalize' the Internet
Malware creeping into portable documents
"Several corporate sources confirmed defense organizations were targeted in the attacks which appeared to be well-funded and could come from an unknown country or corporate entity."
179 journalists jailed worldwide
Your face is being tracked
"Across the Web and around the world, your face is being detected and recognized. Here are 6 of the more prominent examples."

## Japan ##
Govt Official: Bought 13% Of Short-Term EFSF Debt In Latest Sale
"Japan has purchased EUR260 million in the latest sale of short-term debt by the European Financial Stability Facility, equal to 13% of the total, a Japanese government official said Wednesday."
Evacuations too late outside no-go zone
"Residents near the Fukushima No. 1 plant may have been exposed to up to 19 millisieverts of radiation during the first four months of the nuclear crisis, the Fukushima Prefectural Government said Tuesday."
High radioactive cesium levels found at Tokyo school
"Radioactive cesium more than 10 times the standard for waste disposal has been detected on lawn covers that had been placed in a schoolyard from mid-March until early April at Horinouchi Elementary School in Tokyo's Suginami Ward."
BOJ to inject additional $4.7 billion into money markets
Japan uses 200,000 bpd more crude for power in Nov
Japan's Nippon Steel shuts 136-MW coal-fired plant

## China ##
China detains two for 'spreading rumour' on web
China's Deserted "Fake Disneyland"; Shanghai Prices Down 40% from Peak, Inventory Clogs Market; Pollyannas Proven Wrong; Implications for US Dollar

## UK ##
Kirklees Council to switch off 2,000 street lights
Police to test laser that 'blinds rioters'
Mary Portas warns high streets could 'disappear forever'
Child poverty 'to rise for years,' says social mobility advisor Alan Milburn

## US ##
Existing home sales to be revised lower
"If you thought the U.S. housing market couldn't get much worse, think again."
So Much For A "Record Black Friday": November Retail Sales Miss Big
Breckenridge to turn off more street lights
CA Revenue Shortfall to Trigger $1B of Cuts
New Study: With Giant Pension Debts, California Is Screwed
Homeless children at record high in US. Can the trend be reversed?
Cop Killing On The Rise Nationwide, Protesters Blamed
21st Century Postal Service Act: Senators Propose Beer, Wine Delivery To Generate Revenue
Suspend habeas corpus and enact martial law?
As Disenchantment With Idiocy Surges, Ron Paul Support Soars
The Fed and Bankers Cannot Be Trusted: Dick Bove

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