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News Links, January 15, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
German Five-, 30-Year Yields Drop to Records on Europe Crisis
Merkel vows faster eurozone reform after S&P downgrades
Der Verkauf Ist Verboten - Germany Considers Ban On Sovereign Bond Sales
Merkel Wants Higher Taxes, Deeper Cuts, Faster Reforms; S&P Says Eurozone Policies Fall Short , France at Risk of Further Downgrades
Q4 Spanish Unemployment Soars By Most Since Lehman, Hits "Astronomical" 23.3%
Economic 'winter' threatens Tunisia's spring
Tyler Durden and Paul Krugman agree! – The EU is toast!

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military/war drums ##
Russia: Attack on Iran a 'Direct Threat to Our Security'
"Speaking today at a press conference in Brussels, outgoing Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin warned against a NATO attack on Iran, saying that Russia would view any military attacks as a 'direct threat to our security.'"
US 'concerned' over possible Israel strike on Iran
"The US government is concerned that Israel is preparing to take military action against Iran over US objections, and has stepped up contingency planning to safeguard US facilities in the region, The Wall Street Journal reported."
Iran says it has evidence U.S. behind scientist's killing
Iran sends rare letter to U.S. over killed scientist
ElBaradei pulls out of Egypt presidency race
"Mohamed ElBaradei pulled out of the race for the Egyptian presidency on Saturday, saying 'the previous regime' was still running the country which has been without a head of state since Hosni Mubarak was deposed last year."
Suicide bomber kills 15 in attack on Iraqi Shi'ite pilgrims
US holds highest contacts so far with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, shunned when Mubarak ruled
Qatar's emir suggests sending troops to Syria
'Dangerous Cargo' Ship Arrives in Syria: Source
"A Russian ship suspected of carrying munitions for Damascus arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus on "Jan. 11 or 12," shipping expert Mikhail Voitenko said."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
2,000 protest against nuclear power in Yokohama
Nigeria megacity shows signs of strain amid strike

## Energy/resources ##
Nigeria labor says no agreement to end fuel strike
"Nigeria's government and labor unions failed Saturday night to end a paralyzing nationwide strike over high gasoline costs, potentially sparking an oil production shutdown in a nation vital to U.S. oil supplies."
Saudis have 2.5m barrels spare oil capacity, PFC says
Saudi oil output 'stretched to the limit'
EU May Impose Sanctions In Stages To Iran Oil Embargo: French Minister
"When Europe imposes an embargo on Iranian oil imports, some nations in the region may be granted extra time to find alternative supplies, France's minister of foreign and European affairs, Alain Juppe, said in an interview with The Nikkei on Friday."
China Rivals Global Leaders for Oil Shipments: Chart of the Day
Coal shortage forces DVC to go slow on capacity expansion (India)
Why biofuels are not a good idea
"The efficiency of photosynthesis is low and the result is that the areas needed for cultivation are large. If we are thinking of amounts of biofuels comparable to the present needs for transportation, the task is simply unthinkable: there would be no space left for food production."
Weak Coal Demand Driving Fear
"US coal miner Patriot Coal Corp. (NYSE: PCX) said this morning that it was closing three of its contractor-operated coal mines and two production units in West Virginia 'in response to weaker market demand for metallurgical coal.'"

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Police seize 1,000 beer kegs in London
"About 1,000 beer kegs worth more than £100,000 have been seized by police tackling metal thieves."

## Got food? ##
Are You Growing Any Food Indoors This Winter?

## Environment/health ##
Cancer drug shortage (Australia)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Decision on expanding cyber defense pilot due in March
Rep. Smith Waters Down SOPA, DNS Redirects Out
The White House Comes Out Against SOPA

## Japan ##
Noda Says Japan Must Heed Lessons of Europe Credit Downgrades
IMHO, it's already far too late. I've strapped myself in for a rough ride. -- RF
Japan to Continue Dialogue With Iran
"Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said Saturday that Japan will continue its dialogue with Iran despite increasing pressure to join sanctions proposed by the U.S. and Europe, saying its ties with Iran go beyond oil imports."
Spike in oil prices loom due to Iran sanctions
First contingent of GSDF engineers leave for South Sudan
Anti-nuke energy conference starts in Yokohama
All 3 nuclear reactors in Shikoku suspended
"Operations at all three nuclear reactors in Shikoku have been suspended as the last one was stopped for a regular inspection on Jan. 13."
JAXA to get national security role; NASA password leaked
"A government panel on space program strategy plans to revise a law to allow the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency to step outside its current commitment to peaceful projects and become involved in the use of space for national security."

## China ##
China Pledges to Stabilize Imports, Exports as Global Trade Growth Slows
"China will take measure to stabilize its exports and imports as slowing global growth creates a 'grim situation' for trade, said Zhang Xiaoqiang, a vice chairman at the nation's top economic planning agency."
Growth in new cars sales in China running near empty

## UK ##
Cameron urges Saudis to turn on the oil taps
Tax revenues in Britain hit records
"Income tax revenues reached a peak, as Britain has increased various tax rates to make up for falling revenues during the recession."

## US ##
Made in America: Trend against outsourcing brings jobs back from China

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