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News Links, January 23, 2012

## Global economic meltdown ##
Australia Roundup: Oceanfront Homes for 65% Off; Chain Sales and Contingent Offers; Retailers Brace for More Job Cuts; Cusp of a White-Collar Recession (Mish)
Greek Debt-Swap Accord 'Coming Into Place'
Korean Shipyards to Buy 12% Less Steel as Slump Hits Posco
Offshore plants, LNG ships may save Korean shipbuilders in 2012
Reuter update on output cuts by major steelmakers in Europe
"European steelmakers have announced several production cuts in the face of weaker demand and more furnaces are likely to be idled in coming months. Some producers have announced restarts and even an expansion, but curtailments are likely to dominate as consumers prefer to run down their stocks in an uncertain economic environment."
Norsk Hydro Restricts Production at its Aluminium Facility in Australia
"In response to the economic slowdown, low metal prices and a weak market, Norsk Hydro has announced that it will stop one of its production lines at its facility located in Kurri Kurri in Australia."
Taiwan Industrial Production Declines More Than Expected
U.S. industrial pop may be just that
Russia's Norilsk plans production cut in 2012 - CEO

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iraq risks slipping into authoritarianism: rights group
"Iraq risks sliding back towards authoritarian rule with Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's security forces cracking down on protests, harassing opponents and torturing detainees, a U.S.-based human rights monitor said on Sunday."
Rasmussen: NATO No Threat to Russia, Kaliningrad Shield a 'Waste'
Iran Sanction Bill Exempts BP Project
"British and European Union officials have convinced some U.S. lawmakers to ensure that any new sanctions against Iran exempt a BP PLC-led natural-gas project, as Western governments try to isolate Tehran without harming their own energy security.
"The $20 billion project in the Caspian Sea off Azerbaijan is seen as key to alleviating Europe's dependence on Russia as its largest supplier of natural gas."
Saudi Arabia to withdraw Arab League monitors from Syria
Nigeria's deadliest terror attack kills at least 178
Nigeria sectarian violence shows no signs of abating
US to keep 11 aircraft carriers to show sea power
"Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told sailors aboard the country's oldest aircraft carrier that the U.S. is committed to maintaining a fleet of 11 of the formidable warships despite budget pressures, in part to project sea power against Iran."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protesters ordered off city parks (New Zealand)
Romanian anti-government protests enter 10th day
Syria unrest spirals out of control
Coldiretti Estimates 50 Mln Euro Damage For Trucker Strike (Italy)
"(AGI) Rome - The damage caused to the agro-food sector by the Sicilian truck-drivers' week-long strike amounts to 50 mln Euros."
Villagers hold protest against shortage of basic amenities in Kinnaur, Himachal (India)

## Energy/resources ##
Aluminium's energy nightmare (India)
Australia's LNG boom fizzles as costs, competition bite
The peak oil crisis: cold fusion update
Greece Pushes Back Against Cutting Off Iranian Oil Imports
"The economies of Greece and other struggling EU countries would be harmed with the US-led sanctions on Iran"
Fuel crisis continues, despite state TV report of Cairo letup (Egypt)
Fuel oil assistance program runs dry (Canada)

## Got food? ##
Explosive growth expected for global agri-chemicals market
Intolerable Stench: Confronting the Threat of Industrial Pig Farms (Germany)
Argentina Corn, Soy Forecasts Cut on 'Disastrous' Drought

## Environment/health ##
U.S. craving for energy drives wildlife toward extinction: Report
China reports second bird flu death in a month

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Europe to issue tough new data-protection rules soon

## Japan ##
Tokyo Steel may cut output in Kanto on Tepco power price hike
'Radiation divorce' enters Japanese vernacular
Concentrations of radioactive substances in the air falling quickly
Sony considering moving battery production from Japan to abroad

## China ##
Senkakus are 'core interests': China
"Japanese government officials are weighing China's intent after the People's Daily, the newspaper of the Communist Party, called the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea part of Beijing's 'core interests.'"
China's crude imports from Saudi surge
"China's crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia rose to 1.12 million barrels per day in December, the fourth-highest on record on a daily basis, Chinese customs data showed, as the world's top oil exporter pumped just under the 10m bpd mark."

## UK ##
Eight City banks in £1.8m pay spree
Fruit and vegetable consumption by poorer families falls 30%, figures show
"Rising food prices and recession resulting in lower income households cutting their recommended five-a-day portions"
Profit warnings in UK 'up 70% in fourth quarter'
"The number of UK firms who warned that profits would be lower than expected rose by more than 70% in the last three months of 2011, a report has said."

## US ##
Indian Casinos Struggle To Get Out From Under 'Wall Of Debt'
There Are 1.4 MILLION Gang Members In The United States And More Pour Into The Country Every Single Day
Skip the dryer, save $200
Dripping with red ink: Will anyone fix Illinois' budget mess?
Oil prices ground Southwest growth (CNN Money video)
Apple Proves It: Jobs 'Aren't Coming Back' to America
HIV meds increasingly sold on the black market

And finally... Sex scene plays in the background of TV news broadcast

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