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News Links, February 12, 2012

## Global economic meltdown ##
Must read: Barter system and the new bi-lateral trade currency
"With dissent in the international community growing, the US dollar faces the threat of extinction in the future. Especially if the US demands other countries to act according to its desires. And even though the India-Iran deal may just be a small step, it also gives us a peek into the future- a future where countries can engage in free trade without its interests being held hostage by the demands of any country."
Here we can see the new world economy forming. It's clear that the dollar is collapsing, so people and governments throughout the world are moving to a new system involving barter and other currencies. As we saw from this article yesterday, Iran is creatively finding many ways to circumvent the sanctions, and the fact that so many entities cooperate speaks volumes. -- RF
Greece warns bailout rebels of disaster
Must see: Video: Interview with John Williams of Shadowstats
"We're in a no-win situation. This is end of the world type stuff."
Soros: Greek Bailout Won't Rid Europe of 'Danger'
People like Soros and Roubini are making themselves look good in the media with these obvious statements, but they actually came late to the party. Well, come on in anyway, guys. -- RF
Violent Protests in Greece; 6 Cabinet Members Resign; LAOS leader "I Would Rather Starve Than be Under German Jackboot"; Controversy Over Missing Paragraphs (Mish)
The world's losing its workers. How will we compete? (Canada)
This Is What An Economic Depression Looks Like In The 21st Century (The Economic Collapse)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Syrian general gunned down, state TV says
UK to "robustly" defend Falklands, Argentina seeks U.N. aid
Pakistani Navy to Develop Nuclear-Powered Submarines: Reports
US OKs transfer of 2nd warship to Philippines
"The U.S. Congress has approved the transfer of a second Coast Guard ship to the Philippines, an official said Friday as Washington shifts its military ties with the Southeast Asian nation that has been engaged in a territorial spat with China."
Russia: West Arming Syrian Rebels

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Over 100,000 rally in Lisbon against austerity
"More than 100,000 people packed Lisbon's vast Palace Square on Saturday in the largest rally against austerity and economic hardships since the country resorted to an EU/IMF bailout last May, and organizers vowed to step up protests and labor action."
Bahraini police fire tear gas at protesters
"Bahraini police fired tear gas and sound grenades to break up protests by anti-government demonstrators on Saturday as they tried to march towards Manama's Pearl Roundabout, centre of a failed uprising last year."
Occupy DC Evicted From a Winter of Communal Discontent
Thousands in Tokyo march against nuclear power
Police strike brings chaos to Brazil
"Officers tell tourists to stay away from famous carnival as walkout turns violent"
Protests follow Greece's new austerity cuts
"Greeks protest for second day over government cuts needed for $171bn rescue plan Athens needs to avoid default in March."
Dutch workers down tools at Mitsubishi plant

## Energy/resources ##
Gazprom's Empire at the End of the Earth
Burma - Truly One of the Last Untapped Energy Frontiers, Opening for Business
Would you drink toilet water?
Iran 'steals Iraqi oil to beat sanctions'
"Iran has been systematically plundering large amounts of oil from southern Iraq for years, a theft on a grand scale that's helping the Islamic Republic withstand sanctions aimed at throttling its oil exports, a U.S. security consultancy says."
US natgas rigs at 28-month low, prices squeeze profits
UAE needs to import more gas
"Difficult to raise domestic gas output"
Power blackout in Gaza 'imminent'

## Got food? ##
Where's the Beef? Less of It in Texas

## Environment/health ##
Deaths as Kabul freezes over (video)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Europe's Internet revolt: protesters see threats in antipiracy treaty
"Anger over proposed antipiracy treaty ACTA was expected to bring thousands to Europe's streets today. Supporters say it will better protect intellectual labor, while opponents see free speech threats."
Anonymous says attack put CIA website offline
Google Responds to Hacking Wave

## Japan ##
Japan starts decontamination
"Japan began decontaminating villages near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors, despite there being a lack of knowledge on how to do so, officials said."
Flu outbreak hits more than 2.11 million nationwide
"The flu epidemic sweeping across Japan has now affected people in all 47 prefectures, but the epidemic may not have peaked yet, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said Saturday."
Civil engineers needed in 3 disaster-hit prefectures in Japan
"Many coastal Tohoku municipalities in Japan hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster and others affected by the Fukushima nuclear crisis are suffering from a severe shortage of civil engineers and other backup staff, according to a Yomiuri Shimbun survey."

## China ##
Wuhu Waives Tax, Subsidizes Buyers as First Chinese City Easing Home Curbs

## UK ##
Record fuel poverty as energy campaign launches

## US ##
Illinois SWAT Gets OK on Silencers
Must-see video: Max Keiser interviews Dmitry Orlov
There's a slew of great insights here. -- RF
Obama budget projects $1.3 trillion deficit this year
"President Barack Obama expects the federal budget deficit to reach $1.33 trillion this year, administration officials said Friday evening, the fourth straight year of trillion-dollar deficits."
Red Planet meets red ink: budget ax could chop two NASA Mars missions
Less and less money for space. As I have said, soon space programs will be exclusively military. -- RF
America's long-term jobless still struggling
MF Global trustee sees shortfall of $1.6 billion
"The trustee overseeing MF Global's liquidation said Friday that the shortfall between the funds under his control and the amount customers of the failed brokerage are expected to claim is at least $1.6 billion."
Why Is Gasoline Consumption Tanking?
"Gasoline deliveries reflect recession and growth. The recent drop in retail gasoline deliveries is signalling a sharp contraction ahead."

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